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  1. Is the DLC not showing up in the playstation store for anyone else? I've tried going to it through the game, on my own, and doing a search for heavy rain and there's no DLC. What the fudge.
  2. If you aren't comfortable playing it in French, play in English your first play through. Switch on the French the second time around once you know the overall story and are familiar with the characters. It really is a lot better in French.
  3. Alexis

    Heavy Rain Demo

    Yeah, but the game never explained that in my ending, so how was I supposed to know what happened? I had assumed he just died somewhere on the sidewalk near a restaurant, then he magically reappeared. How hard would it have been to put in a little scene at a hospital or something where they explain to Ethan that he hasn't been poisoned or something? It just bugged me that the story was so well explained up until that point.
  4. Alexis

    Heavy Rain Demo

    Yeah, but the game never explained that in my ending, so how was I supposed to know what happened? I had assumed he just died somewhere on the sidewalk near a restaurant, then he magically reappeared. How hard would it have been to put in a little scene at a hospital or something where they explain to Ethan that he hasn't been poisoned or something?
  5. Alexis

    Heavy Rain Demo

    Just finished playing the game. As a story, it's great. As a game...eh, not so much. About ten minutes in, I had to stop thinking of it as a video game. As a video game it's terrible. I hate the camera, R2 to walk is stupid, and a lot of the button combinations seem very forced. As an interactive movie, it's awesome. Having the ability to change the outcome of the game is really cool. Some of the situations you're put in require a quick decision and you're never quite sure what the right one is. In this aspect, it's one of the most immersing games, because what you do in some of these situations completely effects the outcome of the game. Spoilers Ahead: So I've heard there's several different endings. I'm curious as to what other people got. Here's mine. Ethan goes into the last house and drinks the poison. Since I didn't kill the guy from the mission before, the hangman is incomplete, and the address can be one of five different locations, so it's a crapshoot. He picks one, and drives there. It's a restaurant, and it's the wrong place. Meanwhile, Madison figures out who the oragami killer is and goes to his apartment. She finds out the address of where Ethan's son is in a hidden room. She is about to leave when he comes home. He locks her in the hidden room and sets the apartment on fire. She escapes by knocking over a tank of hydrogen and shielding herself from the explosion Indian Jones style in the fridge. She calls the FBI agent and gives him all the information. She gets to the location first, a warehouse, and finds the boy in a sewer grate. She tries to get him out but the killer comes in and they fight. The FBI agent shows up and rescues the boy, then rescues her, and kills the killer. Here's where I get confused. I drank the poison, ok? But the next scene shows Ethan, Madison, and his son in a new apartment that they're all going to move into. So...if this poison was supposed to kill Ethan in an hour, how was he apartment shopping? Quite the major plot hole. What endings did you guys get?
  6. Global Trance - I kind of assumed that the Christian Shephard we saw running around the island WAS the smoke monster. Because as we know, dead on LOST is dead. So perhaps the reason we haven't seen Christian lately is because now the smoke monster can only take on the form of Locke. The only thing that doesn't make sense is that there is a smoke monster Locke and also a corpse Locke. Christian's corpse has been missing since season 1. However, Christian being the smoke monster and visiting Jack off island would definitely explain the smoke alarm, and I think that makes the most sense that it is the same person.
  7. Haha, I actually have the Sonic Mega Collection for xbox, but I never unlocked that because I ended up buying all of the sonics on xbox 360 arcade cause I wanted the achievements.
  8. Sonic and Knuckles + Sonic 3 I own both games several times, but you can only play them as one game on the Sega Genesis. Which I still own.
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    MAGFest 8

