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  1. stop that stop it stop posting shitty pics in every one of your goddamn posts it's annoying also game looks cool
  2. pretty sure lt is gonna say it's not zoomed out and not sharp enough or something
  3. man are the mods slow today or what
  4. I honestly don't remember most of the music in ME2 the only music I remember is the mining and club music the rest is just a blur
  5. FR

    Lego Universe

    no man can hate anything to do with legos
  6. FR

    Lego Universe

    sounds interesting...
  7. you would think that the japanese would be the ones to come up with this kind of crazy shit
  8. FR

    Playing with food

    I'd rather eat the carrot
  9. FR

    Turned Based RPGs

    oh shit they have game remixes on this site
  10. FR

    Turned Based RPGs

    um the whole mmoness in general? I just always preferred turn based combat that's probably why I don't play mmos for long
  11. FR

    Turned Based RPGs

    I don't like dragon age because of the combat FF12 either aka bleck is right
  12. FR

    Turned Based RPGs

    golden sun is the best rpg I have played in a while simple and fun and they're making one for the DS I think
  13. now that is a good one
  14. that was terrible and it's kirby music
  15. FR

    I'm Issac

    sounds hot and creepy
  16. FR

    I'm Issac

    pics or it didn't happen of the cover
  17. no in Colombia (and other South American countries probably) they have (or had idk) "arcades" which were made up of rows of consoles i.e. a super nintendo section or N64 section you would buy time and play any game they had for your chosen console until your time was up that's what this bar sounds but with a club setting and alcohol
  18. this isn't a particularly new thing well maybe the bar part but I've played in arcades like that before
  19. FR

    Play Styles!

    girl characters in every game
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