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  1. Ahh so you just went to dogpile and searched lost civilizations....well the end effect is baffling because its talking mostly about languages dying...you shoul replace it with voice acting from sesame street, that at least would be intriguing.
  2. You guys arent very savvy, are you. When somebody puts out a hint, usually he gets PMed with help/people telling him not to do this on a public forum.
  3. first person to not say congratulations in his post. Anyway good luck djp.
  4. I really liked this show, but I could never get on the TV long enough to watch more than broken, out of order episodes. And I really dont want to pay for the DVDs... and I hate youtube... can somebody maybe help me out?
  5. Im listening to your final version now, and I like it so far. Theres really no criticism for this. Try submitting, if you havent already...not that I would know if it would pass. What is this talking Im hearing? I gues I should read the rest of the thread before posting. Ah, Ive found some criticism. STOP REMIXING CT GOD!!! EDIT: Okay, the vocals have absolutely fuck all to do with anything that this mix represents. Can someone tell me what the hell...?
  6. Get used to it and maybe you will be fit for online battles =D
  7. I agree. This movie was great, absolutely great. Holy shit. For the next one, they should bring back Jim Carey as the riddler, he was the perfect man for it. And they have to do the Riddler next right? I mean theyve done Scarecrow, Ras Al Gool or whatever, the Joker, and I-wont-ruin-it-for-whoever-hasnt-seen-it-yet. Now theres just the Penguin and the Riddler left, plus some small fries. Hmm, who to play the penguin? Samuel L Jackson, thats who. And what the hell happened to katie holmes??!?!?!! Shes not in this movie!!!! Why!!!!! This new girl is ugly!!!! Whats her name, i dont even care
  8. Is anyone turned off by the way they show people playing the games in wii commercials? Like this: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/36536.html he is so delighted to be holding a whit thingy and be playing games and woohoo yay for wii everybody!!!1 I hate the wii, this game's graphics look like something out of a flash ad saying shoot the bunny get a free iphone!!
  9. O snap, its out today! I need to get to work early so I can see this shit man.,,, @Bleck: ...did you like Spiderman 3?
  10. Hey just curious, but why do you want these ReMixes? Random craving fo cellos? Its happened to me with organs, not human organs, musical organs.
  11. Uh, I dont know if its a culture thing, but to my American ear the singing sounds downright annoying. And add more guitar, man.
  12. Holy shit. Uru is clearly very metro, Karen is a crackwhore, and Nicole? is just some guy. What is this from?
  13. Double reccomendation for Pachelbel's Ganon!
  14. Hey how do I pay for music if I dont have/want ITunes and dont have a paypal account or credit card?
  15. For some reason I think battles will just end up being a clustershit of numbers and dudes flying everywhere.
  16. Is FF13 going to be good, though? 12 was alright but I'm starting to got tired of the whole epic crystal quest thing... I thought Lightning was a guy in the trailer, I'll never get my shit straight...
  17. Ys3? I think you spelled "yes" wrong.
  18. godammit. I wont hate you for telling me this, but its just cause i like your music.
  19. I want Seiken Densetsu 5 and Chrono Break, can anyone give me a ball park figure of the odds of either of these two happening?
  20. Its pretty good now, man. But I still want you dead.
  21. Cool. hey whats this I hear about there being a patch that puts the sbattle sprites in the field as well? And something about a music patch as well? If you combine a whole bunch of patches like that, youve basically got a remake. cool
  22. Oh my god this will make force unleashed for wii the BOSS SHIT, man!!!!!!
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