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  1. I think the mix sounds sweet. EQ probably does need some work but I enjoyed listening none the less.
  2. So who's doin the album art? If no one had been chosen yet, I might like to work up some wips after I've gotten some specifications.
  3. I just realized this today. SMALL SPOILER WARNING!!! The line where Rhodes says "Next time, baby." or something like that. Thats a reference to when he becomes War Machine!!! I wonder if Stark will become an alcoholically for a while in the sequel movie and Rhodes we'll become War Machine!!!??? Good shit if he does.
  4. Yea. saw iron man today. Got to see it a day early casue i rock. it was amazing. Make sure you stay after the credits. You get to see a cameo by sam jackson.
  5. My God, you did Fall From Above? Thats gotta be my favorite track on here. I would definitely love to here some new stuff. I don't have a good track record with request so I'll let someone else request something. Otherwise, checkout the request thread. There's tons of stuff on there. PS. I love the vocals on this cover. Fantastic. I couldn't really hear the resemblance to anything from Bioshock but now I'm gonna listen for it.
  6. Anyone else seen this show. I'm sure you have. I just watched the first season and am amazed by how awesome this show is. considering the subject matter, i thought that was saying something. Anyone know when this is supposed to come back on? Anyways, anyone else wanna throw in their two cents?
  7. God, some of these look REALLY close but no cigar. Uncharted waters is kinda close. I found something that looks almost identical to the game but i know its not it. A game called Pirate Isles. I'm also almost positive there was never a console port but I could be wrong. Thanks everyone for helping.
  8. It wasnt included with KOTOR, it was included as a link to some demos with the original Jedi Knight and the sister Sith game from way back when.
  9. This is actually his first "big" event. He isn't well known, but the stage name he usually uses is DJ Bojj. He didn't feel like he should pull that out on his first event so he decided to use his last name. Anyways, here's a clip of the begging of his demo set. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r59FudIetHI
  10. It i s not pirates gold or monkey island. thanks anyway. it was a top down/iso view not side scroller.
  11. I've been lookin for this game for forever and this is seriously my last chance of finding it and thats the only reason im bumping right now. If ANYONE even has an INKLING of the name of this game, please let me know.
  12. This is a cd cover i made for my buddy's demo mix. He's gonna be playin at the Stellar Spark Summer Session, the largest dance event in the Midwest. Anyways, here it is and let me know what you think.
  13. O my bad it was the original Jedi Knights. It was an old game.
  14. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of this game i used to play. It was a pirate game and you used to walk around and dig for treasure. There were also enemy pirates that you had to fight. Once you get everything done, I think you got a trophy and you heard "Yeah, alright, Yeahhh." It was a really old pc game, possibly dos, that I think I got as a demo with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or the Sith one that was out around the same time. Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated.
  15. The biggest event of the Midwest in 2008...Stellar Spark Summer Session 2008. If you're in the Wisconsin area and like elctronic music, you'll wanna come to this! The headliners will be... DJ Skribble DJ Irene DJ Funk Bunny from Rabbit in the Moon (DJ set) Tech Itch DJ Inphinity Due to overwhelming demand from artists wanting to perform, another room at Stellar Spark Sumer Session has been added and 4 more spots are available. If you, or someone you know has a draw of 20+ people and are interested in performing at the Midwest’s biggest dance event of the summer, please send us an e-mail at stellarsparkevents@yahoo.com.
  16. Not bad. Almost sounds like a DJ mashup I'd here at a club.
  17. Wow. I listen to V1 and the new wip every time a new one comes out. Its kinda nifty to hear the differences like that. It really makes you appreciate how much work is actually going into the piece. I love the melodies that you put in the second half of the song. Those fit perfect. I love the double noted you put in some of the chorus. ............Unfortunately, i still think the ending needs work. I know you'll come out with something good. Keep it up and this should get accepted eventually.
  18. Alright, no WIP right now, but please don't stop reading becasue I need some HELP. I know people are going to think this should be in the FruityLoops section but I plan to post a WIP up here on this thread so I decided to throw in in the WIP section. I want to remix The Prodigy's Charly with Poison, but I don't know how to make the sounds I want in FruityLoops. I want the main riff of Poison and the weird sound from Charly. See below for links to samples of these sounds. I plan to make the loops I want in FL and then go to a different program for arrangement. If someone could help me out and either make these in FL or teach me how to do it, I would be supremely grateful. And please don't tell me to go look at the tutorials becasue there's nothing on there at my level of understanding, which is nothing. Hell, I thought it was amazing that I figured out how to import midis and put instruments to the tracks sooo... Please someone help me.
  19. Love the piano and other stuff you added at 1:20. Wonderful arrangement at the end but it still sorta ends suddenly. Still needs something else, not sure what though.
  20. I really like what I hear, but have no idea what to suggest for arrangement. It sounds fine to me so far, but i don't know if it'll be enough for submission. IDK, but I really like it.
  21. I thought it sounded great. If you want it to make it onto OCR, you'll probably have to change it up more and make it your own. As far as this piece goes, I thought the synths sounded great, but were to overpowering. The drums hardly came through enough. Overall, I like it, but it just needs something more. I'm sure some other guys will come in here and give you better feedback, but this is what I had to say.
  22. wow, infected mushroom, vinyl groover, and rabbit in the moon. awesome.
  23. you know, i love metal but don't listen to it that much. It's not very often that a metal song holds my attention as what I heard here. Really lookin forward to more of this.
  24. I................can"t................wait
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