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  1. More than acceptable. Pretty damn sweet, actually. Makes me want to break out some Mogwai, of course. I guess that's not a bad thing. =D
  2. Vesh

    Sim City 5

    Kind of a damn shame that Chris Tilton's work has to be contained within this mess. It works well as a standalone listen (album is available -- and worth the nine bucks), but the ingame dynamic mixing is a nifty touch. After watching a few LPs, this one looks right. The music is no small part in that, but there's an overall spirit that gives me the same 'oh hell yes' as SC2K. Worth having Origin wiggle its clumsy fingers through my machine? Hell no. Nothing is.
  3. I have no legal advice, but I had to bark... Before today, I'd never heard of their pretentious clothing brand. Admittedly though, I'm not in their "target demo" (read: "UNMARKETABLE CLASS 0: Literate and/or Doesn't Watch Jersey Shore"). But... not a week goes by in which I haven't listened to at least one or more prophetik tracks. These guys are the litigious arm of a pretentious little group unworthy of further existence. If you need to start a Chip In for legal costs, I'd throw $15+USD your way. Probably wouldn't be alone. I hate legal bullying. Especially when it's baseless. This is all about the SEO, only in the name of trademark. Bananas.
  4. Respectfully request this pissing match go private. (Just make sure to cuddle afterwards.)
  5. And a cheap way to cop out of actually producing the "wildly different" endings that were stated to take previous in-game choices into account. Plus... it's just really lame, pretentious, wannabe-philosophical writing. (Anyway, I realize it's a long-ass video I linked up there, but it's fairly well produced and entertaining. It explains the problems with the ending extremely well.)
  6. That's where I've arrived at it, too. It was all nice and comforting when it made sense of the horseshit, but now -- once the dust has settled -- I realize it's yet another example of BS wannabe-philosophical scifi cop-out writing. Bioware can do better. Adding: This video.
  7. Hah! I was heading here to post that. Worthwhile read on its own, no matter your stance.
  8. Sad thing is unless fans collectively realize that they've been had, not by Bioware, but by EA and get vocal... that'll happen. They'll get a conclusion and eventually forget all about the BS of what I call the "Drink your Ovaltine" popup message at the end, the first-day-for-pay DLC, the snapped-off ending. Bioware's not innocent, though. They allowed this. Being douchey on Twitter didn't help matters, either.
  9. Delivered with more finesse and without the corporate silliness (mainly that damn DLC and requisite multiplayer to get a certain ending), this would have been fairly epic. Spoilage: [The whole slow-indoctrination thing makes sense and it's beautiful. Had the clues laid in the game not felt like red herrings, I would have been all about it and not instantly gone into nerdrage at the ending. Actually, I would have counted it as one of the best experiences I've ever had in a narrative game. I knew at the time, the ending was some kind of surreal event, but for some idiotic reason, a near-death indoctrination hallucination didn't feel... right. The puzzles pieces were there, but they seemed like they were from a few different pictures. I firmly put this down to my not paying the "right flavor" of attention, but that doesn't excuse the execution at all. Add in the EA-ified business practice and that's why I totally jumped to the ineptitude conclusion.]
  10. Oh snap. This might finally get me out of my fear of letting people hear my stuff. I may just have to get comfy with Ableton (finally) and crank out a Solar Winds mix (already had one started in Reason for a student animation project). No promises. But childhood obsession [with that game] may compel me. Adding: Oh sweet! Somebody remixing Necros. Approval++.
  11. Don't do the facebookery anymore, so it's not like I can confirm. But, if that's so, I'd be greatly disappointed in the brothers Soule (or just the one). You can barely go three [internet equivalent] steps as of yesterday without reading about how SOPA/PIPA won't do a damn thing to actually stop piracy in the long run. Surprising that anybody could miss it.
  12. Vesh

    EvE Online

    My ship. It spins again. I am happy.
  13. I listen to most of his work, but honestly... almost anybody can throw a quirky piano piece in front of an orchestra and/or choir and I'm hooked. Before my go-to song for that kind of orchestration was One Year Later, it was Too Many Secrets from the Sneakers score. All that aside, are you wanting a pianist to compose a lead for [for the middle bits], or just to punch up/humanize what's there? I'm only asking because I'm wondering whether you'd consider having another instr or synth as an emerging lead. If a synth, possibly something a little experimental, ethnically-derived and rough... but tweaked enough to complement (or hey, even conflict with) a choir.
  14. Oh. Wow. I so hope you find someone to collaborate with. I already love it. True, it needs a direct lead but what you've got here - especially the intro - has a great presence, good depth. Immediately made me have to listen to Bear McCreary's One Year Later (BSG season 2). Consider that a compliment!
  15. Just out of preference, I'd love if the additions over the suspense loop had a little more to do with a theme from the game. Always a fan of skillful layering of two different but related themes. Otherwise, decent track.
  16. Ditto. I love tracked music and Link's Awakening (will likely forever by my favorite LoZ) but never been too into super-crunchy lo-fi, although there are a few extremely intentionally scratchy mods that I still listen to several times a week. All that in consideration, I'm glad I listened to this mix but I doubt it'll fall into my regular playlist soon. While it's a faithful interpretation and a good example of lo-fi, it's missing some kind of hook to make it stand out from either other mods I have on various HDDs or other Link's Awakening mixes. -- BUT -- does show a proper, honest soul for oldschool games and oldschool tracked music. That spirit is highly appreciated and just because this track may not become a regular listen, that doesn't mean I wont be eagerly awaiting Platonist's next mixes (yes, that's plural, damnit!). I'd love to hear what you can do with heaps and gobs of more up-to-date software later. Stick with the tracker for a few more mixes. =]
  17. You can encode with LAME directly from XMPlay.
  18. Well, I'll at least throw another confirmation that doing a clean install with all the premium content (the 1GB+ install) doesn't cause this issue. Still, a bonehead blemish on such a fairly good update. (Except for what's been done to frickin' salvaging.)
  19. This was already an easy mix to enjoy, but that very FM bell tone around ~1:46 and the "Jon Hallur, is that you?" intro will keep this one popping up on my playlist.
  20. If you could possibly wait a few more days and spend a few more dollars, the 8800GT (g92 @ 65nm) looks to be a helluva bang-for-buck mid-range card. 512MB comes in at a hundred USD less than the 640MB GTSes (at pre-order prices) but with nearly 10% higher performance.
  21. I hope I'm missing something simple here. I know there's an edit for the [qwerty] keyboard mapping for most of the play control stuff (right-click is my god), but is there a way to edit the shortcuts for the edit tools as well? (And if not... "Dear Prop, go learn UI platform schemes from Luxology.")
  22. For score, Sneakers. For popular music soundtrack, I kinda have no answer. I haven't enjoyed (meaning: listened to repeatedly) a pop soundtrack in a decade+ (LiS, Hackers).
  23. Link's Awakening. And I still wish I had a version of Tailcave Beatdown that wasn't clipped to hell.
  24. Nice to hear 'mechanism eight' get a production update (although it sounds only slightly better than the original mod played in XMPlay). Aside from that, fairly tame. Good. But tame.