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  1. Yay! Hope you had a great birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday Flik. Keep being awesome!
  3. Wall-E on bluray for ten bucks? Sold. Let me know what you need for shipping on that and I'll pay pal it to you.
  4. Wait. Did Bethesda actually announce Elder Scrolls V? Because there's nothing on their blog, nor can I find anything online saying that it's coming out.
  5. Bump...help...please?
  6. I've been watching the show pretty much since the first episode, and have seen all but three or four episodes when they first aired. I'm ridiculous, I know. While I did like the finale for giving us closure for the main characters, I agree that they could've answered more questions relating to the plot this season. The finale may not have been the place to do it though. It would be a little strange in the middle of all that was going on to answer what Walt's power was, or what was up with the food drops. They could've fit a few more answers in the episodes before the finale though. Also, I think that if they did give definite answers to every single question on the show, their answers would never live up to what we might speculate the answers are. Better to leave LOST with a little mystery, than to know all the answers. I'm looking forward to re watching the whole series, now that I've seen the ending, and picking up on new things, and coming up with my own answers to things. And BGC - I definitely wasn't taking all of those questions seriously. Some of them have answers that need huge sarcasm quotes around them.
  7. Hey guys I have a MacBook, running on Leopard. Awhile ago, I tried doing some customization to my dock, and decided I didn't like it. I put the original files back into the right place and everything, and my dock hasn't gone back to normal. I also read in a few help threads that by going to terminal and typing in "killall dock" would reset it. It has not. My dock is still there, it just no longer has the reflective thing going on anymore. It's just a gray box with all my applications inside instead. Anybody know how to restore it back to the original setting?
  8. How did the monster get into Jacob's cabin? And why ask Locke not to tell anyone he saw Claire in the cabin? At that point we know it wasn't actually Jacob's cabin anymore. Maybe the ash line around the cabin had been broken and the smoke monster could get it. He didn't want Locke to tell anyone because he wanted to corrupt Claire and use her. Why does Horace come to Locke and tell him to go to the cabin and that Jacob is waiting there, when it was really the smoke monster? Horace was the smoke monster too. Why do the Oceanic 6 name Charlie, Boone, and Libby as the other survivors? What's the logic in that? These are some of the people who were dead for real, and they knew that even if the truth came out, there's no way that these guys were coming back. It's not logical at all. Why does Miles decide to stay on the island? His life off the island sucked. What is the deal with the frozen wheel? I mean, combines light and water? I've always thought frozen donkey wheel was stupid. Always thought that the idea of a steering wheel for the island was a little ridiculous. Why does Ben insist that the Oceanic 6 as well as Locke have to return to the island? The only way for Ben to get back to the island is to recreate the conditions of Flight 815 as close as possible. Locke is a replacement for Jack's father. Ben insists because Eloise tells him that this is the only way he's getting back. Why don't the rules of time travel apply to Desmond? Cause Desmond is magical. Who were the men who tried to capture Sayid and Hurley but got thrown into a dishwasher full of knives in one of the sweetest LOST fight scenes of all time? Not sure. Could be guys hired by Widmore? Ben asks his butcher friend who was watching Locke's body if Gabriel or Jeffery had checked in yet...who are any of these people? Others. What was Ben hiding when he took something out of his bed and put it in his bag? I don't remember this. When the gang was unstuck in time, who was that shooting at them from the outrigger? It was in the future I think, so that probably happened some time after the finale. Probably some of the people who are still on the island. Who sent Sun and gun and pictures of Jack and Ben? Eloise, maybe? Who attacked Sayid at the hospital and why does he have Kate's address? Well we know it was Ben who was after Kate, so the guy might've been an other. Why was the smoke monster at the temple? When did the smoke monster become like an anti smoke monster fortress? Smoke monster wasn't at the temple, he was under it. Jacob might've built the temple after he discovered that a circle of ashes kept smokey out. How