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  1. Micro - Short for micro-management. The art of individually managing units in an RTS game in order to cast spells or use abilities during a fight. This can involve and combination of using buffs, debuffs, kiting and focus-fire on important targets and requires a good knowledge of unit abilities and their shortcut keys. Focus-Fire - Having multiple long range units target the same unit in an RTS game to defeat enemy targets in priority order. Although still possible with melee units it can be cumbersome with some units not able to instantly contribute in any way. Hacking - Cheating in online games through the use of extra software. Aimbot - A type of hack that automatically locks on to enemy targets. Console based FPS games sometimes include a loose aim assistance to make them easier to play without a mouse. I could do an entire section on melee but I'm assuming we're keeping it a little more general in terms of gaming.
  2. I'd just like to say from the start: nice sequencing. The samples sound great, and the samples are balanced well. Unfortunately, I feel like this drifts into medley territory. The individual tracks have been well adapted to the genre but OCR doesn't accept straight-up medleys; I don't feel like this works on it's own cohesively without being considered a medley. I would definitely like to hear more from you, especially single track orchestrations as opposed to medleys! Whatever the outcome of this vote, keep submitting! NO, but very nice for what it is.
  3. Sup bonk. The production is usual bonk which is good stuff, so no worries there. Yeah this is really just a matter of figuring out whether or not this suffers from medley-itis. Five minutes in and I'm still waiting for any kind of theme repeat or development. I mean there's nothing wrong with the transitions but it's just impossible to have enough development in-between them when they come along this quickly, so it's all functional but does come across as a 'best of' as my colleagues suggested. Theme after theme, with as quick a transition as possible whilst still being musical. It's not really what OCR's about, so on the whole I can't really call it a cohesive piece in it's own right. There are choice sections where it comes together, but it definitely comes across medley-ish for the most part. It does look like this is heading for rejection and you really shouldn't take that the wrong way, it's just not an OCR compatible arrangement in it's fundamental approach. It's great for what it is, but dems da rulez about medleys. NO
  4. Glad you enjoyed it man. Sorry if I got a little mean during the compo, was just trying to give everyone else a chance :3.
  5. HELL yes. You guys have made so many of my favourite mixes, and to go and do something this satchy is brain-melting.
  6. haha, I was trying to figure out which was the real one. I guessed wrong, I'll change it now!
  7. Just by the by, I played my Final Battle remix (or a choice 6-minute extract) at the UK alcon panel the other day. It went rather well! I have a video of it but the sound isn't great, so I might wait until the next convention and get a better recording before I post a live version :3.
  8. I beat Pokemon Blue with only a rattata (weakest pokemon that can still hurt ghosts) and used my rattata to capture Mewtwo with a regular pokeball. I've also beaten FFXII in a solo character run, including quite a lot of the tricky hunts like Gilgamesh. In an accomplishment of cunning rather then skill, I helped my friend complete MGS3 boss mode on the hardest difficulty by beating Big Boss using nothing but a fork and a handkerchief on my first attempt at the game.
  9. I agree. FF12 (if you pretend Ashe is the main character) has a really well presented story. Also incredible translation - best of the series. Wind Waker sailing makes me happytime. Bad stuffs: FFX: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... FFX: Blitzball; mind numbingly boring and you have to do so much of it for Wakka's limits. Assassin's Creed: The horse speed limit enforcement officers. Pokemon: Caves = Zubat/Woobat emporiums.
  10. At the risk of inflaming said war, 90% of film composers use Logic Pro to simultaneously compose and produce.
  11. ^Dis. I think it was around the time they tried to convince me that Nemesis was present at Nibel and had a ridiculous battle with Zack in the middle of the reactor incident that I gave up on the story being canon. There is absolutely no way this was planned from the original and its just obvious shoehorning of characters and plots and in around the original plot without due care. The ending scene may have been very good, but a good game that does not make.
  12. I'm starting to think they're just too afraid to attempt new Final Fantasies anymore, because I can fairly safely assume that no one asked for a Lightning trilogy solely based on her enthralling plight in the original. Once again, I find my face in my palm in the name of SE.
  13. We're not specifically allowed to disclose the agreement details but I heard what they were in a staff meeting and this album is 100% unaffected. SD3 wasn't so lucky.
  14. Well they have an 8" driver which will go down pretty far (can't do the maths off the top of my head), but yeah the rear ports are likely to be the 38Hz at the bottom.
  15. So I go Snapple's Dark Messenger wav last night. He doesn't want me to hype it, so all I'm gonna say is that it's over 13 minutes long.
  16. Fun fact: If you have a 4inch driver, it's only capable of like 80Hz-ish. There's also probably a port (hole) on the front of the cab that is tuned to whatever the lowest frequency of the speaker is quoted to be. So if you have 60-20k, what you really have is one giant woofy sine at 60, and then 80-20k.
  17. The kick is swung, the bass isn't. It's a very slight difference but once you notice it that gets annoying. I'm also hearing it in the pizz stuff. Some good sounds in there, the pads and strings are quite nice. But yeah the groove not lining up across parts is a pretty basic error that we shouldn't really be letting slide. If you've been using the FL swing feature make sure it's the same across all patterns. NO
  18. I'm with Vinnie/Shariq. You have to do something fairly special in terms of arrangement to get away with a remix of such a short tune and it just hasn't been done. This could be anything with that chord progression, and it comes across as mostly original parts. This is not what OCR is about, and I agree it would be a mistake to pass this. NO
  19. There's such a spectrum in terms of the way these things are used. For example you mentioned speeding things up. Dragonforce pretty much speed up most of their songs, it's pretty easy to hear what that sounds like. Dream Theater for their last few albums (but most notably Systematic Chaos) have always liked to use small bpm changes between sections of their songs. So they record their songs at a basic bpm, and then the engineer sets up beat detective on the drums and xform elastic audio on everything else, and then they speed up and slow down certain sections slightly to make them sound more distinct. Both are using the same techniques, but one of them is using it for taste, and the other are arguable using it in place of being skillful enough to actual perform their music. There is a huge grey area between the two and you can't have one possibility without the other.
  20. Yeah I agree. The sample is awkward and doesn't really fit. It's a bit of an elephant in the room whenever it's there, The rest of the mix is really creative and sounds pretty passable to me. I actually really liked the dissonant guitar part that replaces the sample when it's not there. If you can get a different instrument in there doing that part instead of the sample I think this would be fine! NO
  21. Not the tightest I've heard from you, but it's aight. Rexy's piano is tight, the vocal work is pretty good but it's sitting a little awkwardly in the mix. If I'm being critical it's missing a bit of attention to detail in the sequencing and dynamics and the nice live parts kinda make that stand out a bit. Overall it's definitely passable but just a bit awkward at times. YES
  22. There is definite over-compression during the percussions louder sections and that is a huge orchestral no-no. It also seems to be coming from the bass pizz sections even when it's fairly quiet, causing the whole mix to duck whenever it hits. That has to be fixed imo. The worst sections for this are: 0:33-0:50 1:52-end The mix is also a little muddy in general and could do with some EQ cuts for specific string sections. The samples aren't the greatest but you've treated them well and they are pretty well balanced. I think this just needs a remix, tone the compression/limited way down and have a play around the EQ and see if you can get the busier sections a bit clearer. On the positive side, the arrangement is generally speaking very good minus the slightly cop-out ending. Also there is some great attention to the strings legato which is almost gliss'ing at points. Good work there. NO, plz resub
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