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  1. Okay, sorry for not taking notes, I guess I should from now on. As far as the end... I had better things to do that read it. Like fap to Martha Stewart.
  2. Hah! Sweet! no pun intended. Not enough white makeup for a closeup like that, but i like the gunk in the teeth.
  3. Haha, guys being poor has its advantages. No car, and getting a summer job in florida is about as easy as rubbing your belly and dividing by zero in your head at the same time, so I ended up with a job 10 miles from where I live. I bike there, regardless of weather, five days a week. So, 100 miles of biking a week. @dragon avenger: You'll know how I feel. Hey, dont do a dry run, just wing it the day of work, if you make a wrong turn, youll get an adrenaline rush from being late. On top of that I run a mile three days a week. I cant be bothered to get a gym membership, so its pushups and situps for me, 3 sets of 15 pushups and 3 sets of 25 situps 3 times a week. My goals: -be able to run 2 miles in under 12 minutes -do 45 pushups without collapsing. On a side note, they must be full pushups, arms fully extended, and chest on the ground. This is hard, trust me. -do 60 situps in a minute. Actually these aren't just my goals, they're the Army ROTC's as well. A $120,000 scholarship depends on me being able to do this by the end of the summer. At any rate, I've got my work cut out for me. So that said, does anyone have suggestions? They're welcome, as a lot depends on this.
  4. Your list is, word for word, exactly what games I play over and over, with the exception of MGS. Odd, isnt it?
  5. Sweet, Software Engineering and Computer Science are basically the same thing. Actually with adding another semester I could get both majors. Obviously fate guided my hand as I arbitrarily selected a major.
  6. I agree that movie is great but thats only because Hugh Jackman played as Wolverine. Ive seen it 4 times and still fail to grasp what the hell happened at the end. I dont know, maybe its because of my nasty habit of watching movies while doing calculus homework. But I digress. Hey when switching from real time to flashback, give us an indicator, okay? Like in mangas, when the background goes black. Or maybe a little rubber ducky in the lower left hand corner. I just hate watching a flashback and figuring out that its not the present after two minutes of vague confusion. By the way, don't take my advice.
  7. When djp dies and this site goes to shit, I will still be a single, pathetic loser. Hey instead of blogs why doesnt this site do a dating service? That would be lots funnier. DJ if youre reading this, consider.
  8. You're going to have to update your biography now. Congratulations, man! Ill be in the Army four years from now, so no telling what world war we'll be on by then =P. Good luck! EDIT: I know a really nasty joke regarding this, but... Im gonna go ahead and not say it. Hey Jago, your name is Stephen King, I bet you get a lot of stupid cmments about that.
  9. Erm, stupid question, but does the fact that I havent submitted any remixes *yet* make me not a remixer? I dont think Im a visitor either. God, what am I?
  10. Your right with that one. I played it on Xbox 360, but my roomate modded the crap out of his game. I remember he had this mod that made everyone naked, and even added jiggle physics. I was like what!!! He had a sephiroth mod as well, complete with the masamune. crazy stuff.
  11. Sorry guys I feel like an asshole saying this but I cant get the visual of someone throwing hotwheels cars at each other on camera out of my head. Pocketman, show me a clip, please, just to put my imagination to rest.
  12. I was under he impression that good films cost millions... I wont judge..or at least tell you my opinion until Ive seen a trailer or something, though.
  13. Can I trade families with you? My dads a neurosurgeon, it will be fair.
  14. In my professional opinion, you are going crazy. Lucky for you I dont have a profession so you have nothing to worry about. On a tangent, I hope that doing studies like these will allow us to engineer a song that is extremely forgetable. Wouldnt that be awesome? A series of pitches that the human brain has the most trouble storing and recalling. Also a license plate of the same nature would be cool.
  15. What is QA testing? Sorry, too lazy to google.
  16. I like the new version better. You slowed the piece down, though, and I think that hurts it a little, although you added parts that would sound awkward if you sped it up now. Just make the main melody sound less like it was made on a computer, and youll be fine.
  17. View trailer here: http://www.wantedmovie.com/ I read the comic recently, and I remember thinking what a disgusing novel it was, and hoping God, I hope they dont make a movie out of this. And here it is. The comic was based off the Idea of a Fraternity of Supervillains, who destroyed the last superhero in some time in the 1960, and now rules the world. Theres this kid, the bastard offspring of the worlds geatest badass, who was killed while making a gay porno, whose life sucks and then he gets his inheritance: membership in the fraternity and a life of doing whatever the fuck he wants. And he does this the rest of the comic. Theres some bull about the supervillains killing each other but it was all in all retarded. The movie, however, has made the supervillains assassins and added an all star crew, a basic formula for sucess. Im going to see this shit, if for nothing more than seeing Angelina Jolie naked again. =P
  18. The oath to order is what I want. Youll find that it fits nicely with what youve got going on. To jog your memory: EDIT: Your piano is still wombly. I could record live samples, Ive inherited an amazing grand that sounds great, but the best microphone i have is on my mp3 player. It would still sound better than what youve got, thats how out of place yourpiano sounds right now.
  19. Wow. I feel kind of sick, and I saw Saw 1-3 whilst feeling only vaguely uncomfortable.
  20. Damn, my favorite track from the game finally remixed. Very good use of those clock samples. The song gets annoyingly silent around the second quarter though. Also theres a lack of melody... well, everywhere. It sounds damn good, but I want the melody in full bravado, not a bunch of chord progressions and a... wombly...piano line. Still damn good, tho. I'll follow this untilit gets submitted.
  21. Anything that got its roots from Douglas Adams (RiP) is perfect... But I guess its just a program.
  22. To prove this, I'll show you something interesting. The following was translated from English to Japanese and then back to English using babel fish. But time flows like a river, and history repeats itself. But time flows like the river, history repeats that itself. Something more complex: Democracy contains many pretentious peanuts, and is therefore eclectic in its vacuousness. Therefore democracy many includes the peanut which you are affected, with vacuousness it is eclectic. So, yeah.
  23. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw all but the last 20 minutes of it!!!!!! how gay is that. I had to go to work at 2 and I didnt want to get fired so i left early. It was right at the part where that asshole army guy who is not william hurt was saying Im pissed of and ready for round 3. CRAP!!!! now I have to buy another movie ticket and calculate when to walk into the theater so that I pick up where I left off...
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