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  1. I think you're basically fine on the production side of things as m'colleagues discussed, the mix is good on the whole. In terms of the arrangement, it's a fairly straight house adaptation and there are obviously some original additions in the bass, but it's definitely on the conservative side when the source is actually present. Ending is a bit of a cop-out as mentioned. The voice samples are way overused and just get annoying pretty quickly in my opinion. The standards do say you can't base a remix on samples from the game, and while this isn't musically based on the samples per se, you do rely on them quite a lot,and they are a major part of the creative input to the remix which puts it in a very grey area. What you've done is all fine, but it's just not quite an OCR style personalised re-arrangement to me - it comes across as a straight remix and that's not quite what we're looking for so don't be discouraged by the outcome of this vote. NO
  2. Kaia's song from This Binary Universe. I watched the whole DVD of the music videos and basically had my brain melted by how awesome it all was, and then right and the end he goes and does this out of the blue for his daughter and you basically have no soul if you don't find this awesome. Also Red XIII and his dad. I am defenceless to this song because of it's association to this scene, especially when the drum gets going. Edit: lol didn't realize how old this thread was.
  3. I been watching this since it began, great writing for a fan thang.
  4. I'm not vilifying Kickstarter, I just don't understand how they don't have enough control over their own system to not be able to reinstate cancelled projects with a new deadline. Especially if said project has been service-ticketed within the lifetime of the original deadline. They take a pretty percentage for not doing a lot as it stands.
  5. Dood, you can clearly see who makes the judge threads (and is thus working the inbox/doing the uploading) in the decisions forum. It hasn't been larry/djp for years (although larry does some now and again).
  6. Fair enough reaction from SE and glad it was resolved amicably between them and djp. Not impressed with kickstarter not being able to resurrect the old one.
  7. Nah it was him. Out of all the site mods he probably gets the most pms out of anyone.
  8. I remember a hilarious irc conversation when Darkesworde realised he only had a max of 50 for some reason and everyone else on the site had 200.
  9. This is so ridiculous that I can't even begin to place it anywhere on the lame to awesome scale.
  10. Haha, since you asked so nicely! Already got a minute of extra stuff worked out.
  11. Got finished wav's in from: Kate - Face Unforgotten AnSo - Lindblum RiverSound - Ceremony for the Gods However, problems with Eternal Harvest and Kuja's theme which have ended up free again. I could flesh this mix out and make it much longer, what do you guys think?
  12. Yeah it's kinda hard to say what needs doing unless you show us how it's going so far.
  13. Does have a tinge of old school Nutritiousness but it's a bit ploddy. Not a huge amount of dynamics going on (almost none in the first half), and the melody instruments sound really far away with that reverb. The percussion after the 3:00 build up are slightly out of tune which is really grating. The build up itself didn't really feel like the climax I felt you were going for. Good to see you branching out but I feel like this is a fair ways off recent orchestral standards in terms of mixing and in particular the use of dynamics. I'm sure you got it in ya to get the production working with the arrangement, and the samples don't sound unworkable. Listen to some early Nutritious and you'll hear what I'm talking about. NO, plz resub
  14. I think there are individual sections of this that work great and some that don't. You probably could have gone all out vangelis on the first 2:30 and called it a day and it would have been pretty sweet, but it ended up a bloated by the extended sections that didn't work so well. This is one of those cases where a great concept has been taken a bit too far and not quite panned out. Kudos for the creative effort but less is possibly more in this case. NO
  15. OA needs to get over his snare complex. This is a playful arrangement. Generally pretty solid if a little cookie production, but nothing really stands out of place. The glitches and wub are most adequate. Most adequate indeed. YES
  16. I tend to agree with Sir Palpable. The rock bits are much better then t'others and that's a little annoying as one is clearly above bar and the other is clearly below. The lead violin sample is radically different to the general strings one in a nasty way, and isn't great to begin with. The choir sample itself isn't too bad but the way it's used is a bit awkward, see all of the 2:40 onwards section. Rhythm guitar is pretty good, lead articulations are a bit vanille but generally fine. Drums are okay to me, although the snare is a bit high pitched maybe. Sorry dudes, but the softer sections are really letting this down in terms of production quality. The transitions are so noticeable and it's really distracting. Have you considered asking Jeff for some help with the leads Brandon? NO, plz resub
  17. Kick sounds a bit lo-fi and the snare doesn't have as much punch but the drums aren't bad. That koto/pipa thing reeks of zircon. Bad thing? You decide! Good use of synths throughout, if a little cheesy. Overall a pretty solid effort, and kudos for the double resub, commitment! YES
  18. I agree with the other guys about the first 4 minutes. That could easily be condensed to 2:30 or so and that would stop it dragging on a bit without removing any of the musical ideas, only some repetitions. The production and sound are really great though. I would ask that you shorten the first half and send us a bit of a shorter edit and this would be a sweet addition. NO, but definitely resubmit.
  19. Well there were still good bits for sure but something changed in the overall tone that just didn't sit with me. I can't put my finger on why in particular but my massive smile after every episode in the first half wasn't there as often and it certainly wasn't there at the end. I don't like to over-analyze why but if I ain't smilin' then tings be wrong.
  20. So I finally got around to watching Cowboy Bebop with fairly high expectations obviously. I think I had binge watched up to the double-episode and I thought it was one of the best pieces of television in general I had ever seen. Absolutely stunning. But I thought the second half onwards were pretty eh in comparison, left me a bit sour. Got a few episodes of Adventure Time left and then it's Avatar time!
  21. I've remixed this source in the past and I would have had trouble identifying it. The source plays total side-fiddle to the bass which may be genre-typical but doesn't indemnify it from the rules. Standards say 'identifiable and dominant'. With that in mind I can't pass this on arrangement. Your breakdown isn't wrong per se but I disagree with some of the less direct usage you've counted. NO
  22. This has the feel of a bunch of people have a sweet jam. The bass end is a bit empty most of the time, the rhodes is actually louder in that register then the bass which is a bit of a shame. Arrangement is pretty awesome. I don't feel like the thin-ish mix or the ending stopped me from enjoying the interplay here. I still found it very enjoyable despite the flaws so I've got no problem with this. YES
  23. I agree with OA that it's got the vibe of an official arrangement. Pretty conservative in structure but I'd say there's definitely enough personalisation. Production is pretty solid, but the kick/snare sounds are a little vanilla. That's pretty much my only criticism in fact. YES
  24. I have been putting off writing original music for years now. I really have trouble and it's mostly because I don't want to write something bad. Also I don't feel good enough at guitar to be able to play what I want to write, which is also lame.
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