did the producers of the hit TV show Expose deal with the death of their two lead actors? Either cancelled the show or hired new actors. How did Eloise come to run the Lantern? Dunno. How does a pendulum predict the island's movements? SCIENCE. WHy do those returning to the island need to recreate the circumstances of their first arrival? It might not be that they have to recreate the circumstances, but that those people are all candidates and need to go back. That might just be an excuse. How did Jack, Hurley, and Kate, get from that Ajira Flight to the 70s and why didn't Sun? Part of the plane flashed through time and the the other part didn't? No idea, really. How did Richard bypass the sonar fence? Richard can't knowingly kill himself. Walking though the sonar fence wouldn't kill him unless somebody pushed him through. How did Ethan go from a member of the Dharma initiative to the Others? He was bffs with Ben. What's with all the hieroglyphics underneath the temple? Dunno. Why did Widmore tell Ben to kill Rosseau and her baby, and why did he then let Ben keep the baby anyway? He doesn't like the French. Baby wasn't french yet, and Widmore didn't want the nickname of baby killer. Why did Daniel leave the island in the 70s and why does he tell Jack he doesn't belong there? He left to go do research off island with Dharma, and develop all kindsa cool stuff because he's from the future. Don't remember him telling Jack he doesn't belong there, and I'm not sure why he does. Why does Richard think he saw everyone in the 1977 Dharma Initiative die? Because he saw a bomb go off and like every other logical person assumed that everybody died, and wasn't sent forward to the future. Who broke the circle of ash around Jacob's cabin? Vincent. Why can Jacob leave the island but the smoke monster can't? Nothing bad happens if Jacob leaves. Evidently the world gets covered in darkness if smokey leaves. Also, Jacob's still alive when he leaves the island. Smoke monster is technically dead. Jacob uses his last breath to say "They're coming", but who are they? Widmore's people What's the deal with that pool that brings people back to life? And why did it bring Sayid back with an English accent? I think it's water from that stream with the cave with the light. Somehow it can heal people. The actor who plays Sayid has an English accent. He messed up. What is "the infection"? How did Claire get infected? How did Sayid get infected? Why does he have to take a poison pill especially when he could be uninfected with a simple argument for love? The infection is when the smoke monster fully turns somebody to his side and has almost complete control over them. Dogen wanted Sayid to take the poison pill cause he'd rather kill off Sayid than argue about love with him. Why is smoke monster/locke/whoever he is confused that Sawyer can see young Jacob? Because young Jacob is actually dead Jacob, and since Sawyer is a candidate he can see Jacob, but MIB doesn't seem to know this rule. What's the magic lighthouse about? Jacob's facebook How is Dogen simply being alive keeping the smoke monster out of the temple? I dunno. What happened to the flight attendant Cindy and the kids? We know they became others...they might still be out living in the woods with whatever others are left. Why didn't Sun tell Jin to go just so their daughter wouldn't be an orphan? Cause she wanted to make out with Jin instead before she drowned. Where did Jacob and the smoke monster's mother come from? Some shipwreck. Where did Jacob and the smoke monster's other mother come from? Meh. This could go on for awhile. And where did her mother come from....and her mother....and her mother... Who cares? Who finished the magic wheel that combines "light and water" and when did it become frozen? Maybe after MIB became the smoke monster he finished it. It probably froze whenever the island moved somewhere in time when it was really fuckin cold. What is the nature of the light? Good. Magic wine? I mean, seriously? Seriously. Why does that Tina Fey lady want the electromagnetic map of the island? So she can figure out where the light is? How did Widmore's electromagnetic thingy send Desmond to the afterlife and back? Maybe it was a near death experience for Desmond, so he saw what happened when he dies. Wasn't Sayid's soulmate Nadia, not Shannon? I was ok with this, because I liked Sayid and Shannon better than Sayid and Nadia. Why wasn't Michael, Walt, Eko, Lapidus, or any of the other characters at the church? We know Michael is one of the whispers on the island now...he's wandering around there, stuck as a spirit. Walt left the island before he could be important enough to be in the church. Eko and Lapidus were apparently not important enough either. You guys wanna get into V? No.
