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  1. I definitely would've mentioned In a Landscape, that song is the second most played in my library. The closest video game arrangement to that sort of piano work is this in my opinion. I actually feel the one thing that's holding that back is the fact that it has to be a video game arrangement. It has a lot of very powerful flowing depth where the notes on the piano seem to blend together to create a feeling. I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks as well and I find that some less than stellar movies can have fantastic soundtracks. The two movie soundtracks that jump out me the most are Breach and The Bourne Supremacy. Breach absolutely nails simple and engaging piano work along with some dark boding stings. The few tracks in the soundtrack that incorporate electronic elements are also very well done, particularly the beginning of Double or Nothing. The Bourne Supremacy is just generally a good soundtrack for being very well driven rhythmically while still maintaining some very strong melody and harmony, usually something I find is hard to do in an action movie. Also, Luke Wieting is worth looking at. I would be stuck listening to basically everything my early friends listened to (mostly mainstream rock) if not for OCR. Musically, this site has saved my life.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I lack a modern gaming system (other than the PC) so I spend a lot of game playing with apps on my iPod. I've waited most of the time for prices to drop on good games and this way I end up with a lot of shooter games while spending about ten dollars total. Shooter Games that I own NOVA (Love the graphics, great gameplay and interface (you can customize the exact location of every button on the screen). Story is sub-par, but the voice acting is terrible. Music is pretty ambient and loops frequently, with percussion layering during some of the more intense fights. Online play is sub-par.) Eliminate Pro (Decent game for free, but overall very dependent on your ability to keep the cursor on your target while moving.) Brothers In Arms 2 (Graphics are alright, it's harder to display excellent graphics in the WW2 environment than in the Sci-Fi setting of NOVA. Interface isn't very adaptable, but you get used to it after a while. Story is again sub-par, but the voice acting is slightly better than NOVA. Music is well done and evolves during fights. Online play is mostly dependent on your skill with grenades and lining up consistent headshots with a machine gun) Archetype (Eliminate Pro with a price tag and some major advantages. Graphics are much improved and character design isn't too bad either. Interface was a bit confusing at first, but you quickly pick it up. Characters move quickly and it's a lot of run 'n gun. It needs some online game modes besides straight up deathmatch, but it still lasts for a while. Out of all the games I own, this one probably has the menu screen most similar to a console game; props for aesthetics.) Modern Combat: Sandstorm (Gameloft's Call of Duty for the iOS. Pretty decent graphics once again. Interface is very similar to BIA 2. Story is short, but not that bad. Voice acting is still sub-par. Music is the best out of all the shooter games I've played for iOS. Online is what really makes this game fun although deathmatch is the only mode. You choose from 5 classes and can either do two on two, or every man for himself.) Metal Gear Solid: Touch (Only worth it if it's on sale for a dollar and if you own the console game. Very repetitive.) Brothers In Arms (Third person perspective works pretty well. Graphics aren't the best, but less polygons almost equals a grittier feel than BIA 2. Interface is similar to other Gameloft games. Only brief bursts of music at certain points, but the background sounds and commands add to the realism. I prefer the campaign of this game to BIA 2.) HAWX (Flying a fighter jet translates fairly well to iOS. Graphics are okay, story is the same as console game, and multilayer is local only.) Summary: If you want Science Fiction and a decent campaign go for NOVA. If you want multiplayer and that's it, get Archetype. Modern Combat: Sandstorm is the best translation of CoD for the iOS and is highly recommended if the genre works for you. Other Games I bought FF1 and FF2 (both are PSP ports to iOS) and have been enjoying them so far. I've been thinking about Chaos Rings, but I'd like to wait for the price to drop. I also have both Monkey Island 1 and 2 for iOS and although I enjoy them both, 2 is definitely the better designed game (not to mention Wilbert Rogert II and zircon with the reworked music). Unfortunately all of the games I have listed above do cost something (except Eliminate Pro), but I've managed to avoid the price issue for the most part by waiting until games are $5 or under. One last thing, although it isn't a game, has anyone on OCR taken a look at Nanostudio? I'm quite impressed with its capabilities.
  3. I tend to like a lot of the tracks SGX posts from guest artists at Protagonist Records and a good portion of those are trance.
  4. I vaguely recall doing a Google search for Super Metroid music in early 2006 and I ran into this. I was hooked pretty quickly, but I stayed within the range of video games I knew personally. I started blogging about OCR in mid 2006, but I never really opened my eyes to the entire community along with all the music until around the time I got a forum profile in fall of 2007.
  5. Ah, so that's what Reogan and the others kept referencing. I know little about Pokemon other then the TV episodes and the games so I offered him what little perspective I could. I appreciate you pointing me in this direction.
  6. Firearms in Pokemon would definitely still have use, but Pokemon do sort of render them obsolete. Explosive ordnance or larger caliber rounds would seem to be the best option, but they'd be useless against any fairly strong Pokemon. As far as practical use goes firearms in Pokemon would seemingly only work for snipers interested in taking the enemy by surprise or those interested in personal defense from very weak Pokemon (i.e. Caterpie). Of course firearms are useful against humans, but only if they lack a Pokemon to protect them. Luckily the world of Pokemon isn't that brutal... I've actually had an interesting discussion on this topic before with the author of The Golden Apocalypse as it deals heavily with realism in Pokemon.
  7. Happy Birthday Sephfire! Have a good one.
  8. I'm really looking forward to this, I'll be downloading it all and trying my best to get some more site traffic for you.
