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  1. Sixto...that lead guitar is AWESOME. Cerrax- if you wanted to do something with chords in the background i also have a violin and might have access to a cello tomorrow if I can get in contact with one of my teachers down at Duq. I might also be able to get a bass, although I'm not too good on upright bass. I should be free sometime after 4 tomorrow(friday). This thing is going to ROCK. Edit: I can't get a cello or a bass, they're all being repaired right now.
  2. If you want to transcribe well, a really helpful thing is to practice hearing intervals; this way if you aren't sure what the next note is, you can figure it out by listening to the note before and hearing the distance between the two. If you have a keyboard, try playing a note and picking an interval above or below it, and singing it, then play and check. (if you know where I can upload a pdf file, I can put up an interval cheat sheet that was posted on blackboard by my professor) Something else that I found to be helpful was suggested by my Musicianship professor; rather than concentrating on individual notes, listen to the contour, and draw it. If you hear a an arpeggiated chord, just write out three ascending dots, and it you hear that it moves by thirds, you know what the other notes are. After you draw the contour of the melody, listen again, and try to get a few notes. Also, it's important to write down as much as you can. If you have something written down that you can take to a piano and play, it's easier to play through and fix the mistakes you made, rather than have a couple of the first notes down and nothing after it. The only way to get really good at transcribing is to practice it a lot. I've been transcribing stuff for two years now, and I still have issues.
  3. Alexis

    Spider-Man 3

    What the hell was up with emo tobey dancing down the street for like five minutes? Also, he can't pull off eyeliner. Johnny Depp is the only man I've seen that looks like a bad ass wearing eyeliner. This is probably my least favorite spiderman...The first one was the best. This one just took way too long getting the plot to start, and then the end just kind of fizzled out. But it's still spiderman, so I'll probably be seeing it again.
  4. Alexis

    Spider-Man 3

    Was going to go to the midnight showing, but my friend didn't want to, so I'm going at 1 in the afternoon tomorrow. CAN'T WAIT!
  5. Alexis


    Hopefully it'll get explained before the end of the season...I don't think they would have messed something like that up. I was actually wondering the same thing when I was watching that.
  6. Wow, excellent arrangement and guitar playing... Absolutely beautiful.
  7. Excerpt: http://www.tjmitchell.com/stuart/audio/rossexc.mp3 It's pretty sweet....
  8. Lol, I just beat him the other day and my characters are all lvl 70 right now and I just set up my gambits and put down the controller. The only annoying thing was having to check back every so often in case the party leader died or something...But even with my characters at that level, it still took like two hours to finish. I'm wondering if anyone has beaten Yiazmat, what level were you and how long did it take? The Orichalcon, what level were your characters?
  9. Isn't it scary enough to have the real Michael Jackson walking around Las Vegas?
  10. Well if you want to take from a professional, it might cost upwards of fifty bucks per hour. Luckily there are private teachers who will teach for less- to find them, contact a local school district and talk to the choir director. They should have a list of private teachers in the area, and could probably recommend somebody to you.
  11. There's a decent amount here: http://www.pianothemes.com/games.html
  12. Hi, not a vocalist, but I'm a music ed major, so I'm just going to reiterate some of the basic stuff that I'm told helps...it helped me a little, but I'm still not that great of a singer...but anyways... 3 Aspects to Produce a Good Tone Posture - basically you need to be in a posture where you can breathe in a full breath comfortably, either sitting upright or standing. The whole thing about sitting on the edge of the chair is bull crap, sit where you're comfortable and can breath. Breathing - you want to be able to control your breath as you exhale, so breathing exercises can help with this. Things such as breathing in for four counts and exhaling for eight are helpful. Embouchure- (The shape of your mouth) This affects the way your tone sounds. Think of the roof of your mouth being curved, and your mouth in the shape of an oval. However, the curved soft palette is generally used for more classical music, so this may not be what you want. There are ways to manipulate the shape of your mouth to get different sounds for different styles of music, of which I don't know. It also helps to sing frequently, everyday if you can, so you can get used to how it feels. If you sing something and it sounds good, figure out what you did physically to create that sound, and try to recreate it. Sing in the car or something on the way to work, and look like an idiot, who cares? Eventually you'll get something that you're happy with. It might also help to look up a vocal teacher, even just for one lesson, so they can find any problems you might be having. Good luck!
  13. http://www.ninjakiwi.com/bloons.html I'm addicted to this. Yes, it's the stupidest thing ever, but popping balloons is really fun. And it does get challenging after awhile, especially if you aren't in unlimited darts mode.
  14. I'm from Pittsburgh...not that anyone actually cares, since I'm new. And I already know one of you guys...hi cerrax. And I probably won't be going to the convention, since I'll be in Hershey, PA that weekend, and I don't know squat about anime. Anyways, I'm from Pittsburgh, the end.
  15. Well I've been here for like a week or so and posted here and there, so I guess I'll introduce myself on this thing. Hello. My name is Alexis and I am addicted to video game music. Yeah, I have a feeling nobody reads the n00b introductions, so I'll just keep it short. I'm a music education major at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. My main instrument is viola, but I also play violin, cello, double bass, trumpet, baritone, kazoo, french horn, trombone, and piano. Ummmmm, yeah. I'm thinking maybe after school let's out this year, I'll give this remixing thing a shot. Probably won't get on this site since everything I've heard so far is pretty awesome, but it's worth a shot... Soooo that's about it. Hi guys.
  16. This is awesome, and I decided that before I even finished listening to the whole song. Well done.
  17. I'm not actually farmiliar with the song, but I really like what you did, it's awesome!
  18. I don't know if it's considered a crap game or not, but I like the Jak and Daxter series...and I'm sad because I can't find the Jak 2 disc.
  19. This is absolutely amazing. I really love the vocals in this, it kind of reminds me of Celtic Woman and Enya...
  20. Definitely could do without the little introduction....although I did like when you added the jumping and ring sound effects in, that was pretty sweet. Seriously, just get rid of the intro, and it would be fine.
  21. This is absolutely beautiful. If I was coordinated enough to play piano this well, I'd want the sheet music for this. Well done....
  22. Besaid Island is definitely one of my favorite songs from the FFX soundtrack. With that said, I think you did a great job with this, although the first time through the vocals caught me by surprise since they come in so pretty far into the song, but I think it works pretty well. I saw a few people said that they couldn't hear the Besaid Island themes until about 4:06 into it, but the first time through I hear it a few times before then, just not as blatant as later on in the song. Nice work.
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