  9. Ooooh, I'm gonna try to answer some of these. Why did the monster kill the pilot? He wasn't a candidate, and therefore unimportant, so he may have just killed the pilot because he could, and to scare the Jack, Kate, and Charlie. What did Locke see when he first saw the smoke? He says that he looked into the eye of the island and what he saw was beautiful. We know now that he saw the smoke monster, so it could be that the smoke monster showed him his "purgatory" life where he was happily engaged to Helen. Locke would see this as the "island" telling him what to do, when in reality it was the MIB trying to kill Locke so he could inhibit that body. That's my theory, anyways. What's with the polar bear in Walt's comic book? Where's Christian Shepherd's body if it wasn't in the casket? My first thought was that perhaps MIB found the body and buried it so that he could take on Christian Shepherd's form and turn Jack to his side, since Jack is a candidate. He buried the body so Jack would think it was actually his father, and not a ghost. Why did the psychic say that Claire had to fly on Oceanic 815 and why did he insist that her son be raised by Claire? I think he saw two flashes which he perceived to be two different realities, when they were actually the same. He saw Kate in LA raising Aaron with Jack, and saw Claire with squirrel baby and assumed that Kate was the adoptive mother and this is what would happen if she gave Aaron up for adoption. He also saw Claire on flight 815, crashing on the island, meeting Charlie, and saw the two of them taking care of Aaron. He assumed that the these were two different realities, and told Claire that she needed to get on flight 815 and raise Aaron herself, otherwise she'd go all nuts and make a squirrel baby. Why did the others want Walt so bad? This is still kind of fuzzy. We aren't really sure what Walt's power is exactly, but I assume it's like Hurley's and he can talk with the dead people on the island or something. Also he seems to be able to make himself appear to people on the island. Maybe when he's dreaming he can put himself in places for real and appear to people? I dunno. Maybe Jacob really wanted Walt to be with the others before he became corrupted by MIB or the other survivors. Who sent Kate the letter telling her about her mother being treated for cancer in the hospital? Jacob - it set off a chain of events that led Kate, a candidate, to the island. Why does Walt know about the hatch and why does he warn Locke not to open it? Maybe Walt had a bad dream about a hatch on the island and saw what happened when the button wasn't pressed. Why does the smoke monster make mechanical sounds? Who cares? How was Walt able to apper before Shannon? I'm stickin with my theory that Walt can transport himself around the island while he's dreaming and talk to people. How does Walt communicate with Michael using the Swan computer? Either Walt wanders in and finds a computer, OR IT'S NOT WALT. Maybe it's one of the others trying to lure Michael to them so they can make a trade for Ben. What is the deal with Kate and that horse? I don't remember much about the horse, but isn't the horse linked to her past somehow? Maybe MIB scanned her, saw that, and decided to creep her out with the horse. Why are Dharma food supplies still being dropped on the island after the purge and by who? Remember how when they came back to the island, some of them flashed back to the 70's and some of them stayed in the present? Same deal with the food. Plane flew over, flashed to the future when the food dropped. What triggered the lockdown and why on earth would anyone design it so during the lockdown black lights go on? Either Ben somehow managed to set it off, or something malfunctioned. They made the hatch in the 70s. Black lights were the shit in the 70s. What happened to the original Henry Gale? I think it's like Ben said. Henry came to the island in his balloon and crashed in a tree. He somehow died - either starvation, polar bear, or others - and Ben found the body and saw the identification on the man, and buried him. As he was going back to camp he tripped into one of Rosseau's traps, and decided to steal Henry Gale's name and claim the grave was his wife's. What happened to the original time line Libby between the mental hospital and getting on the tail section of flight 815? We know her husband died and she gave Desmond a boat. Perhaps after her husband's death she went a little nuts, ended up in the mental hospital, and was later released. Who built the four toed statue? We've seen the whole statue now, it's an egyptian statue carrying an Ankh. The Ankh means , eternal life, and we know Jacob lived underneath it, and Jacob doesn't age. Most likely it was built by people who came to the island, and thought Jacob was some sort of god, and built it for him. Why does only one specific bearing get you off the island? Because of the strong magnetism properties of the island, you need to stay on a specific bearing. Not