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  1. I tagged it Mod Review because I'd like an opinion on it before I resub it. The final buildup is still missing something though I can't put my finger on it.... http://tindeck.com/listen/clej Two sources are Solar Man (MM9) Spring Man (MM7)
  2. I never forgot about Never Return Alive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX480gE3yls I will see what I can do with it.
  3. Hey Will! Count me in again for an original, just like last year! I love this stuff.
  4. I have an arangement question, I've seen this term used a lot in the judges forum but my God... ... . ..
  5. I'm making a remix of Castlevania's "Poison Mind" the boss theme, heard here: I'm trying to make it as creepy as I can, and give it sort of a "I'm in Dracula's pitch-dark basement and something is down here with me. It's not human..." feeling. Here ya go: https://app.box.com/s/z7lf3myxln6trhblnotahta7cvopcc3z That "arp" is actually a piano with heavy processing To achieve the "creepiness" I used heavy effects and played with the tempo as well. Not finished yet though. I may do another keychange drop with an even slower tempo, recalling what Dragon Warrior 1 did with its dungeons. may add a subtle wind effect too. Update: Updated, I still want to add some stuff, but this is the basic mix. Update 2: Slightly updated, changed the piano for some distorted pizz. later then it goes back to the piano Update 3: Replaced the synth bell with a real bell, and added a cymbal swell, as well as other level adjustments. no idea how I'm gonna make the organ I want sound like a real organ, but I'm going to work on doing that. Update 4: My last update was 10/30/11, so the FLP file did suffer some synthrot, as in what the FLP expected was in the wrong places, and I had to find replacements for some elements, but I'm working on this again. New stuff: New choir, new organ from the Fluid soundfont but I made it sound as powerful as I could. new string patch. I need to find my cymbal swell I used. need to add a melody to the second and third parts so it's not too repetative. Update 4.1: Just found a new patch for the organ! Sounds even more like it could be located in an eerie castle now.
  6. Whose bright idea was it to use that cover art? Whoever it is, he must have been really in need of some poontang when that was created...
  7. ....and I think I'm gonna rename it "Solarcoil", because I don't like "Suncoils" anymore lol... Anyway. I don't know whether the new lead should be quieter or louder than it is now, and I need help with the volume level. Here's the mix so far: http://tindeck.com/listen/heio
  8. For instance, my 2011 Grand Robot Master Remix Battle goes i, A, B. A, B, C, A, e where A is a verse, B is the chorus, C is a bridge, and the period is a breakdown. i is the intro and e is the ending/coda. I never really dabbled in other parts to a song before though.
  9. Finally got this WIP into a showable state. Heh. I've decided to not make any more remixes and focus on originals for the time being. Still going to use these forums for tips though. You guys are AWESOME. http://soundcloud.com/draconiator/wip-2-of-disco-bitch
  10. You know, by the time this album is released, I'll have improved so much I'll probably have a direct mixpost on the site by then. rofl. Probably not, bat can you give us any updates Emu?
  11. I am getting bored. Now that THAT's out of the way...yeah. Hey Emunator, can we get a full report on where things stand as of now? What about the video you promised at the end of the month...last month?
  12. Double-click the background, and you can change it to whatever you want.
  13. Prophetik, Next year, I am choosing Spring Man. Like you said, you need to remix even bad tunes to get better, and well, I've learned a ton from you man. Thanks a lot!
  14. Oh wow. Voting's going to be EXTREMELY hard this round. Neblix and Willrock, why make it so hard dudes? lol
  15. If you're doing an album for this, I can head back into the project file for mine and add some embellishments and more stuff, like more effects and whatnot.
  16. I'm DEFINATELY competing in the next one. Edit: Also made an updated bracket to make things easier on Darkesword: (Speedyshare link but it should last till tomorrow)
  17. What are you gonna do in the event of a tie? SectorZ forgot Demko, who voted in all four matchups. And unless my calculations are wrong, that ties up Willrock/fredrikd AND Jakesnke/neblix. Congratulations are in order too. Pixelwave, YOU HAVE SLAIN A DRAGON, CONGRATULATIONS. :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
  18. If you have an older machine with a soundcard in it, pull it from there. I intend to pull the card out of my older machine once I can access it (up at the lake, don't need the card in there anymore). It's an older card, but I love it.
  19. Slicing meaning that beat stuttering he does later on. Those are "sliced" on the playlist, thus, "slicing".
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