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  1. Alexis

    MAGFest 8

    Yay Flik and Stevo! Downloading it now!
  2. Just finished voting...there were some really awesome tracks this round! I'm really excited to see what the results are. Some of these match-ups are pretty close.
  3. Well this year I told them I needed those days off no matter what in like August...and if I didn't get them, I'd quit. It worked. ;-)

  4. Currently...I work at Sears :( - but hopefully by this time next year I'll be a music teacher with that time of the year off anyways. :-)

  5. I'd prefer New Years - it's easier to get off of work at that time.
  6. Alexis

    MAGFest 8

    Speaking of TGIF's...I can't wait to see the pictures and gifs that Flik has from there. He took like 60 pictures alone of Cyril eating a hamburger...and then a gif of the whole table doing the wave...and it turns out the table can djp.
  7. Alexis

    MAGFest 8

    Sounds like you've got PMD (Post MAGFest Depression). The only cure is more MAGFest. PS. Bahamut --- thanks for taking all those pictures! This is the second year that I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to, and I was glad to see two huge albums go up on facebook.
  8. That is the same exact thing I thought when I read the article. Hooray for two discs of bonus features! The concept of this album is really kinda cool too. It's the story of Charlemange, and it turns out Christopher Lee is actually related to him. That's so badass.
  9. Alexis

    MAGFest 8

    I like grab bags.
  10. I love Russian folk music, and I think you did a really great job on this.
  11. I only listened to the source for like a second before I listened to your mix, but nonetheless, I think you guys did an awesome job on this. Congrats to both of you!
  12. Alexis

    MAGFest 8

    Screw it, I'm answering your rhetorical question. Because MAGfest is spectacular and it's over and we all miss it and is it magfest 9 yet?
  13. Alexis

    MAGFest 8

    I'm still in denial. I'm in the hotel, and therefore still at MAGfest (even if everyone is leaving/gone). Until about an hour from now, I'm not admitting to having Post-MAGFest Depression.
  14. Alexis

    MAGFest 8

    Leaving for MAGfest at the crack of 10 AM tomorrow! See you all there! (PS. I'll be disappointed in all of you if you don't show up all snazzy for the James Bond New Years Eve Party.)
  15. Oh what the hell, I'll subscribe. P.S. I don't care when it happens, when Bill Cosby dies I'm blaming all of you.
  16. I got some black socks in my stocking for work. I was excited, I only had three pairs of black socks before and now I have seven!!!
  17. When it's played without being plugged in, it sounds like a muted acoustic violin, since there's no body for the sound to vibrate. When it's plugged in it sounds like an amplified acoustic violin, and it works exactly the same as an electric guitar - you can plug it into an amp, run it through pedals, etc. I was messing around with it in logic last night with different effects, and some of the stuff you can do with it is pretty sweet. And yeah, the tuning is C G D A E. It's weird to play at first because the strings are much closer together, and I'm still bumping into other strings by accident every once in awhile. It's also sized like a violin, so the C string leaves something to be desired, and also, the C string is a bitch to get in tune. Most five strings violins have that problem though. It's coming to MAGfest. Yay Xenotones!
  18. Yay! Congratulations! Now, when is it my turn???
  19. Me and my new electric five string violin!!! (It's all dressed up and ready for MAGfest)
  20. Cerrax texted me about this while I was at work, and the second i got home from work I started downloading it. Holy crap awesome.
  21. Thanks for my secret santa gift!


  22. Lol, I just kinda assumed it was zircon without checking to see if he was even signed up. Well, still, thanks to my secret Santa! It's pretty sweet!
  23. I just got mine in the mail! It's from zircon, and it's his album "antigravity" and it's AWESOME! Thanks!
  24. Alexis

    MAGFest 8

    Let's make this a reality. I want an excuse to wear my prom dress again. Plus we can get drunk, and still be classy!
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