following the bearing can lead to side effects as seen in The Constant. What are the hieroglyphics on the Swan countdown timer about? We know there's been a lot of Egyptian culture on the island. Maybe Dharma thought it'd be cool to use the hieroglyphics instead of YOU'RE GONNA DIE RUNNNN. Why did Tom feel the need to wear a fake beard? They wanted the plane crash survivors to think they were living off the land and weren't very well off. Didn't want them knowing they had houses and stuff. Who was Libby's previous husband that gave her a boat to give to Desmond? Some rich guy we don't know. Who are the skeletons in the polar bear cave? Unlucky Dharma school children. Where did the toy truck come from? Unlucky Dharma school children. How did Locke and Eko escape the hatch implosion? This is one of those things that bugged the crap out of me, like Juliet surviving a bomb. It just happened and this is one I can't think of any logical answer for. Why couldn't Locke talk after the hatch implosion? Laryngitis. Why did the monster kill Mr. Eko, and why didn't he just do it the first time they met? The first time they met, smokey scanned Mr. Eko. He then tried to appear to him as Yemi, thinking that it he could get Eko to ask forgiveness of his sins, he could use Eko as a pawn to get to the candidates. Eko did not ask for forgiveness, so he was not longer of any use to smokey. What did Mr. Eko mean when he said "you're next" after he died? Maybe he knew Nikki and Palo were gonna died next from their spider incident. How disgusting was it when Hurley was eating from that tub of ranch dressing? Pretty disgusting. Why Danny say Jack wasn't on Jacob's list when in fact his name was clearly written in the cave? Jacob made a lot of lists. Jack wasn't on all of them. Also, Danny doesn't like Jack and wanted to kill Jack. Why can't women on the island have babies AND WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? We know that they used to be able to, so it probably has something to do with the incident and the magnetism. It doesn't really have to do with anything, but it was mostly to add a bit of drama so when Sun was pregnant, she had to get the heck off the island to not die. What was that Russian letter in Mikhail's typewriter? http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Mikhail's_document Why is the supply drop menu hidden behind a game of computer chess and I mean...computer chess??? Dharma didn't want some idiot to blow all that crap up. And yes. Computer Chess. Too bad it wasn't Battle Chess. That would've been awesome Remember when Ben gave that weird mark to Juliet as punishment, what was that about? Since she was about to go undercover and spy on all the pregnant ladies, it made it a little more convincing that she was an outcast now that she's branded. What is the deal with Jack's tattoos? (Actually, you know what, I don't care about that.) We know where he got the one. He also might just like tattoos. I like tattoos. Desmond knew a monk, how did that monk know Eloise? Maybe Eloise came to that church after she left the island. Why does Ben see his dead mother? MIB. Who decided it was time to kill the others in a purge? Jacob. or MIB. What happened to Ben's childhood friend, Annie? She's one of the skeletons in that polar bear cave. Why did Desmond have a false vision of Claire and Aaron leaving the island on a helicopter? Desmond also had false visions of how Charlie died. Aaron technically did leave on a helicopter, and then Claire later left on a plane, so the universe still course corrected. How does Mikhail keep coming back to life? Cause he's awesome and Russian? Why does Walt tell Locke he still has work to do? Walt was bored in his dream and wanted to mess with Locke. What was that eye in the cabin? We know it wasn't the smoke monster because Christian Shepherd was there too and the smoke monster was Christian Shepherd the whole time. They actually said who it was in some interview - not the character on the show, but the person who's eye it was. It wasn't anybody we know, but I'm going with it was the smoke monster again, smoking up to the window real quick and looking out. Where did Miles get that picture of Ben? Widmore. Who is the R.G. on Naomi's bracelet? Her boyfriend. Why was there a 31 minute and 20 second difference between the time? (Payload drop) Again, the island seems to be constantly moving through time. The boat was far enough offshore that it wasn't in the same time as the island. Who is the economist and why did Ben want him dead? Ben likes making Sayid do stuff. I can't think of anything for this one. Why was Ben so surprised they could kill Alex and what are the rules? Since Ben took Alex from Rosseau and never killed her, it was some unwritten rule that Ben would raise her and nobody could touch her. Ben just didn't think somebody would actually kill his daughter in cold blood. If the smoke monster can't leave the island, how does Jacks dad appear at a hospital in LA? Jack is seeing things.
