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  1. aaand i still cant edit posts. is anyone else having this problem? EDIT: OK I can edit posts using Firefox. Why doesnt everyone use this?
  2. Ive seen this episode, I cant believe I didnt remember this. And at least he still has his right hand. He can still masturbate!
  3. It only takes one stab in the back to sever crucial nerves and leave you paraplegic.
  4. Self clearly has a fetish for heaphones.
  5. So I googled FFVIIACC because I was like why are there two C's? Is it Advent Crisis Core? And I got this: http://www.bebo.com/FlashBox.jsp?FlashBoxId=5014437348&
  6. what is a wrist stong bracelet? and why dont you like transformers you prick. Shia needs to get his ass back on Even Stevens.
  7. Haha, or hee could become MEGAMAN!!!!!! Or they could just give him a green cast and CG his habd in. that would crack me up. Really the only reason Ill see this movie is because of that one hot girl whatsername.
  8. http://www.newser.com/story/33966/labeoufs-left-hand-crushed-in-crash.html Apparently they will incorporate this into the transformers sequel. I just wanted you guys to know this before hand so when it happens in the movie youll be like, Oh I saw that coming. So... How about that starscream....
  9. Sorry pal its called a hiatus not a haitus. And what you had was an extended leave of absence. I find that these ae highly conductive to a musical environment. Hey if you live in VA then go to MAGfest, then youll meet some of us and we'd be able to say that we actually know you.
  10. Also things like this are good for running. Good music has saved my 2 mile times in the past. I reccomend almost anything from Metroid Metal. Their site is here, and Im glad I found it. http://metroidmetal.com/songs.html I reccomend Metroid Prime 3 Theme/Bryyo or Super Metroid's Lower Norfair. It takes more than trance to get me pumped Im afraid.
  11. Sorry for repost but is anyone else having trouble editing their own messages?
  12. I know Im going, I just have no clue how. Ive never made travel arrangements before, much less traveled north of florida. But count me in anyway. If your looking for a roomate, Im your guy. I may have alienated half of you on these forums, but Im a nice guy in person. Also, any floridians here?
  13. Why would anyone launch a search engine with google on the prowl? It will never work, I give these ex google guys a week before they kill themselves in shame.
  14. First off, thank for remixing Castlevania. You need more volume in the bass. Also, the lead needs more volume, and make it a bit fuzzier, it sort of sticks out from the rest, but such is the case with synth leads. Other than that, this peice is pretty good.
  15. try to stay on subject, this is at least an interesting thread. Im guessing lots of anime and game designers derived inspiration from this film. This guy is the pirate airships mechanic. I always thought Dr Robotnik's character was original, but apparently not. The entire pirate family in MML is based off these guys, I mean, a bunch of idiots taking commands from their "mother" In a big airship with a skull logo? Definitely.
  16. ehh, still havent seen this series, searching on veoh or youtube(HATE!) yields only a clusterf*** of annoying amvs and spanish/german/dutch translations. Buying the series will be shame-inducing but from what Ive seen, its worth it.
  17. Okay, I love choirs, but anything but real people actually singing just doesn't do it for me. Im pretty sure that all of the mixes on this site have either a vocal soloist or a synthetic choir. Im no remixer, not yet, but would it be possible for someone to write a choir peice and then distribute the individual parts to anyone who can sing and is willing, and then put it all into one song? Or would there be too many technical roadblocks along the way? Or has someone already done something similar? Im a long way from having the expertise for doing something like this, but I'm just curious. And if this wouldn't work, would it be feasible for one person to record theirself many times over and put it all together? Because that would be awesome. EDIT: Holy shit. Someone else IS doing this. How the hell didnt I see this before? Uhh, mod, feel free to close if you want...what a fail of a thread.
  18. Wow, I see what you mean in the first 10 seconds of the film. That skull logo would have had me thinking it was a Megaman Legends movie right off the bat. Wikipedia's thoughts exactly. I agree with the author that Spanish is a distasteful language. Did you know that I took Spanish II twice? And passed both times? Yeah, I passed with a C in 9th grade, without actually learning a damn thing, and then I was sent to a private school for 10th grade where students needed 3 years of a foreign language to graduate, and I figured Spanish 3 would kill me so I retook spanish 2 and would then move on to spanish 3. That class was ridiculous, and I ended up getting expelled from that school. For breaking a vending machine. And I got sent to another school which required 2 years of spanish so yeah spanish sucks the whole world needs to learn english.
  19. Post count + 2 mwaha! And happy late bitheday!!!
  20. R4wr post count +1!!! Oh happy birthday
  21. haha yes. You know I used to get flustered when people ganged up on me on forums but now ive gotten used to it. SO. Avatar, finale, probably going to be a flashback episode. And here you can see that I have definitely not read all the posts but I was off reading other things like say novels that were actually fun.
  22. Ech, dont remix spyro... remix Chrono Trigger or Ocarina of Time, so you dont stick out.
  23. So I cant be lazy? Fine. Ill just go...someplace...
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