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  1. that was just wrong so wrong
  2. FR

    NFL Playoffs

    the jets are playing well? that's kinda surprising
  3. ^ Good movie, bros seriously
  4. y u so dum bra

    it da beast

  5. I would be here if there was something to do.

  6. I thought you died, bro.

  7. i remember when schwalt was a normal poster what made you change bro was it the drugs alcohol maybe age comes with change HB
  8. FR


    looks normal to me she must be part latina or something
  9. I would say old but even I forgot this guy existed so thanks for the reminder I guess
  10. gonna have to wait longer
  11. http://www.gametrailers.com/user-movie/mario/335292?playlist=featured
  12. GT found this out while staying as a guest at van Buuren Manor.
  13. FR

    Slut's old.

    What are you talking about? He uses punctuation all the time. Nuh uh.
  14. FR

    Slut's old.

    hey no one calls my mom that and gets away with it!
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