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  1. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!! Ok, I need to not get too excited about this in case it sucks. I really hope it doesn't suck. For the love of God sega, don't fuck this up. I have been waiting for an HD 2D version of Sonic for years and didn't think they would ever actually make it cause they were too busy making shitty 3d Sonic games. This could either be really good, or it could just be another disappointment from Sega. We'll have to wait and see.
  2. Congratulations!!! Hope you have a wonderful wedding!
  3. Go see the movie and explain to me how I ruined it for you. I didn't post anything to spoil it. I think I said less about the actual movie itself than the trailers did.
  4. Yeah. This movie is pretty good. You should go see it. Although, the previews made the movie look like it'd be Brad Pitt and his basterds against the Nazi's the whole time, which it absolutely was not. Nor was it as action filled as I expected. And for a Tarantino movie, it wasn't that bloody either. But it still turned out to be pretty good! Agreed. About halfway through that bar scene, I started wondering how long this scene had been going on for. Then it just kept going. I might have to go back to see it just cause I'm curious how long that scene went on for. Also, a really fun part of the movie was when Mike Myers came on the screen. About half the audience, including myself, realized it was him right away. The rest of the audience gradually figured it out through the scene. It was entertaining to hear people who just figured out that it was him.
  5. I was up on Mt Washington a few months ago, happened to have my camera with me, so I messed around with the panorama mode a bit. I didn't really touch it up though, just threw it together in photoshop. It's huge though (like ridiculously so), so I'm posting a link. Pittsburgh is so beautiful at dusk! Taken with a Canon S5IS Pittsburgh!
  6. A Innovation is great, but not when you go and change something that doesn't need to be changed. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sonic was a great game when I was growing up, but they changed a lot about the gameplay, added a bunch of characters and other things to keep up with other games and it pretty much ruined it for me. Somebody also mentioned Final Fantasy; and I absolutely agree. When you buy a Final Fantasy game, you're expecting to get an RPG with the nice music, story, battle system, etc... (although not all of them have followed through on every one of these aspects...but that's another discussion) I agree with what linkspast said - leave the innovation for new games. That's the nice thing about them. There's no history yet, so it can be anything. Look at Portal..it's new(ish) and very innovative, had a new concept. But if they made a new Portal, and they changed anything about how portals worked, people would get angry.
  7. Yay, I like Celtic music! Although youtube is being incredibly slow for me right now, and I've only been able to listen to like 30 seconds of the first song...I'll have to come back later when it's working and listen some more.
  8. Haven't seen it yet, but I plan to! I've been excited about this ever since I saw previews.
  9. A. Console No contest. I used to play Sims on my old computer, but I don't think that making Sims and then sticking them in a pool and taking the ladders out really counts as gaming. And seeing as how that computer died 2 years ago, all I have left are my consoles.
  10. Alexis

    District 9

    Agreed. I think the slower pacing at the beginning was fine. I don't think I could have handled it if they jumped right into all of the action right away. That movie is intense enough as it is. No need to ramp it up right at the beginning. I also really liked the documentary style. It gave it a much more realistic feeling at the beginning. Later on it got weird when they kind of stopped the documentary cameras and just focused on Team Wikus/Christopher for awhile, but they came back to it at the end.
  11. Alexis

    District 9

    One of the friends I saw it with described it as "squishy". I thought it was a pretty accurate description. So in retrospect, I feel like the previews for this movie gave a lot away. The first preview (well the first one I saw) was perfect. It started out like a documentary, and didn't mention the aliens at all. It just showed the people saying that "they" needed to leave. Eventually, it said "They are not human" and it showed the spaceship, and that was the end of the preview. I think that's really all I needed to see before hand. They started showing different previews after that, some of which included stuff that happened in the movie that I think is pretty sploiler-ish. There's a commercial where they show Wikus being sprayed by the fluid, which doesn't give a lot away, but you knew it was coming in the movie. And they also showed the alien-robot machine that Wikus was in catching the rocket. Kinda spoiled that moment for me. Had I not seen that before hand, that would have been a helluva a lot cooler. Also, I was waiting the entire movie to see the scene they showed in the previews where they are interviewing an alien, and he is saying that "we just want to go home". It never happened. That kind of annoyed me.
  12. HELL YEAH, Fiddler on the Roof tetris. That's awesome. Also, was that Firebird in one of the later ones? So good. Oh my gosh and Rite of Spring too??? You're my hero. Is that Fiddler medley available to download somewhere?
  13. Alexis

    District 9

    Maaaaaaaaan. You beat me to it. I was gonna make a thread. Anyways, I just got back from seeing it with Cerrax and friends, and yeah. Intense pretty much sums it up. I can't sleep because I'm still trying to process things. It was a lot to take in at once. Spoilers: Although, I have to admit, when the robot thing gathers up all the bullets in a little ball and shoots them back at the guys, that's awesome. And when he catches the rocket. And when the aliens tear apart the guy at the end. And the metal flower at the end is cute. Oh, and the alien kid was awesome..."he likes you." I'll probably be able to say a little more later when it's not 3 AM and I'm a little less sleep deprived.
  14. 100 videos!!! Exciting. In other Zero Punctuation News, I got an Imp Plushie for my birthday. It's awesome.
  15. That reminds me, when I was younger and we had the Sega Genesis, me and my sister would run around and play Sonic and Tails. Good times.
  16. Last year in orchestra, I was really bored, so while I was playing some Pictures at An Exhibition, I kept feeling like I was playing guitar hero. Even though I've been playing viola for 14 years and guitar hero for about 1 or 2... Also, when I went to the Medieval Faire in Ohio, I kept wanting to play Oblivion really bad.
  17. Sharpened vault boy. LT: Too sharp. Also, mirror's edge logo: LT: Not sure on that one. Maybe it's just because it's rectangular. I may go with this one.
  18. Yay! All the cool people have July birthdays. Happy birthday!
  19. Congratulations you two! Hope you had a great wedding and best of luck!
  20. Yay! DJ Pretzel and me share a birthday! Happy Birthday!
  21. Either A or B for me. And only if they didn't screw them up. I'm already pretty worried about this Prince of Persia movie. That was a good game and they better not ruin it with this movie.
  22. I played sonic all the time on my genesis. I stopped playing after Sonic 3d came out. That game was awful. Just terrible. Then after that, they gave sonic a voice, and that just made things worse. He sounds so stupid. I just wish they would go back to the 2d sonic. I would buy that.
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