    I got my PS3 in the mail earlier this week on Monday! Thanks Bahamut!!!
  10. No no no, I'm merely speculating that the wheel was turned, and I just think Widmore is the most likely person to have done it. Also, speaking of LOST references in other shows, they show an Oceanic Airlines billboard in the FlashForward pilot episode.
  11. Allright, I think I've thought through my theory enough to the point where it makes sense - to me at least. The gist of it is that we're dealing with two different timelines because at the same moment the Juliet hit the bomb, Widmore was busy turning the wheel. (I'm guessing Widmore because we know he turned the wheel at some point, and why not have him turn it when he believes the mother of his unborn son is off to detonate a bomb? Perhaps he thinks by turning the wheel he can save her.) Both events happened, and both had an effect. When the wheel was turned it moved the island and the losties back to where they belong in the present. The bomb also detonated, which somehow caused a different chain of events to occur starting in 1977 leading up to the island sinking and the losties never crashing. Now here's the important thing about my theory. I don't believe that one of these is some kind of alternate reality. I belive that both story lines are real, and that they are happening next to each other. I also think, that if we're patient, we might see them tie the two worlds back together. Basically it would look something like this This "Event X" would be something that the losties do in order to merge the two timelines back together. Am I making any kind of sense?
  12. Hi, you're awesome.


