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  1. I chose the hero from secret of mana. I always named him Glitch, but apparently his standard name is Randi... bad name. I have always viewed SoM as one of the best games made for SNES, and, I dont throw this one around often, even better than Zelda. I see my character as more of a Tails, but , uhh, Randi, hrm, was just so much more of a badass.
  2. IIte aas well. Hey,you might want to post this survey in other places as well, if you want some varied results. Everyone here will give you more or less the same answer. For this survey to be effective, you should post it in other videogaming forums as well, so you know what the average joe thinks, and not just the videogame music enthusiast. Actually, by sending me that survey, you were asking intentionally for biased results. Just thought Id let you know.
  3. You made it better. Awesome. Im glad you kept the lead, the pitch bends would have otherwise sounded retarded. I just noticed that the song takes like 40 seconds to fade out... @ Tensei-San: I dont really keep track of dates, but I realize now that the standards have gone up. New mixes are of much better quality.
  4. I agree. The last two episodes, about 2 minutes of shit happened in real time, the rest was just Shinji asking who am I? and random words being displayed. Shamefully, I havent seen the movie.
  5. Hah, sweet. DiCaprios not bad, I think he'd do a good job.
  6. I know you remixers start out with sheet music of some sort. Nobody can listen to a track and know exactly what notes it contains. Actually I dont know, can you? Well I "remix" my music with finale notepad, because I am a broke ass n00b, and thusly I have a serious buttload of remixed MIDIs that sound like they came out of an ass. Also none of these MIDIs have drum tracks because trying to write drums in finale is like trying to manipulate a calculator by throwing your own feces at it. Enough of the poop references. I and I amstrictly limited to whatever songs I can
  7. Holy crap!!! Now I just need a godam USB to MIDI Cord so I can hook the damn thing up. I have a concern, though. It would be impossible, or at least unbearably ridiculous for any song with two or mare tracks, ie any MIDI that is not straight piano. I stand corrected, I just saw the video on the site. This will be less of a game and more of a workout machine for me.
  8. In my opinion, there are other remixes out there that arent as good as this. Im not a judge, but I've heard about 500 remixes on this site, and comparitively, this song is something good. I agree that more work would make it better, and that statement II made before was to get this thread back on top so it could get through the system.
  9. Has this been submitted yet? Itll pass if it gets submitted. I want this submitted
  10. A four minute drum solo... I liked it, I mean its great, but wheres the melody? Whats the source for this song anyway? That beat with a good melody would make an awesome song, though I think you may not want to add a melody.
  11. You know what I hate? When Im listening to a song and I click ahead and its pretty much the same thing. Youve got to add more, its too good of a song to have just this.
  12. Thank you but no thank you. Ive already seen that and its pretty badass.
  13. I agree and disagree. DS has no good 3rd party games and same with GC/Wii Nintendo needs to get their shit together
  14. I would like to start this thread by officialy publishing a definition for my very own "Google syndrome". It is when you get on a search engine for absolutely no reason and sit there for minutes trying to decide what to search. Also the same thing happens when you actually need to search for something, to a lesser degree. I cant be the only one who does this. Anyway, Ive got Google syndrome everytime I go on Veoh to download anime. I want something short, maybe a movie or a 12 episode shindig. None of this bleach crap where approximately jack shit is accomplished every episode because the anime is being produced alongside the manga and to fill for time they have 1 minute scenes of the guy running. Just so you know, Ive seen elfin lied, FF7 LO, Street Figher 2 The animated movie (sweetness), and samurai champloo, black lagoon, Deathnote, and Evangelion. Im looking for similar stuff. o and mod I have a knack for being an idiot so if this is in the wrong forum plz move it instead of deleting it im desperate here
  15. Why is it dead someone bring this back. Is there no justice in the world?
  16. Anyway this needs to be submitted. Very good. Also I cant download your final release. I can play it on Windows media player, but I cant keep it.
  17. Im glad you put in the steel drums. Good job with them, they miraculously do not sound too close to the source. That last roll at the end, cant say I enjoyed it.
  18. This is great. I dont even remember the source but its still great. BA man
  19. I think Ive seen him to. He was a character in some SNES Mavel fighting game
  20. Ya id figured out to do my own excersises. I made a program that calculates the derivative of a function at a given point all by myself, and wow it works!!! I feel smrat!
  21. Way ahead of you. I bought this book, very relevant. Learning C++ through Game Programming, second edition by Micheal Dawson. O btw Dawson says not to use Microsoft C++ 6.0 at the beginning of the book.
  22. So I was seeing the previews for Iron Man (late I know) and I see the trailer for the Incredible Hulk. I thought to myself , thats nice, theyre making a Hulk movie. But something kept nagging at me throughout Iron Man, and at the end credits (not the actual end of the movie incidentally, I missed the last part that pissed me off). Oh yeah, I said, as I left the theater, early, they had already made a hulk movie, and this one clearly wasnt a sequel. I really should have figured that out , having seen the movie before. So why didnt I remember it? Heres what I believe happened: my brain being traumatized by the collossal, macabre magnitude of failure that the first movie had attained, forced itself to forget my having ever seen the movie to protect me from future damage. That said, Im glad theyre remaking it. There is no possible way for it to suck if it has Edward Norton in it.
  23. These sound pretty close the source.... still good, in my eyes because retro sonic=yay. But dude, sonic riders? I try not to acknowledge those failures...
  24. Wingless, I wont quote you because holy crap but thank you for the advice. The truth is I really didnt know anything about the gaming industry other than I want to be In it. Id heard it was competitive, sort of, but now I know the truth. So, my plan is to teach myself Japanese until I become fluent, get a job at Nintendo of Japan as a janitor, and hope to God that someone realizes my brilliance. Got it. EDIT: Zircon, I like your music, but your seriously killing my buzz right now.
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