  9. 3 is the only one that would really bug me. In any case you can probably count on me buying the album anyway. I love your music.
  10. OCR changed my life by getting me into arrangement and electronic music. OCR also got me interested in a lot of independent artists and their orginal music and now I have an awesome collection of music, especially stuff that goes well with videos/movies/presentations I make. All the forums also makes facinating stuff to read and can teach you a lot. I originally found OCR from a google search on super metroid music 4 years ago. After I heard that first song I was hooked, A few years later I'm a member of the forums and trying to do my best to promote OCR wherever I go. Overall OCR got me into real good music and there are some great people here, defenitely worth while.
  11. Defenitely listening... more then once. I love this, so glad you guys are back.
  12. I'm having the same problem. Nice pictures, once again congrats. Edit: Cancel that first statement, I used the link at the top and that one seems to work.
  13. I have Madden NFL 2005 for my Gamecube and I still play it quite often. I haven't played many of the newer versions of the game so I wouldn't know about changes to the control scheme, but I do try hard to run a successful team. Actually I recreated the entire NFL with 32 new teams with the computer generating the players while I pick the team specifications. I chose to run an Air it Out team (usually heavy passing lower defensive rating) and I'm currently in my 3rd year of the franchise. First of all I reccomend finding about 5 solid plays that seem to work well on offence, perferably to take advantage of your players strengths (i.e. speed, catching, acceleration, etc.). I'm not sure how the playbook for 2009 will work, but I like the playbooks available for 2005. I use pass balanced with a strong short passing game and the occasional longer pass. Shotgun formation is quite useful for passing and strong 1 is also good for playaction and FB and HB runs. Curl Flats is a pretty basic 3 wide shotgun formation that works well if you have a WR in the 3rd string position that is good at catching and acceleration. He breaks to the sideline while the 1 and 2 wideouts post about 10 yards from the line of scrimige. This usually works great if the defence is only using 2 corners, because your 3rd WR will be matched with a usually slower LB or Safty. A big thing is establishing some audibles (use the 5 plays that you call a lot and try to use formations that are the same or interchangeable so you don't have your FB play WR and so on). I usually call audibles from Strong 1 or Shotgun, being able to audible is really helpful because you can take advantage of the defences weakness after seeing who they're matching up with. A useful play I call from shotgun 4 wide is called circle. I find it extremely effective if you assign your fastest reciever to the 4 position on this play because most defences will stay in Nickel if you've been running on them from shotgun or doing short passes all day. The 4th WR simply just goes on a streak, depending on what the defence has called he may get wide open. Just watch the safty, if he drops back to help cover the receiver, it's usually a good indication to look to your 2nd string WR next. He crosses the field if he's fast enough he can usually get a little lead on the corner and you can hit him if your QB and throw an accurate pass, just watch the MLB, in most dime formations the MLB will just hang in the middle of the field playing zone and trying to stop a successful cross when you lead your receiver. Those are 2 of my most commonly used plays for passing the ball around. Offensive audibles are key in being able to hurry things up during the 2 minute drill. Also keep in mind how you move the QB is porportional to where the pass is going (i.e. step up to throw a bomb or a bullet, run to the right to lead your reciever to the right, etc.). Defensively I just used balanced D playbook. It's pretty basic setup and you can acess most of the formations available. Again a pretty good concept is that you base your plays on your players strengths. If you have a good pass rush, you can afford to call more 3-4 defence so your linebackers are there to zone most of the short passes and your safty and corners can cover any potential long routes. 4-3 is pretty heavy run stop usually, but if you have good cover linebackers you can afford to call it in more situations to keep up a heavy pass rush and stop giving the QB the time he needs to find a target. 46 is pretty heavy up front with 8 guys in the box. 46 is useful for when the other team gets within around 20 yards of the endzone, you're able to zone most of the shorter routes while keeping up an intense blitz to kill the potential run. Bear 46 adds an extra man to the Defensive line, I usually interchange this with the goal line defence if I think there's a decent chance of a short pass getting by my goal line defence. You should find a playbook that works for you and whatever team you usually play with, it really improves your game. Also consider making formation subs, such as having your best WR change positions depending on the formation so that he usually runs the route that takes advantage of all his abilities. I'm not an expert on the Madden, but I've been playing my version of 2005 ever since it came out and it's not getting old yet. Good Luck!
  14. That sounds like something I'd do to someone, and my sig is four dimensional.
  15. it's a hexadecachoron (I think I spelled that right), just thought it looked cool.
  16. I always play 31 Seconds really loud, I wear my OCR T-Shirt whenever I travel in hope that I will actually meet someone who knows more about it than I do (when I say meet, I mean in person). I do my best though to spread the word of the awesomeness of OverClocked ReMix using my blog (http://www.reoganworks.blogspot.com/) and by just generally playing music really loud. I try, but I've yet to hear anything regarding OCR in "real" life.
  17. Wow... What happens next? Congrats, Andy and Jill.
  18. Hear the cry of those who loved, from Tweek's album, Alter Ego.
  19. Happy Birthday DJP, this website rocks.
  20. Congrats! I hate changing diapers.
  21. I listen to ocremixes every time I get near something with speakers. There's all sorts of great remixes and it never gets old.
  22. Another huge downer for the Pats was the fact that they were undefeated up to this point. I'm watching the coach for the Pats seeping in his dispair as he's interviewed.
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