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  1. FR

    Final Fantasy X

    To be honest FF8 isn't that bad... It has a great intro!
  2. FR

    Final Fantasy X

    I don't think I can play 12 because of the battle system probably because I never gave it a chance even though I played 10 hours into the game also, I've played 9 up until the sand castle place in disc 2 twice the game is appealing but I don't know I just never fell in love with it I guess frankly I don't give 3 shits about 13 gonna play it regardless
  3. FR

    Final Fantasy X

    just play 5 and 6 over and over again until 13 comes out that's better then playing 12 9 is iffy X-2 is good if you like the job system and can stand a girly trio doing girly things for 40+ hours
  4. FR

    Final Fantasy X

    X is...The battle system is a great!!! Seriously, it's one of the or the best 3D FFs. I started playing FF with 7 so when I played X I thought is was amazing. Now that I beat FF4 and am in the middle of FF5 I can see the FFX wasn't as good as I thought it was. I concur.
  5. I laughed I think... I don't remember.
  6. I like Descent but I still think your GEE metal cover is your greatest accomplishment. :3
  7. I'm quitting this thread because (some of) you guys say that Yahtzee isn't funny good bye
  8. I have nothing to say about this game.
  9. I liked the pic he put up when he said hybrid
  10. I am not excited about this at all
  11. free thundercougarfalconbirds for everyone!
  12. the "hitler's volcano of doom" part made me laugh
  13. Someone summarize op's post for me please!
  14. FR

    Keyboard Cat

    I would find it funny if it was The Hulk TV show credits or something if anyone replies to my post with a family guy reference I'll kill you
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