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  1. X 10 char hurr hurr hurr
  2. Personally I find that this games fresh new gameplay ideas is making it awesome for a lot of people. I have a few friends who despise the story/characters/etc but they still love the game because of the game play. I think JRPG's (FF mostly) have been getting somewhat stale and repetitive in gameplay, and this game really freshens it up.
  3. yeah I just want to reiterate that the main reason for that is just that reason is super efficient (and record). But I really just wanted to agree with avaris here about the reason/record thing. Personally I find record sounds so much better, and if you have both, you get the good sound quality of record with all the great synths in reason. Its a good thing.
  4. I have a solution to the disk switching.... get the ps3 version Anyways, I just got to GP, and damn the game just got hard REALLY fast. Lots of those enemies are pure beasts, and even some of the weakest enemies there are pretty strong. Time to do some hardcore grinding
  5. hahaha wow. I am very familiar with this souce (DDR music = awesome). Interesting concept, you should totally flesh this out more and finish it
  6. And this is where people complain because it isn't some other megaman. "Oh no, the music is different from the other megaman games, and change is bad, we want to play the same game forever and hear the exact same style of music forever. It doesn't matter that the music as a whole is amazing, but because its different from the old ones we don't like them!" Like really... why cant people just enjoy it for what it is instead of comparing it to everything else?
  7. ugh I dont see why people dont like the music. Personally its my 2nd or 3rd favorite megaman score now. all the songs, are catchy, iconic, and represent the stage very well I don't understand D: Also hard more is fucking awesome. The bosses are actually different and they use different moves. Anyways, (spoilers I guess?) I wish that at the willy stages those mini bosses would have chosen random bosses from ALL of the old megaman games. That would have been SWEET ASS!
  8. Mnemosyne brings you another Hardcore Track. This track plays around with the genre a little bit, but its still some awesome hardcore action! Sweet leads, piano, vocal chopping, breakdown. We've also included a little Rave interlude. Definitely sweet! Download 320kbps Mp3 Here: http://www.djsbx.com/NewMusic/-Higher-.mp3 Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzocMT9a500 Enjoy
  9. honestly.. if you could it would be way more worth it to get an itg2 dedicab (though Im pretty sure that is very unlikely), as it is basically just Stepmania already and adding ALL the ddr games would be easy (plus lots of other customs), but if not, then get Extreme, or 5th mix.. 5th mix was the shiznit
  10. holy shit ive been busy . I'm going to try to work on my piece today some more. sorry I havent been more active... life and all that
  11. SenPi


    ughhh!! I tried to beat the game with < than 50 deaths. I ended up with 56 .. the final level is the worst. Im NEVER going to get all the time trials though XD... and the best ive done in the super gravitron is like 13 seconds ugh!!! lol
  12. Artist: Mnemosyne (Comprised of myself and DJ MesoPhunk) Title: Evisceration Time: 4:09 Bitrate: 320 kbps or Youtube HD quality Download: http://www.djsbx.com/NewMusic/Evisceration.mp3 Stream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK_zMLyBSKY Mnemosyne is back, trying out a new genre of music. We pulled up our pants and decided to try something in Nu-Style Gabba. Also, this is our 2nd completely original song (i.e. not a remix) Warning: Explicit Lyrics and bad ass mascots. Enjoy!
  13. Mnemosyne back again but this time with something a little different. We decided to remix the track "The Great Escape" by the artist BT. We wanted to do something a little different, so we took the vocals and one of the cello parts and incorporated them in to this song. The genre ends up being Freeform Hardcore since we decided to throw a few unexpected things in to this mix. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyH4W2RFMKI http://www.djsbx.com/NewMusic/TheGreatEscapeRemix.mp3
  14. EXCELLENT stuff. Just watched the videos. Really cool and informative. I'm going to be doing alot more Drum processing in the future.. I didnt know how EASY alot of that stuff was XD.
  15. So I was messing around with a new synth I got recently, and just playing around and I came up with this short song. I don't do very many mellow soothing type songs, but I felt like trying it again and I really really like the output. Hope you like it as well DJ SymBiotiX - Once In A Lifetime
  16. You can hear it here: Its pretty much the only synth. That stabby quick thing. I want to make this synth, but I suck at doing that, so I need some kind of pointers here. I can use VST's and I have some of the big ones. Zebra2, SuperwaveP8,Synth1, uhh maybe some other ones that you guys use. Anyways, if anybody can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  17. haha I guess I could add some stuff... but it would be hard since this is just me playing and the bpm changes quite a bit all the time . Would be hard to add stuff on top, unless I just improvised that as well XD. Thanks for the comments
  18. So the other day while waiting for a friend to come pick me up I turned on my keyboard, opened up a synth and just let er rip. This is what I came up with. Its somewhat inspired by NES stuff like megaman and gradius type games and stuff... I dont know. Check it out anyways XD http://www.djsbx.com/WIP/ZebraInSpace.mp3
  19. well since Mr. T Is one of my favorite artists I figured I would check this out. Intro is.. interesting, I know this is techno, but its still a little repetitive. Also I don't quite understand your use of those random 8-bit sound effects.. I'm not sure how they tie in at all. In general, its a decent "remix", but so far its not really "ReMix" material, as the main melody doesn't change at all. The soft part in the middle is nice, but again I don't really hear any xenon in there. Anyways, its a pretty cool remix, but I think as it is, you would have a really hard time trying to get it past the judges panel. The lack of rearrangement is probably the biggest fall here, since any melody from the original is verbatim. Good luck though, Bemani music is great, and we do need more remixes of that stuff.
  20. Mnemosyne (Myself and DJ MesoPhunk) is back again with a brand new UK Hardcore Track. We went ahead and remixed the song Heavenly Star by Genki Rockets. The original can also be heard in the game No More Heroes. Anyways, here is our remix, Enjoy And let us know what you think Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXqRxMbf548 320kb MP3: http://www.djsbx.com/NewMusic/HeavenlyStarRemix.mp3
  21. SenPi

    Mega Man 10

    Yeah but the one with english text. http://kotaku.com/5428611/mega-man-10-debut-trailer?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+kotaku%2Ffull+%28Kotaku%29&utm_content=Google+Reader Talks about the robot virus, making them violent and destroying the world. Sound alot like the stuff from X if you ask me.
  22. SenPi

    Mega Man 10

    Anybody see the new trailer? It looks like this virus is acting like the reploid virus in the x games. Perhaps some people are right, and they are tying in the megaman series with the X series. If so, that would be awesome.
  23. wow.. that was amazing. At one point I was trying to get the smack my bitch up sample to sound proper and I couldnt do it. Now that I see this I might be able to, since I use ableton
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