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  1. Whenever I create a new device (they call it "instrument" now) in Reason 4 there is already a patch loaded. How can I create a blank device instead? (I'd like a blank NN-XT for a project I'm doing, but whenever I load one the patch "B GrandPiano 1" is already loaded... TELL ME HOW TO MAKE IT STOP :[)
  2. The project manager behind Reason 4 already said not to expect VSTI or audio-in support any time soon. The specific reason because this was "we don't want to become an inferior cubase [or to compete with steinberg]." Adding or not adding VSTi support and audio-in has little to do with Reason's cpu usage and stability, the main influence behind these decisions is marketing and business. They truly believe that without these components they are are securing a safer future with more loyal customers by marketing their product to a niche market. It has nothing to do with programming and everything to do marketing. Propellerheads, like all the other audio software companies, focus on making money, not DAWs.
  3. It's practically a fact that Reason takes less CPU than any other DAW, so don't go around crapping on the facts, YO.
  4. I hated it a little at first, but I already liked it one or two days after that. You must have written your post after playing it for like 5 second, AMIRITE? You'll get used to it by tomorrow, or you may have already.
  5. All i can say is what has already been said, just take some reverb off and you should be good.
  6. The dialogue is not bad, basically the monster in the beginning is saying, "how did you find this place? get outta here" and the girl is all like "I didn't travel long roads to leave empty handed (referring to the orb)" and then in the next scene it follows with "you can't stop me, nobody could ever stop me" and the girl, "nonetheless, i can still try" and then they go into the dramatic music and battle scenes. finally in the end I think the monster says something about there being no chance of her beating him or something like that, it's kinda hard to understand since of the strange voice effects and my russian not being as sharp as it was, oh well.
  7. I liked the source by I couldn't be on my computer for the past 4 days so there was nothing I could really do for it.
  8. I wasn't excited about the atonal stuff, but altogether it was still alright.
  9. Hah, for some reason whenever I try to make something it comes out hip-hopish sounding... must be because I like breakbeats, but can't really do fast DNB songs =/
  10. Ah, crap... I completely forgot about this as I got carried away with other things this weekend... but I DID start, I just wasn't able to finish on time, so for anyone interested in hearing some more descent credit remixes, here's half of one.
  11. Lol, this is EXACTLY what I explained to the previous guy who came in here complaining about the sequencer, it really just takes a short while to get use to it, even I at first was somewhat pissed with it. Anyway, I hope this is a lesson learned: listen to Knives
  12. There's a pokemon project coming out soon (soon meaning anywhere between 1 to 5 months) that may have a remix of the song.
  13. Ah, I really should have voted eariler, but if it's anything, Megaman Battle Network 2 is a definite must-have for the GBA. Actually, any game from the Megaman Battle Network series is a must-have, the battle system in the series is an awesome combination of action, stratgey and RPG. The plots are great, the variety of themes, monsters and areas is great. the difficulty setting is perfect, it isn't walk-through-the-park easy but not hard enough to get you to slam your head against the GBA repeatedly through frustration. Graphics are great and so is the landscape, it's done in an isometric view. In conclusion, the games in this series were very well-crafted in all aspects. The only downside I've found with it is that you sometimes find yourself in some situations where you're not exactly sure what to do, as in... there's no obvious action that will lead the story ahead so just have to experiment with crap like talking to everyone and pressing A to everything =/... oh well, I think Megaman Battle Network deserves to be on the list, unless it's too late or something?
  14. Naw, not neccessarily, I just thought PRC was more self-contained, like it was all within OCR... then you could just upload your submission where ever and just link it back in the thread, easy as pie. Why this simple process got thrown over to thasauce is beyond me, but I'm sure there was some good reason for it so I won't complain. I was just asking cause I was thinking of trying out and submitting something this week, or perhaps a week in the future.
  15. Do you *HAVE* to sign up on thasauce to enter a submission into the PRC?
  16. I can't believe after collecting for so long he's just gonna sell it all. And LOL @ one of the gba games: Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses
  17. I checked them out and I agree with bardic, "every story begins with a name" I thought was best, though the other two were definitely good as well.
  18. This song so gay that it reminds me of Tiny Tim's "living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight." And of course I mean gay as in cheery and happy sounding. I like it though, and I really dig the ethnic half of the song.
  19. Well, I've seen CHz around here and there on the forums and sometimes on IRC, but Palpable... never have seen him anywhere. Congrats to both anyway.
  20. Knives


    I think Groobo (the guy who did that run) may still try again for a faster time before submitting to SDA. There's actually a big portal thread on the SDA forums where he's contributing along with other portal enthusiasts and speedrunners on how to beat the levels in the fastest manner possible, so the video sort of did originate from SDA, but has yet to be submitted and posted.
  21. Knives


    Portal beaten in 18 minutes in one sitting: Part 1, Part 2 A must-see for everyone, except probably those who are stilling waiting to get the game and don't want any spoilers or hints at how to complete the levels, though the guy does it so fast I doubt watching this video gives away much of anything except the silly humor valve implemented.
  22. Well, the kids are sick for a reason, it may be that a cure for their particular disease has not yet been discovered or the particular child happens to be a special case, either way there are already tons of doctors and scientists working with tons of money on the medical side of all of this trying to help these children. I think organizations like CP and the Make-A-Wish Foundation are trying to provide these sick, and some terminally-ill, children with fun and pre-occupying activities as a kind of psychological relief from worrying about being sick. Take having a cold for example, it's not so bad to begin with, but if you spend the day in bed watching your favorites movies or playing a new game you picked up for your console then being sick can become one of the last things on your mind, and then the day is actually a lot better than it would have been if you had gone to work. I think that's the primary purpose of a lot of things, just to distract us from our sorrows. So I'm not against the idea of giving these children NDSs, if it gives them some peace of mind then that's really the best cure there is, all suffering is psychological suffering when it comes down to it. EDIT: Plus, I bet staying at a clinic doped up on medications and little-to-nothing to do gets really freakin boring...
  23. I think we need more people like Skrypnyk. There's nothing quite like brutal honesty, and I think a lot of his points were quite valid. The current arrangement is not up to OCR standards and neither is the production. The samples aren't necessarily poor, but are very under-processed in that regard. The arrangement is too repetitive and using that same theme for the entire song without any variations makes it boring to listen to. None of the instruments are humanized, there are no velocity changes or slight offnotes which makes everything mechanical and rigid sounding. The subtle strings intro into the piano melody is completely unnecessary, just forget it and start off with the piano. I don't know if my quicktime is retarded but that minute of silence at the end is also unnecessary. And it doesn't have the major elements that make orchestral music what it is, where are the volume dynamics? The grand brass and woodwind ensembles? The solo trombone and flute make it sound like it's being played by a few guys in a small living room, except that the pianist is across the room in an open ballroom, the violinist is playing through the wall, and the timpani player is stuck just trying to get out of the closet. You should set up your soundscape more logically and ask yourself after listening to it, "is my orchestra in one place?" Those are about all the production mishaps I think need fixing, I can't comment much on the arrangement since I've never heard the original tune but as it is now you need to variate it a lot more, and introduce other themes if possible, that'll make it a lot more interesting to than what it is currently. That's about it, there are some good points to the song, but I'm not here to praise you or anything, there's a lot to still be improved that you should work on. So good luck with that.
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