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    Sand Animation

    I wish I knew what the subject of the animation was I have an idea but I I'm dumb so I dunno Alt. post 1: They should make an anime with sand animation Alt. post 2: They should send her to the middle east to teach people how to do this it would bring peace in no time Alt. post 3: She must of spent a lot of time on the beach as a kid... Alt. post 4: She's hot
  2. Olando is too much of a nancy boy to be Terry
  3. Stop being reasonable luke and get mad so I can say LOL I TROLL U Damn it. Seriously though this movie is gonna blow. That youtube somebody posted was cool too.
  4. I think I have said this before but Biel > Alba Alba is meh compared to Biel
  5. Conker's Bad Fur Day got me into vgm and trance
  6. Can't Sleep - Above & Beyond reminds me of Bully The Politics of Dancing 2 reminds me of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War Carry On - Wellenrausch goes great with the last mission in ACZ
  7. stop copying me guys this is my unique style of posting find your own
  8. I wanna go to Kuzcotopia!
  9. no the emperor's new groove world? no wait they'd save that for KH3
  10. is game for psp or DS? I forgot is it any good?
  11. ffffffff the threads got merged now I have to say HBL
  12. i have never thought that ocr is open or trusting
  13. fix this as for dreamcast I've never played one
  14. I don't like the sound of this...
  15. FR

    Final Fantasy X

    R.I.P we miss you bro
  16. FR

    Final Fantasy X

    there are a lot of mods for FF7 they look nice too
  17. FR

    Final Fantasy X

    he looks and dresses like a douche
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