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  1. sounds better like this: You're an old bastard! or You're old, bastard!
  2. leave his portuglish alone
  3. ha ha I read the thread title as "happy birthday motherfucker!" for a second
  4. you got white pixels around the pic fyi looks bad fix it LT: Wrong. See above.
  5. FR

    Video Game Artwork

    what the hell is wrong with her eyes?
  6. FR

    OCR VS Aliases

    I get fuckin' france when I search for mine :[
  7. FR

    OCR VS Aliases

    dj colin powell is my dj name porn name is anika swanson
  8. then I'm not a gamer I guess
  9. never played or even heard of this game so bleck's post
  10. I didn't get a birthday thread either stop complaining well actually you already stopped HBtD
  11. thanks for ruining it linkjing
  12. all the cool cats use cheats
  13. Holy crap, I didn't even read your post Achaon when I posted this but I think I nailed it on the head. Just gotta fix a few things and it's good to go.
  14. Fist of the North Star + Pokemon = ???
  15. FR

    "Rap Chop"

    you don't like rap chop? you're dead to me
  16. i had no idea that this game even existed
  17. FR

    "Rap Chop"

    slapin' my troubles away
  18. what are you talking about i was never a newbie

  19. larry will never look at this thread might as well post them all now
  20. thanks archanine now i have to listen to guile's theme for 5 hours thanks
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