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    MAGFest 8

    So for those of you who aren't friends with myself or Bahamut on facebook, this is what went down recently: So, I apparently will be receiving a PS3 in the mail soon!!! I am beyond excited. Anyways, what I'm trying to get at here is that... BAHAMUT IS THE COOLEST GUY EVER. (Bahamut, could you PM me your address? I need to send you about ten million thank you cards. Also if you have paypal, I'll send you money for shipping and everything, it's really the least I could do for a friggin PS3.)
  14. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I'm so goddamn confused. Here are some of my thoughts: SPOILERS -So apparently we're dealing with two separate timelines here - one in which the bomb exploded and the hatch was never built and the plane never crashed, and one where they were transported back into the future. What's still puzzling me is that Juliet wanted to tell Sawyer that "It worked". How does she know? Or is she even referring to the alternate timeline at all? Plane never crashed timeline thoughts: -So when they did that terrible CGI sequence of coming down from the plane to way underneath the ocean, all I got was that the island sunk. My TV is really dark and I couldn't really make out much else. -What's up with the scar on Jacks neck? Is it from the very end of last season? -It brought a smile to my face to see so many of the characters on the plane in the alternate timeline. Charlie's little scene also brought up a few questions - he says that he was "supposed to die". This brings us back to the episode where Desmond said that Charlie was destined to die. Even though he survived choking on the plane, will he eventually die again? Same question goes for the other people on the plane, like Boone, who originally died, but are now on the flight. Or the officer escorting Kate? -Speaking of people on the flight, how about Desmond? I'm assuming he's on the plane because he never crashed on the island in his race around the world, which means he probably finished the race. Perhaps he is on his way to find Penny? -Greg Grunberg's voice was the pilot. That made me happy. -Even more interesting than people on the flight is the people that we failed to see on the flight? Off of the top of my head: Michael, Walt, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby and probably a bunch of others. It's possible that they just weren't featured because they were unable to get the actors, or something else is going on here. -So Juliet is dead in our other universe, but what about this one? -Thought it was kind of cool that Kate ended up getting in the same cab as Claire. Claire is presumably on her way to meet the people she will be giving the baby away to in LA, and in the timeline we know, Kate ends up being mommy to Aaron. Kinda neat parallel. -Locke and Boone talking to each other on the plane was cool too. Boone telling Locke "I'm staying with you if this thing goes down" was ironic as well...since he did stay with Locke on the island and it ended up killing him. And maybe I'm just not remembering my season one, but what is Boone talking about with Shannon being in a relationship that she didn't want out of? Is this new, or am I forgetting something. -Locke and Jack talking to each other at the end was another interesting scene. It's so weird to see them talking to each other like civilized people because they've been doing the whole science vs. faith thing from the beginning of the show. Also interesting is that Jack offers to fix Locke...maybe Locke will end up walking again even off the island? Plane did crash and they're all screwed thoughts: - OK, I think it was completely unnecessary for Juliet to have survived all of that, only to have her die again. If the whole point of her coming back was to die so Miles could get the "It worked" message, that's lame. I'm sorry, but falling down a hole that deep and having all that metal crush you didn't kill you? AND THEN YOU DETONATED A HYDROGEN BOMB??? AND YOU'RE STILL ALIVE? That's ridiculous. And also, I think it kind of ruins that scene where she falls to her death last season. Yeah, it sucked, but that was one of few scenes that really shocked me. And now it's ruined because, not only does she live long enough to set off a hydrogen bomb, she lives even after it's gone off. And if they really just needed to hear from someone that it worked, couldn't she have appeared to Hurley or something? </nerd rage> -Speaking of Juliet...before she died, she asked Sawyer out to get coffee. I think this means that in our other timeline, Sawyer and Juliet somehow do meet up...perhaps she was experiencing flashed between one world and the other. -THEORY TIME!!! I think this might explain Juliet "surviving" a hydrogen bomb explosion. Since we did see the island sunk at the beginning of the episode, perhaps somehow, at the same exact moment that Juliet was hitting the hydrogen bomb, somebody else was turning the wheel to move the island...Widmore perhaps? I'm still trying to figure how this would all actually make sense...perhaps somebody turned the wheel AND the bomb went off, splitting up the two worlds? -Sawyer is pissed. Yay, I love angry Sawyer! - Jacob. Jaaaaaaacob Jacob Jacob. Somehow he knew that Sayid was going to get mortally wounded. And he knew it would be important for Sayid to survive. Did Jacob have some kind of way to see the future? -Speaking of Sayid, I'm not sure what to make of his whole situation. He was bleeding to death for the majority of this episode, but then they threw him in the magic pool, and healed him, then drowned him. Then, ten minutes after being dead, he wakes up. What the fuck. -The thing in the guitar case that the note came out of. What is that symbol? -The water in the temple. They said that something was wrong with it, that it wasn't clear. I'm assuming that this had something to do with Jacob's death. And when the man cut his hand and put it in the water, I think he was trying to see if it would heal him. It didn't heal him, but we did see Sayid come to and begin to struggle under the water until he drowned. Also, could this water have a connection to the water that was under Ben's house that summoned the smoke monster? -I was excited to see them kind of explain what the ash was for. We saw it before surronding Jacob's cabin, so I'm assuming that it's a defense against the smoke monster/man in black. What I'm not sure about was the flares - were they trying to warn the others on the beach about the Man in Black? -Man in black is the smoke monster. I so knew it. It was fun to see him kick some ass. -What did the Man in Black mean when he told Richard it was good to see him out of the chains? I first thought he meant that maybe Richard was a slave brought to the island on the Black Rock. Then after he got the crap beat out of him, I thought differently - perhaps he was speaking metaphorically. Now that Jacob's dead, Richard is no longer "chained" to his position of...whatever the kind of "advisor" he was. Another possibility is that his youth was preserved by Richard staying alive. Maybe he will begin to age now? -I'm still not sure what the Man in Black meant when he announced to the others "I'm disappointed in all of you!" - The Man in Black said he wanted the opposite of what John Locke wanted - meaning he wants to go home. Home for the smoke monster is obviously somewhere that is not the island. The island seems to have the purpose of keeping the smoke monster contained. Now that Jacob is dead, this is going to be a problem. Ok, I'm done for now...what did you all think?
  15. I put in my votes for round two! Some awesome tracks this time around. I had a hard time choosing between some of them, I liked almost every single track this time around. Side note...would anybody be willing to make some album art for these tracks? I know it's not technically an album, but it would be pretty cool to have.
  16. All the time. I usually hear a remix or something on OCR first, then I'll go off and find the source tune. I was even on the FF4 project, which I've never actually played, but I have the whole soundtrack. Also, I'm in a little band called the Xenotones, and we play Celtic arrangements of video game music. Named after Xenogears. Never played it, but it's got some damn good music.
  17. I have a day off tomorrow... I might attempt something. Edit - got...something going tonight. Not quite used to recording with my electric violin yet, so it's...interesting. Whatever I get done tomorrow will be my finished product since tomorrow is my only day off. But hey, it's another entry, right?
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    Yeah, I saw it when Taucer put it up on facebook. I played for like ten minutes and had to stop because it gave me a headache.
  19. Ah! This sounds like so much fun, and I've always wanted to go to Vegas! It's a huge maybe for me because of money - I'd have to fly out there plus hotel costs...as it gets closer I'll let you guys know for sure.
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    MAGFest 8

    Thanks! I've been messing with different sig randomizers and finally found a script that worked, so I photoshopped a few different ones and there it is.
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