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  1. I'm heading out to see the Protomen on May 4th in Pittsburgh. SUPER EXCITED.
  2. Alexis

    Zircon is famous

    Next Song. Just kidding. Yayyyy Zircon! That's freaking awesome.
  3. This picture was taken five minutes ago just for you Larry. If this isn't pimpage, I don't know what is. Action shot from MAGFest 8! This one time, me and Cerrax were hanging out and we were both wearing OCR apparel.
  4. Alexis


    That was so fun to watch. I was a fan of that whole Tetris part. That was pretty cool.
  5. Alexis

    MC Sonic

    I'm never going to be able to play Flying Battery Zone again without thinking of this.
  6. I saw this on Kotaku today, and I thought you all might enjoy it. Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, The Video Game The 8-bit soundtrack is available for download here.
  7. Not gonna lie, this is kind of awesome.
  8. Fallout 3 has three different radio stations - there's Three Dog's Station, The Enclave Station, and if you finish a side quest, Agnes's station, which is just her playing the violin... I'm personally a fan of Three Dog. Brutal Legend does something similar. When you're driving around, you can choose the song you want to hear and there's menus that sort all the songs you've unlocked by what type of metal you're looking for. Not really a radio, but you have control over the music. I actually found a few bands that i like from this game.
  9. Come on, admit it. You cried along with the rest of us when Charlie died, Juliet died, and when Desmond made that phone call to Penny.
  10. Me and Abadoss were talking in IRC about maybe teaming up for Lemmy. GO BAROQUE!
  11. ...the hell? Is that like Hurley/Sonic??? ...haha. Snorlax. Right.
  13. Wait. Are you telling me I could have been making money all this time? Sign me up to be an xbox whore. But no, seriously now. This is ridiculous.
  14. Spoilers? Maybe? Ahem. FUCKING BARTHENDELUS. I can't get past the second fight with him, and I spent the last two hours getting them all maxed out to level four in their three main roles. Yeah, all the enemies sitting around Oerba I can kill in a few hits. And somehow that's still not good enough for Barthandelus. He's the Seymour of this game. GAAAAAAH. </boss rant>
  15. Honestly I didn't like last nights episode (aside from the shirtless Sawyer parts). At this point, there's not many episodes left and I'm getting fed up with pretty much nothing happening or being explained. I'm not too interested in the off-island stuff, and the on island stuff is just kind of boring right now. I hate to say it, but this season is going downhill. They better start explaining things soon, or something big needs to happen soon. I...I'm actually disappointed in Lost.
  16. I've always been a fan of Chell from Portal, mostly because they don't make a big deal over her being female. In fact, you wouldn't even know you were playing as a girl if you didn't see yourself going through a portal on the other side of the room. Also, she's normal looking and not wearing a skimpy outfit. She's just a female, and they don't exploit it. Yay!
  17. PRESS X TO JASON THE GAME: http://www.heavy.com/post/press-x-to-jason-the-game-4539
  18. nuh uh, it's totally hope. (actually he's not so bad now. his eidolon is pretty bad ass.) This makes me wonder who people hate more...Vanille or Hope? They're both annoying. I also just got to Gran Pulse today. I had grinded for like an hour yesterday before I got there, and I'm still getting killed. Stupid Behemoths.
  19. Yeah, the combat is so fast anyways that if you did control all three people and picked out exactly what they should do, you'd be dead. Heck, I even tried to play without the autobattle for awhile and it made things much more difficult. Autobattle works just fine. You should be worrying about when to shift your paradigms, not what specifics the characters are doing. Also WOOHOOOOO no more MP I can cast all the cure and fire I want, and hooray for healing after battles. AWESOME.
  20. THANK YOU. As soon as I saw him, all i could think of was 'oh my god, black wakka.'
  21. I don't usually buy game guides but I ended up getting the collector's edition. It's realllly pretty, plus I got a discount and I had some leftover money from trade-ins, so why not? Initial reactions after playing the first two chapters of the game. I'll try to avoid spoilers. -It's really damn pretty. Love the setting and the graphics. -God I hate Vanille. -I'm liking the battle system so far, but I don't like that if you want to run around and get random encounters to level up, you really can't. You can fight the enemies that you see, but none of them seem to respawn. Sucks since I usually try to grind early on in the game. Maybe once I get out of the lake? -I hate Vanille. - I was a fan of the sphere grid in FFX, and I'm a fan of the Cryatlarium or whatever it is. Pretty sweet. Also, the paradigms are cool, but why did they have to pick such weird names for the American version? Why couldn't we just stick to White Mage instead of Medic? It's kind of weird to get used to. -I really hate Vanille. A lot. -I loooooove the music so far, especially the strings in the battle theme. Remix anyone? -Story so far is allright. Nothing has really amazed me yet.
  22. Hey guys, awesome job, I had lots of fun in IRC tonight! All I have to say is...
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