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  1. I totally called this a few months back when some friends were talking about halo reach being the last halo game. There going to remake Halo 1, then Halo 2 both with updated multi-player and visuals. Then Make a Halo box set with 1,2,3 then a Mega Boxset with 1,2,3, reach and some DVD-bluray-hd-holodisc crap extra features video. its what all good game companies do.
  2. ha ha thanks for that.. perfect after work.. and its never going to happen, kind of like a few years back when Nintendo tried to get everyone else for using an analog stick in their controllers. or something like that. Amusing tho.
  3. Been waiting on this since I first heard about it a few month back. I really want to leave class early so I can enjoy this. Really looking forward to this.
  4. ... and since June 2012 is after December.. we would still be dead:roll:
  5. I really like this track and this whole album. Ive only briefly played AC1. But I am really digging this. Im for sure putting this on a disc for my truck.. But what do these lyrics even mean? especially "The deep-sea fish loves you forever All are as your thinking over"
  6. Glad you like it. I was a bit worried about the knife shipping to Canada. Amazon would not allow it, so I had to ship them all to me then to you. Glad it finally got there.
  7. oh man I hated those.. the one with the Bat.. Crap I must of died 50 times trying to get KONG.. esh..
  8. I got one. whats it worth to you.. I dont think I have the back for the batteries tho.
  9. so who is left to get something? I know my guy has yet to say anything about it.
  10. I bet they make an announcement saying that a preorder, is only to ensure you get a system, not necessarily at day one. Or some crap like that. I mean I doubt they know how many each store will get.
  11. Portland is weird. and just Oregon in general. merry christmas
  12. Is mass effect 2 worth it? and do i need to play the first one to know whats going on?
  13. picking this up, cause its a buck fifty, and cause you say its good.
  14. Its burnout. for 5 bucks you cant go wrong, plus it is the ultimate pack, so it comes with a lot of good dlc ( I think) I paid 20 bucks for it, then sold it. But I wanted to play it so bad I bought it again on the PSN. Its good fun. Totally worth the full price.
  15. I sent mine out a few days back but im from oregon and its heading to east canada I think, So I dont know how long it will take.
  16. I really liked the reference's. "well excuse me princess."
  17. im going to try to send mine out monday.
  18. I quit.. I need to cancel payment. It really is slow. and kinda sucks. not engaging at. all. Im disappointed. I might pick it back up in a few months if they make some major changes, but thats doubtful.
  19. this, I am sure the artists are going to appreciate good constructive criticism better than mindless praise
  20. So amazon wont ship out of the country, at least what I am sending. So I am going to send them my self. But it should be to you in the amount of time it takes to get to me then to the other side of the map.
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