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  1. I like that Silent Hill 2 track you did!

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    2. HoboKa


      If you can attract a few more talented people, you'll definitely have my sword arm, as it were.  [edit] I am not much coordinator material though, you'd be barking up the wrong tree if that thought crosses your mind lol. 

    3. SirCorn


      No worries! I'm planning on dawning the mantle of coordinator/project director as it will be a fairly small group and focused idea. It's more of a concept album than a collection of remixes (although source material will be in present in abundance). I will let you know who else is on board and see what you think!

    4. HoboKa


      Hey you already got some form of vision to go on, rather than 'a collection of random tunes hoohoo' (like my attempt).  That is a good first step!