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    click the download tab, then download from the FreeAlpha box on the right. It's a simpler version of their Alpha3 synth. Not a demo.

  2. Afternoon, evening, something like that. I'm about 7 hours ahead of you iirc, and I stay up fairly late at night, so... afternoon-evening-something. :)

  3. Beyond that, actual sound design stuff usually involves deciding what kind of sound I want. A stiff, almost artificially in-tune sound or a more honky-tonk sound, and adjusting that. Deciding on whether to boost or reduce any particular overtones. Deciding how much mechanical noise I want in the sound (hammers, dampers etc). Deciding if I want to screw with other stuff in the sound. The randomize button can provide some inspiration. ;)

    Of course, then there's mic positioning and the new effects pane, but I usually don't screw much with the positioning anymore, and haven't yet looked through the new effects. The compressor is worth looking at. It's better to reduce the level of the instrument than to have heavy compression on it. If you find that the compressor doing too much, lower the level and/or increase the compressor threshold.

  4. btw, just so we're clear, what exactly is the artist name you want for sd3? mak? Eightman? Both? Neither?

  5. Congratulations and of course nice work. :D

  6. Cool: :D I got some Aurora Borealis-style plans for it, just need to get all those pesky project tracks out of the way first. ;)

  7. Could be some audio settings. Check through the options for anything weird. Sample rate, buffer size, things like that. Make sure it's routed to the correct output, some a virtual output that can't handle it.

    Also, start with a regular preset, those should be normal-sounding enough to not have some bizarre compression or other problems.

    The only problem I've ever had with P4 was that the polyphony, which was at 1 by default, no idea why. Almost had me sending a mail over to their site before I caught it. No idea what could distort it. If nothing else work, turn down its volume.

  8. Don't worry about it. The recent forum restructuring has left a lot of ppl confused.

  9. Dude, I see you're logged in. Are you alive?

  10. Dunno why, but the project became totally secret. I don't mind, I know I'm on it. :D

  11. Easy. :P Click Edit on the first post of the thread, then Go Advanced.

  12. Get on AIM, then. :P

  13. Got it added the other day. Larry either got tired of ppl complaining about there not being any avatars added, or just found the time. I was hoping for Noxus (same game), but apparently he has no idea what Noxus looks like and thus had no idea what the avatar looked like. I gotta fix that, somehow. I want Noxus, not Sylux. :D

  14. Haha, thanks. :D If the Chill Man text and GRMRB logo were moved, there's another 20 or so pixels shaved off. I'm not one for big sig pics, but if you or NintendoMasterGC get it shorter still, it's going in my sig.

  15. Hey newbie... :D

    Welcome, look for teh rules, read teh rules, live by teh rules... :D Get used to the community, enjoy your stay, and don't give DarkeSword a reason to put you on "vacation". He does that. ;)

  16. Hey, just hit me up on AIM if you wanna talk music making. :D

  17. Hunting for gear tips, I see. :D Most of what I've got on the site has been done with Logic Express 8 and some free stuff from the net, tho my more recent stuff also contains Omnisphere and Ultra Analog. Future mixes will contain some Native Instruments Komplete stuff.

  18. I asked Meteo to send me the update. I'll get back to you when I've heard it.

  19. I have, and I'm not joining anything new atm.

  20. I saw it, haven't gotten around to listening to it. My sister has invaded my "studio" for one of her projects, so I haven't had the opportunity to listen close enough yet. Sorry, will listen when I can.

  21. I was asked a while back, and they gave me a few tracks to judge. Apparently, I wasn't consistent enough and failed to listen properly to the performance. Yep, we need feedback on our feedback. :D

  22. I'm slow. I'll get to it, sorry it's taking time.

  23. Lycka till. Meddela om du vill ha min hjälp med nåt. :D

  24. Nah, I saw it, just wasn't gonna let it interfere with the ones I was doing at that time. (Trying to sneak a track into my reviews, are we? :P) When logged in, you see which threads you've responded to and which ones you haven't. Do a search for mod review threads and you should see how easy it is to find ones you haven't posted in. That's what I do, at least when it's been a month since last time I did any, and I've been away over holidays and stuff.

    I'll get to yours eventually, unless another mod gets there first and I don't have anything to add. :D