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  1. hmm.. sounds like you want a 'let's play' without sound or the person failing. i think it's part of the fun to watch them struggle, as long as they're not too terrible. there's a lot of great LP's out there. if you REALLY don't want any talking or screwups, just watch a few TAS's. those are entertaining anyways.
  2. love your work! dkc cccc is my favorite mix!

  3. your remixes are phenomenal. you're on my top 5 list for sure. keep up the good work!

  4. i'm a bit late, but happy birthday!

  5. decent remix, nothing amazing. but as you said, it was merely at test.
  6. i see quick search for: artist, game, remix.. where's remixer? is this a glitch on my computer or has this been changed (merged with artist, possibly)? thanks. (sorry if this has been asked before!)
  7. thank you very much for that link appreciated.
  8. i've loved this game, the music is so addicting. any remix would be great, especially 'underwater' or the 'ending' theme. i liked http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00463/ okay, but it wasn't quite my style. any remix of this would be much appreciated
  9. we NEED more super mario land remixes. seriously, i'm surprised there isn't more of them already.
  10. god, i haven't even played this game (or any FF, just chrono trigger) but i'm in LOVE with this remix. i don't even know the source material.. this song is just that good. i don't care, i love it.
  11. liked the beginning, but i think this remix could have been much better.
  12. i liked all but the fade-out. overall, very nice and original.
  13. not my favorite style, but it definitely proves how great tweek is at remixing. merry christmas
  14. i absolutely love 'the glass moon'. i think that should be put on and reviewed on this site. one of the best songs in the whole project, in my opinion.
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