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  1. hmm interesting.. I haven't ever come across this problem myself, so I'm not sure how to help. Also yeah, its transient detection isn't the best. I usually just cut the slices myself
  2. Reason makes more logical sense. Its modular like in real life. Think about what you ACTUALLY want to do, and thats how you do it in reason.
  3. Recycle was created to chop loops. End of story. It has some other stuff like effects and whatnot, but its basic principle is to chop loops, so when people see it as a tool for chopping loops, thats exactly what it was meant to do. Doing any post processing is about messing with a chopped up sample in whichever program, doesn't really have anything to do with recycle itself.
  4. Ive used recycle, but im not sure Ive used it enough to help? Tell us your question and I'll see if I know the answer. NOTE: REX files also work natively with Ableton Live. I use it with Ableton and Reason all the time
  5. I'm both. Im just finishing up my computer science degree this term, and I also compose. Helps a lot for the company me and some friends have in making games. We all code, I do music, and my other friend who also programs does art. Makes it easy for everything to be in house But yeah, you really just need to find a good balance.
  6. Wow this looks really great. I could totally incorporate some acoustic geetarrrrs in some of my projects. I'll be picking this up Awesome work man
  7. http://soundcloud.com/djsymbiotix/silvertear-so-deep-dj-symbiotix-remix So I decided to make a track that goes back to my trance roots. This is an energetic trance remix of the classic song So Deep by Silvertear. Enjoy P.s. I know this is a remix of a Dance Dance Revolution song, but I know that the original song was licensed, and thus doesn't fall under ocr's allowance.
  8. haha. most def. A friend told me about this, sometime ago. Played it two or three times through. Very good game.
  9. Well I played the piano on and off as a kid (took lessons here and there, gave up, took lessons again, etc). Eventually I started composing/producing (on my computer) around 2005 or 2004. Which means I've been making music for around 6 years. I think most of my growth actually happened within this past year or two. I started making music with a friend which helped us show eachother our faults and how to improve on them. I feel like my music has just been getting exponentially better and I totally owe it all to practice and just keep going at it. Having people help you out and point out what you can improve on is also a GREAT help. I also find that going out there, watching tutorials, and just going on a basic quest for random music/production knowledge really helps.
  10. So I went to my local music shoppe and they didnt have it . So I just ordered it off the props website. w00t
  11. Damn it.. I'm in japan right now so I need to wait until I get back to canada to grab my copies of reason 5 and record 1.5 ... im excited
  12. sc2@djsbx.com you can add that
  13. Uhh... no. The most heinous crime of all was that they completely neutered EVERYBODY's character. NOBODY had the personality they should have.. if anything they had very very watered down versions of it.
  14. all I'm going to say is that AAA isn't a real song. DJ Amuro had NO hand in it. It's just A with some stuff added on top by DM Ashura.
  15. Don't worry bro. I also made the same mistake We suck at this nda thing XD
  16. So I made this UK Hardcore remix of Brisk & Ham's track Angel Eyes. Its got some cool breaks and some great melodies. I tried to get the mixdown/master as best as I could. Let me know what you think, did you like it? Is there some way you think I could have improved it? Comments and criticism please http://soundcloud.com/djsymbi/brisk-ham-angel-eyes-dj-symbiotix-remix
  17. A: Its official that its raiden. B: Its official that it takes place between MGS2 and MGS4. Its going to bridge those 2 games together.
  18. 900's. I dont think they have that much memory (I'm pretty sure you can store some songs on it, but I dont remember how much), so I just use USB most of the time and keep all my songs on my usb drive. I havent really tried any midi functionality on them yet. I dont really see a need
  19. DJ Setup Edit: And on that note.. it looks like me and my buddy will be DJing at some 2 day rave
  20. KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!! Sweet it was true! This thing looks like an amazing BEAST!
  21. http://en.audiofanzine.com/general-sequencer/propellerhead/Record/news/a.play,n.6839.html .... is it true? Because a drum synth would be amazing!!
  22. I might. Ive been meaning to sample lots of stuff, but never get around to it XD. Maybe I'll do it for once. I wonder what the last thing is.
  23. Hmm.. there is a 3rd button there... I wonder what its for
  24. I signed up for the beta test today. I didn't see the link before . Hopefully I get some hookups soon Im gonna have to take a better look at the videos Edit: I looked at all the videos again and I couldnt find any hints to the future videos... :S.. where do you see these?
  25. Wow... you were right lol. Looks like auto-tune specifically for reason. That is FREAKING AWESOME. It looks much better as well
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