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  1. Sounds really nice, what VSTs are you using?
  2. I listened to it, I can't really offer much feedback at the moment (very helpful I know) but I do like the chilled vibes of the track. I think the beginning arpeggio that carries on throughout the track could drop out some points in the song just for some variety, but that's just preference. I like the string part, maybe that's when you could do it. GJ. Followed you on SoundCloud.
  3. I really like it. Sounds very fresh and vibrant. Agree with the choir comments.. but I'm really diggin' it. Do you play the drums live yourself or are they loops? The drums sound nice.
  4. I'm currently at about 200 wins looking for a duo queue partner or more to play with. I'm trying to get into Ranked games and I play Ashe, Leona, Morgana, and Janna. Add me if you're interested in playing: Username: Lostinthamusic
  5. I play HoN.. and yes I agree.. RA is so OP. I hate playing against him. The revive is BS. I play as Myrmidon most of the time. He's a fun ganker/stunner support. Hit me up if any of you want to play sometime. I need some more friends on there. Username: DegreeX
  6. Hello fellow Remixers. I'm starting to do a lot more mixing nowadays and I've got some pretty decent entry level decent equipment. A pair of KRKrokit5s and a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones. The problem is that most of my mixes don't translate very well to other stereos. These KRKs lack a lot of the sub low end and I currently don't have a sub woofer. While I am still practicing how to 'learn' my monitors, per se, I'm starting to think that acoustic treatment of my room may be a crucial factor in getting the best out of my gear. I've heard that you could have killer equipment but a terrible sounding room and it defeats the purpose of the equipment. I don't do a lot of live instruments. At most I'll track an acoustic guitar or vocals. I mainly use software samplers. I'm wondering if any of you have been in the same boat and decided to go with the treatment of the room? I'd be doing DIY panels so I can save money. Does treating the room have a huge impact on listening to the monitors from a mixing standpoint? I've very serious about starting a small little project making some panels. Thanks for the help.
  7. I've wanted to try Komplete 7, but cannot afford it. I do have Battery 3. I usually have no problems running NI plugins. And on the external HDD note, how much better is an internal vs external for sample streaming? I have a USB3 2TB External and it is always quick to respond and have really no problems with it.
  8. Hello fellow Remixers. I recently started posting again and I would like my name changed to: Lostinthamusic Thanks!
  9. League of Legends is pretty fun. I use Ashe exclusively. I recently got Heroes of Newerth, a similar title. It's by far a better game than LoL in all aspects. Graphically, the characters, the skills, the maps, etc. Any league fans should definitely give HoN a try. Granted, HoN is 30 bucks and it is technically free to play LoL.
  10. I began using Reason 5 a bit ago. The Kong Drum machine is a nice software emulation of an MPC/MPD. I choose to use FL because I can Rewire Reason into it.. as well as use all of my VSTs too. But there should be more Reason users.. it's a great DAW.
  11. Hey people. I new to FL Studio, so quick question.. Whenever I start a song I select a tempo. As I begin creating patterns for the tracks, I may want to change the tempo faster or slower at some later point. When I set the tempo to a new one the old patterns at some point decrease or increase in tempo. I believe it has something to do with tempo automation. Sometimes I am able to edit the automation, but other times it still increases/decreases tempo when there is not even an automation. Any help in this area? Please and thank you.
  12. I love this game and the music from it. Whenever I get a new computer, which will be soon, I'm planning on remixing at least two of the songs from this game. I know for a fact that one of them will be the 2nd World Map, Tiberoa. I love that song. The other would either be the 3rd Boss Battle Music, the rockin' one.. or the Royal Castle theme. Beautiful game.
