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  1. this is funny and who gives a fuck if people give mario a bad name he ain't real
  2. I wish these were in flac but that's asking for too much
  3. (Perfect end to a meh thread)
  4. I'm finding myself agreeing with thin crust let the nightmare stop please
  5. wait somebody said SoM had something bad how is that possible oh and No More Heros = awesome
  6. Mega Man Legends: Mega Man is an Armored Core
  7. Need for Speed: Prostreet Hey this game looks pretty sweet. Racing seems alright. Let's try some drift ra-fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 5/10
  8. I had to reread op's post twice to understand it wait I don't think I understand it yet ow my head hurts
  9. I thought everybody did...
  10. I'm gonna be Ulala for Halloween :3
  11. FR

    No sidebar?

    seriously don't start this conversation guys
  12. Site looks weird now personally don't miss the sidebar though
  13. it ain't that good bro
  14. seeing that white again scared the crap out of me...
  15. I like these: Power Star Power Star 2 Power Star 3 Power Star 4
  16. I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about it wasn't boring but it didn't make me sit on the edge my seat or anything
  17. I have seen all the episodes it's meh
  18. Is the animation as good as this, this or this?
  19. Everytime that I've seen pics or read a description of this it seemed really gay. Is it like a really long anime style story is it full of sprite fights or both?
  20. FR

    Sand Animation

    I wanted to be sure that I was right and I was Also, fuck you!
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