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  1. Community, I need some help I am a Screenwriter by night and currently writing a screenplay about an eSports Tournament. Nothing fancy, just one of those Team Sports movies but the sport is a team eSport like Overwatch(With an asterisk in the script saying that the game & references can be changed to another game depending on what rights can be obtained.) Part of my writing method is that I compile a custom music playlist for each project I work on. Helps get my head in the right space at a moment's notice. But for this project I could use some help. What kind of tunes, particularly video game tunes/remixes would you recommend for a Team eSports Movie Playlist? These might be the songs that in a perfect world would be on the Soundtrack or something.
  2. Hazzah! You guys had my support for the old KS and you'll have it again for the new one.
  3. I've also seen the show already. In short, it is awesome in every way. According to the Track Team (the guys who did the Music) the soundtrack style was imagined as, "If China had developed Jazz in the 1920's". I can't wait to hear how far they take that because already know they go Chinese fricking Dixieland in the future... I think that part of the reason for the rare cheesy linse is the crew trying to figure out style, the tone and more importantly, their audience. They've stated that Korra is going to be a more mature show and I think the occasional cheesy line is a result of them figuring out that audience. The first 2 episodes are them easing into it, going from TLA to...the future. The cheesy lines could also be 1) attempts at a joke that just didn't work or 2) just a weak part of the script. From what I saw of the show, Mako is going to be a very good character for David Faustino. He gets to go from the guy who was Bud Bundy to Zuko without the angst. The best part is that he's the straight man it seems, but David Faustino has good comedy chops. Joss Whedon mentions in interviews that he casts Comedians and Comedic Actors for the really dramatic parts because they always deliver on drama even if they've never done it before. With that in mind, I can't wait to see the episode that is to come where apparently the Equalists(Anti-Benders) kidnap Mako's brother Bolin. I really see how he plays, "They have my brother and I'm a firebender...". Another surprise for me was J.K. Simmons as Tenzin. He was unrecognizable and he plays the part so well. I kept saying to myself as I watched, "Who is Spiderman? He's a public menace!" and "Cave Johnson, we're done here..." and now I know he can add a monk with a wife and 3.5 children with one of them biting his head to that repertoire of classic performances of his.
  4. 26,630 and counting. Alllll riiiiggghhhttt. *Head bob* Keep it up community!
  5. For me personally, Nobuo Uematsu's work in Video Game music sets the bar past, present and future. He is the man who made some music for games that said, "This is how it's done." There's a reason why the most popular sources of remixing on OCRemix is Uematsu's work. It's just that good.
  6. I was at the panel on Friday. It was Awesome!. I got to fist-pound Larry and expose my brother the ex-music major to what he has been missing. It was a good panel and a good weekend.
  7. Having just moved to Seattle Recently, I look forward to PAX and S-CON now because I can get to them easier. I'll definitely stop by the panel.
  8. Did this for my Digital Art "Sound Art" Project. When my Prof compared it to Phillip Glass, I thought I should refine it more. Hence, it is here. I took the base theme's midi, synthesized some sounds and put them into Audacity. The structure is my own brand of chaos. Note: The Decay of the Distorted Guitar at the end sounds tinny as crap, but I don't know how to fix it atm. I also don't own a guitar, know how to play one or know anyone who does for the simple solution. I call it, "Riding The Lightning" for no reason whatsoever.
  9. I am a complete newbie at music aside from my Digital Sound class last quarter and Jazz choir....6 years ago...(Frak, I feel old) But Frak it, I'm in.
  10. Since the last challenge, I've taken a digital sound class and in doing soo learned Tracktion, Garage Band and how to manipulate midis. This time, I'm in as a mixer.... But I'll have to use freeware to do it. ><
  11. The Shinra Electric Company is the BBEOrganization of FF7 but it is also just a company. Granted it is a Gibsonian "Megacorporation" having its hands in everything from lightbulbs to Real Estate (Beachfront and residential) to Medical Technology to freaking arheological digs. But, I wondered something earlier today: What kind of a Slogan to you give to a Company like that? How would you advirtise that company at all? That's why I'm here right now. This thread is not a competition(otherwise, it would be in the competition forums), it is just one of those threads that's supposed to go on for a while about a rather inane (But fun) topic in the form of a list. How would you advirtise the Shinra Electric Company? What would be your Shinra Slogan? Feel free to add your non Shinra ones if you want ,but label them as such. (Note: I only use 4pt for this to better reflect 'Advirtising" language) I'll start: Shinra Electric: Lighting the way one home at a time... SOLDIER: The Right People for the job, always... Shinra Motors: Now with displays in the Shinra Tower lobby...
