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  1. Heyyyy - omg- looking forward to hearing some new stuff from ya, bro. I'm very slowly putting together two "EP's". Trying not to put too much on my plate though, as I have other goals in mind as well, heh @_@. I can link you to my soundcloud, which has some of my recent stuff on it -


  2. No promises, but I'll try to have it done by noon your time. At the very least, I'll still have enough done for people to enjoy it =D.

  3. Thanks for letting me know =D!

    I'll definitely pop in the thread and show my interest and I also have a question that I may as well just address in the thread so everyone can see it.

  4. Meant to respond way sooner but I'm not around OCR like I used to be, maybe I'll pick it back up when I learn a few more things, hah xD. I appreciate the feedback dude. As per usual I don't get much feedback from my posts, so it's definitely great to hear when people do leave me somethin, even if it's bad =D!

  5. Haha! Yeah, guess I wasn't specific xD.

  6. Heyyy. Thanks for the feedback on my latest post, I greatly appreciates it ^_^!

  7. Thanks for the feedback on my latest post, Crulex. I greatly appreciate it =D.

  8. Hey dude, just wanted to say thanks for the feedback on my latest post. I greatly appreciate it =D.

  9. Greatly appreciate the feedback on my last track dude =D!

  10. Hey dude, just wanted to stop by and say awesome mix. Haven't played Lemmings 3d but I did have fun with the snes version. What were the strings you used in the song?

  11. Hey, I appreciate your feedback on my recent post in the originals section. I find it interesting that you don't have a posted remix yet as your work is pretty darn good =D. It would seem that you use FL Studio as well, perhaps we can collab on a track sometime in the future!

  12. Oh snaps. Stevie Wonder - excellent choice, I love it. Thanks Jordan, I appreciate the sentiments man =D.

  13. I like the way you think man. Your music is awesome as well!

  14. I really appreciate the gesture. I had a few songs on their website, I don't know about getting signed, I never heard anything about it, heh. I actually forgot that I didn't have the song on their. I'll upload it the next chance I get to sit down at the comp and mess around with my tools! Keep at it dude, I'm always excited to hear new stuff that you have =)!

  15. Why, of course =D.

    There's a clicky there btw lol xD.

  16. Haha, yeah for real. You appear to have some knowledge behind you as I visit the PPR section often but I rarely post. And of course, you make music, so that's a double cool =D.

  17. Social science major eh? We should communicate more often as that's something I've found a lot of immediate interest in. =D

  18. I'm serious about Melankolisk, finish that ish. Soooo good lol xD.

  19. I'm workin on a chill song right now, totally inspired by you, I'll send it to you when I'm finished with it =D!

  20. I don't see any threads about 7 places. I must say I love your freakin work lol. Anything new in the works?

  21. Didn't mean to leave you out my man. I saw the feedback I kinda figured that you'd dig it enough to say somethin about it seein as how your style shows that. After listening to yours and GTH's brostep music I want to create my own so If I ever need any help, I'll be comin to you to seek advice lol =D.

  22. I had went back to that Mickey D's thread and I was thinkin about all that stuff you were talkin about lol. I was particularly curious about the diet plan that you had recommended to chthonic and some others as you have said, care to enlighten me lol =D?

  23. Yeh, I keep forgetting I do haha. It's blackpanther6389

  24. I have to say I'm diggin your "Step Back" album. When I get the opportunity, I want to talk more with you! =D

  25. That's awesome. Super appreciate it bro!! ^_^

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