  13. Well I configured a computer using Zircon's configurations from an old thread with some slight tweaks. I used AVAdirect. CUSTOM COMPUTER, Core™ 2 Extreme DDR2-800 SLI Performance Series System # LIAN LI, Classical Silent PC-6070Bplus II Black Mid-Tower Case, 450W PSU, ATX, Aluminum # ASUS, P5N-E SLI, LGA775, nForce 650i SLI, 1066MHz FSB, DDR2-800 8GB /4, PCIe x16 SLI /2, SATA RAID 5 /5, HDA, GbLAN, FW /2, ATX, Retail # INTEL, Core™ 2 Duo E6600 Dual-Core, 2.4GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 4MB L2 Cache, 65nm, 65W, EM64T EIST VT XD, Retail # NMEDIAPC, ICETANK CPU Cooler, Socket 754/940/939/AM2/478/775, Copper/Aluminum # CORSAIR, 2GB (2 x 1GB) XMS2 PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHz CL5 (5-5-5-12) SDRAM 240-pin DIMM, Non-ECC # ASUS, EN7600GS SILENT/HTD, GeForce™ 7600 GS, 512MB DDR2, PCIe x16 SLI, VGA+DVI, TV-Out, Retail # SEAGATE, 500GB Barracuda 7200.10, SATA II 300MB/s, 7200-RPM, 16MB cache # RAID, No RAID, Independent HDD Drives # SONY, CRX320EE Black 52x32x52-16A DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive, OEM # SAMSUNG, Super-WriteMaster SH-S183L Black 18x DVD±R/RW Dual-Layer Burner w/ Lightscribe, SATA, OEM # MITSUMI, Black Internal 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive # LOGITECH, Cordless Desktop® MX™ 3000 Laser Keyboard & Mouse, Black, USB+PS/2, Retail # MICROSOFT, Windows XP Professional Edition SP2b w/ Free Upgrade Coupon for Vista, OEM # WARRANTY, Silver Warranty Package (3 Year Limited Parts, 3 Year Labor Warranty) This is roughly $1700. I'm not sure if there are any errors with that config. I'm sure everything would work together fine. It seems that a desktop with this config at Dell would cost at least $300 more. As for a power supply, what is a good idea? 400W? or should I get more, like a 600W?
  14. I'm thinking about buying a new computer. The one I'm on right now only supports like 1GB RDRAM.. which blows. My computer right now can't even handle some of the VSTi's that I have. Basically, I want to be able to run and record with VSTi. Some of mine are rather large and it creates a choppy/laggy sound due to the fact that I don't have enough RAM and other things. Can anyone recommend any computers or specs that are ideal to have for remixing? What amount of RAM is ideal? And are there any benefits to using a Laptop v. Desktop computer? I was thinking about getting a Dell, that's what I'm running right now. I've had it for 5 years and it's been a great computer. It's just really outdated now. I just have no idea about building computers. Thanks.
  15. Oh, great. Thanks. Well, from what you have so far I'd say it sounds pretty good, especially considering you are using Reason. Pretty good sounding refills. Your version seems to have a very deep-eerie feeling to it. Kinda draws me into it more than the original. Keep it up. I like what you have so far. :] Good luck.
  16. Sounds very interesting. I bought FF12, but it's sitting in my room and I've yet to play it. I'd have to hear the original somehow to comment on it really. The samples aren't too bad, for Reason. Maybe I could find the original song and comment on this further. Good luck to you.
  17. I don't know much about Cubase 4, but I know that most of the Steinberg products use the same Dongle, I don't see why it would be any different from the others.
  18. WOWOWOWOWOW. I love this song.. if only you could get better quality samples or something like that. I remember playing Mega Man 64, which is the Nintendo 64 version of Mega Man Legends, years ago. The original song is superb.. I can say that I love this version too. Great variations on the main theme. The only thing this piece lacks is quality samples. The bass towards the end of the song gets rather annoying as well. If you could get a real guitar in there or something.. it would sound simply amazing. Excellent work.. my opinion may be biased because I loved this track from the game.. and it brings back memories. But, nonetheless I love this track. If you could recreate this with better samples and stuff, I personally think it would be a real winner. Please keep me updated! Good luck!
  19. Sounds very rough, but I do like the general ideas present. I can't even hear "Loss of Me" in any of these 2 tracks. It's one of my favorite video game songs of all time, so I'm pretty sure I didn't miss it. Maybe I just didn't listen carefully enough. If you choose to take the FF9 song further, please inform me of updates. I'd like to hear a remixed version of it. Good luck!
  20. Thanks for the info.. I've been looking forward to this!
  21. I like this, but I think some of the parts aren't like they should be. As an example.. where the song builds up at certain parts then shifts to the next section. Personally I think it would sound a lot better if you incorporated dynamics into this piece. Make the parts where it builds up to a little more dynamic to capture the emotion. I love the original track of this song, but this one lacks emotion. Keep it up.
  22. Wow, I dig this alot. I'm a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan. I love this song that Hans Zimmer did for the OST. Sounds pretty good Trance'd up. I don't really know too much about trance, so I can't really critique on production. Very enjoyable listen. Keep 'em coming!
  23. This is wonderful so far! Really sets the James Bond kinda theme. This brings back the memories of the good old days when I used to play Goldeneye with my best friend. I do agree the synth towards the beginning of the song should have some high end as well. Nonetheless, this is really awesome.
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