  12. Happy Birthday, man. Hope your recovery is going well.
  13. Thanks. BTW, I know it's been done before, just not what I want do with it.
  14. I'm looking for a ticking clock sound. I'm working on a Chrono Trigger mix and I need that tick-tock pendulum.
  15. Update on JT: THe series on his trial with official excerpts is Hilarious.I watch a lot of comedy and it isn't half as good as JT. "I have a brain." "Objection" "Sustained." "Objection?" "YES!"
  16. Ironically, Cyberpunk is the genre I chose for the Screenplay I'm writing for my senior project in FIlm School. I researched the genre quite a bit. Here's my two cents: I third Neuromancer. In it, Gibson coins the term Cyberspace (Jeoperdy question) But he also envisions virtual reality and the internet before their invention in a fusion which he calls, "The Matrix" Welcome to Cyberpunk.... Cyberpunk as a genre is about rebelling against the system. It's about individuality. It's about personal freedom. It's also a realist vision of the future. Most other SF envisions a future that is either Utopian (Where everyone is happy) or a Dystopia (where every thing's gone wrong). Cyberpunk is realist SF, an Anti-Utopia, but not oppressive enough to be a Dystopia. The worlds and issues explored are things that might actually be. A very common theme in Cyberpunk is what is machine and what is human. A good piece of reading before you read Cyberpunk is Richard Dawkins' book, The Selfish Gene. I'm not advocating a world view, but Dawkins' writings on Meme relate to the themes in Cyberpunk books and some writings quote his words and ideas directly. Another good Cyberpunk Author author is Bruce Sterling. A really good resource (Just a resource mind you) is R. Talsorian Games' Cyberpunk 2020 Pen & Paper RPG. If you can find a copy of the core rulebook, it gives a good run down of the tone, style, and origins of the genre. But, CP2020 is also an amalgam of every Cyberpunk style on the planet. Snow Crash is one of my favorite books, but it's post cyberpunk, the decendant of the genre and they are slightly different. Cyberpunk is about technology changing culture and rebelling against culture. In Post Cyberpunk, Technology is the new culture. In Cyberpunk, Main Characters are between a rock and a hard place and are cynical pessimists if not complete nihilists. Main Characters in Post-CP are people trying to make the world better. In Cyberpunk, a Hero's Journey out of Joseph Campbell's The Hero With a Thousand Faces isn't possible, In Post-CP it is. In terms of Comics and Manga. you need only remember one name: Masmune Shirow. Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, Dominion. Because I'm a film major, I suggest the following films and TV series to you. These might not help you as much because they're not literature: 1. Bladerunner: This IS Cyberpunk. Every SF book written after its release owes something to it. 2.Johnny Mnemonic: Written by William Gibson from his short story. The acting for the most part, sucks bad... But, it's cyberpunk. 3. Max Headroom: One of the definitive representations of a Cyberpunk future. Hard to find though. 4. Robocop: Cyborgs and Megacorporations. Oh yeah. 5. Ghost in the Shell: Based off of Masamune Shirow's Manga, this movie is really good. The spin-off TV Series, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is the posterchild for Post-Cyberpunk. Also really good. GiTS takes a lot of ideas from The Selfish Gene. 6. Serial Experiments Lain: This revolves around the Net aspect of CP. BUt, it's ver existential and is very confusing, so you'll have to chug through it. (I have trouble watching it.) 7. Bubblegum Crisis: Owing a lot to Bladerunner and having 2 characters named after it, this show is the Feminist side of Cyberpunk. 8. Dominion Tank Police: One of my favorite shows, it is set in a future with crime so bad the police have to start using tanks. Also from Shirow. That's all I got.