  10. First of all, get ready to have your mind blown. This is the last scene of LOST as it was shown, compared to the very first scene of LOST, but played backwards. It's pretty cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK7CJ_2K-1E&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&fs=1%22%3E%3C/param%3E%3Cparam Some spoilers ahead. When LOST was first introduced, the concept of the show was about all these characters. Remember when it first came out? All the talk was about how many main characters there were...not just four or five, but a whole plane load of people. I think that it was fitting that the show went out in the same way - focusing on the characters rather than the island mythology. Think about the episodes that most people disliked: - The Nikki and Palo centric episode (can't think of the name) - people were PISSED at this episode. It came right after the episode where Locke's father turned up on the island. We found out some things about the one station in the middle of the island, and that was about it. We learned NOTHING about the main characters in this episode. Nothing. -Ab Aeterno - Richard centric. So we care a little bit more about Richard than the other characters, but still not enough to warrant this little mini movie. The biggest complaint I have about this episode is that it didn't need to take an entire show to explain what happened to Richard. His wife is dying, he breaks the law trying to save her, and is sent to the island on a slaving ship. That alone took up half the episode. We also don't know any of the characters in this episode aside from Richard, Jacob, and the MIB. We briefly see the main characters at the beginning and end of the episode. And that's it. -Across the Sea - We should have loved this episode. It explained so much of the island's background and where Jacob and MIB came from, how MIB became the smoke monster, etc. I didn't like it though. It concentrated on Jacob and the MIB. While they are prominent characters on the show, as viewers, we haven't known them that long. These are fairly new characters to us, even though they've been on the island for thousands of years. It's also another episode where we're sidetracked from the story of the main characters - Sun and Jin just died, and MIB's on a rampage to kill everyone...and this is the next episode. That's off the top of my head. Those episodes all explained something regarding the island, but nobody really loves those episodes as they don't deal with any of the main characters. I'd much rather of the finale that focuses on the characters, than a finale that is more island back story than anything else. ALSO:
  11. Alexis


    Me and Cerrax have done a few multiplayer matches over at his place. They're pretty fun. Online multiplayer is nuts though, especially when there's 8 people playing. And most of them know the tracks inside and out and are very precise about setting off traps. I need money so I can own this game myself!!! :/
  12. AHHHH. It's over...I'm still processing things. That was nuts. I'll come back once I have time to think over things.
  13. I don't know what's up with me recently, but I actually miss college. Like college classes. And learning. So I was messing around on the internet and found this website, which is just a bunch of different undergrad classes with lectures posted online. Some of them are freaking awesome. Recently I've been watching a Harvard philosophy course on justice and morality, and it's pretty interesting. http://www.academicearth.org/courses/justice-whats-the-right-thing-to-do Anyways. Check this site out. Learn something. http://www.academicearth.org
  14. I just read pretty much the same story on kotaku. HOPEFULLY, they will fix that stupid jump. That was bugging me. Also that weird minecart level. They should just get rid of that entirely. That looked awful. PLEASE SEGA. DON'T SCREW THIS UP.
  15. That's so awesome! Good song. Congrats!
  16. Sorry Brandon - again though, not a good idea to read through a thread called "lost THE FINAL SEASON" when you're not done with the first and expect it to be totally spoiler free. At this point saying things about past seasons isn't really considered a spoiler anymore to people who have been watching the show since the beginning. There may be spoilers ahead pertaining to the most recent episode ahead: Is anybody else starting to get kind of bored with these flash-sideways things? This last episode especially was really dull and just felt like filler. The entire purpose of the flash sideways for the episode was to explain how Locke ended up in a wheelchair this time around...something they could have easily described in much less time than they did. I was patient for awhile at the beginning of the season, when they still had time left, figuring that this would all make sense soon, but now we're three episodes away from the end of the series, and they're wasting time with things that don't seem incredibly important to me. Also, that part right before Sayid went and blew himself up, he tells Jack two things. One, that Desmond is stuck in the well, and two, that "it's going to be you Jack" or something to that effect. I don't know about you guys but when I heard that I immediately thought that Sayid was telling Jack he's going to be the candidate that takes Jacob's place. On a completely unrelated note, I work in a pet store and was making sample dog tags for our engraving machine, and got inspired by lost... I was mostly excited that I was able to incorporate the "numbers" as the phone number.
  17. I'm like 99.9% sure you're being sarcastic, but if not, it's your own damn fault for coming into a thread about the final season of LOST when you're on the first. And just in case you aren't kidding...Boone dies too. Oh and so does Shannon. And Michael. And Libby. Oh and Ana Lucia.
  18. Mine's nonsensicalexis on both 360 and ps3.
  19. I went for Link first, just cause. Then I went for Mega Man. Oh my gosh, Mega Man Mario is SO FUN. I agree. Kirby Mario would be pretty awesome too. And if we could maybe do a little Sonic Mario I might just die of happiness.
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