  17. Believe it or not, Soma is also the name of a MegaCrop in my Senior Thesis Screenplay (They make Cybernetics). I first heard the name in Argentosoma, an anime,. According to Takuto Kaneshiro/Ryu Soma, the Main Character, "It means 'Body' in Greek. It's also an old alchemist's term for a substance that makes you immortal." I looked it up, he was right. My Own Handle has an origin in gaming, aptly appropriate because as I write this, I remember the now late Gary Gygax's impact on the industry and subsequently, us... Back in the days of BBS' (I think it was back then) or 1998 to be more accurate, I had discovered 2 games at the time, Metal Gear Solid and Mega Man Legends. So, decided to combine my 2 passions into a screen name, Juno Snake. The Juno part of the equation came from the last boss of MML, Mega Man Juno. Of course I didn't know MMJ's gender at the time or that Juno was the name of a greek GODDESS. So there's a period of several years where I posted under what was for all intents and purposes a girl's name. But, I was 14, I thought like that. .. When I found out this fact, I was also going through a personal reinvention and was having a falling out with friends, so I tried thinking of a new name for a new E-Mail addy. The first name that came to mind was my brother's first D&D character. My brother introduced me to D&D and has played many characters since then, but that character keeps coming back to me for some reason. The character was an Elf who was devoutly racist against Non-elves not because of blind prejudice, but because they couldn't pronounce his name, Lanialdanthial Thul correctly. Neither could my brother, since I'm sure the pronounciation changed every session just to screw with people. When I made my Hotmail account, it came out Lanodantheon Thul and it stuck for a while. A few years later I started using it on forums. I thought about changing it again last year, but then my question got read on Session 31 of the Kojima Production Report: "This is from Cheney, Washington." "How do you say this?" "Maybe they do this on purpose?" "Lano...dantheon..." Now, that quote is not that long and the KPR only has a few thousand listeners and it will never be the most famous episode of one of many little podcasts on the net. But, when you add up the facts that I was a huge fan of the podcast at the time (Listened religiously), was going through a family move so I was a little depressed (Some would say Emo), and so on and so forth...it felt like winning the lottery. My heart stopped cold for a minute when I heard it, then it went a million miles an hour after I rewound the clip to hear it again. Then I made it my sig on several boards for a while until I realized, nobody cared. I believe my grades went up after that for a while and rightly so... But, that's just a small moment in time. That clip will dissolve into the vast and infinite memory of the net and be forgotten eventually. That is, of course unless my master plan for world domination completes its cycle and I end up successful. Then that session will end up stickied... But, that's just my handle's story. If that's not a good reason to keep a screen name that is hard to say, hard to copy down and hard for most to remember, then I don't know a good reason.
  18. Getting the thread back on track.... Several judges have been vocal about not wanting dissertations and/or acceptance speeches for the Oscars or the Nobel Prize. So, what is an acceptable write up in terms of length and content? Aside from technical data and other arbitrary information, you want the Remixer's approach and this can vary in length. But, how long is too long and how short is too short? From what I can tell, you don't want "Making of.." Malarkey, you want to know why you did what you did. From what I read, you don't want this: "This is a remix of favorite song in the whole wide world... It's dedicated Hiroki Kurata, whom I met at a convention. He waved at me, then I waved back, then I tried to cut in line and got beaten by secrity...BLAH BLAH BLAH... THe appraoch I used is a Counterpoint Technique I read about in this book on the Baroque era....BLAH BLAH BLAH...I wanted to use sonata allegro form, but I think it's just stupid...BLAH BLAH BLAH." From what I read, you want something like this: "This remix is based off the premise, 'What music would you play when the Mana Fortress comes out? When everything stops cold and everything is nuts? Then, it goes all Death Star and kills everybody?' So that's what I did. It starts with Color of the Summer Sky, then moves to Star of Darkness then into a mixture of the Mana Tree all screwed up. The last part with the syntethic choir was meant to be a thousand voices that cried out int terror and are suddenly silenced. Hope you enjoy it." That one might even be too long now that I think of it. I may have answered my own question while typing this but, I believe that other people need crystal clear answers with no exceptions when it comes to questions like this. Last thing submitters want to do is bore the judges to death. Second question: Do you ever find yourself NOing a submission because you don't like that kind of song? "Not more Opera-metal Megaman...." Or even the song that's been remixed? You know, "Not another Fing version of,'Terra' from FF6..." Unless it had lyrics and vocals or something....
  19. Closest you'll come so far is this: Above the Rising Falls by Sephfire
  20. I'm being quoted in a sig....I feel so honored. *Cry* Now I need a big graphical sig....damn...
  21. My freshman year in University I took ROTC classes and our Captian (Now a Major) had done a little of everything. He was a Helicopter pilot, a Jeep driver ande the head of an Anti-Tank platoon. I once asked the Captain, "How do you kill a Tank, sir?" The Captain responded: "There are ways...."
  22. I personally love MGS, I consider it to have a very cinematic story. I even think that although it's a bit too cinematic and doesn't have enough game it still works with every new release. Hell, I will even stand up to defend its depth at times compared to other games. MGS has holes in its plot, characters and gameplay everywhere, but they're still great games that hold up under scrutiny. But when I saw MGA I had to laugh, because it's all completely true..... .
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