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  1. Phill - Thank you so much for recommending these! I got a functional pair today - I don't see how these $20 speakers give $100 quality. The subwoofer feels to good to my ears and whole body!
  2. I see music in waves - which is why I like FL studio and Audacity (zoomed in really far) to watch the waves go without thinking about it
  3. Finale Notepad Google it - works very well
  4. NAWW! They got great reviews...it's not the speakers, just a mistake - I'll give a more accurate review when I get ones that do work.
  5. I got the S220 delivered to my house - left speaker was blown - now waiting for a replacement...
  6. Why would anyone use Apple hardware?
  7. Thanks everyone, everything is helpful!
  8. Anything Thanks for reminding me about those, they really are a huge help!
  9. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone would just 'donate' a FL project they have done / are working on. I don't want to steal anything, I want to use it to learn. I don't care if it is a completed project or if it's something that you put together in five minutes. I learn by observing and fiddling...I can definitely fiddle but observing an empty fl project or a crappy one I made isn't too helpful... I will only use it to observe. Not to modify and recreate my own thing...which I wouldn't do even if I could.
  10. hmm I woulda thought more people wanted to share the amazingness of their high-tech speakers...no one?
  11. I need some suggestions for speakers for my comp. Currently I use Bose QC2 headphones, but after a while I'd rather not have them sitting around my head a.k.a. I want speakers. Anyone know a good brand / pair that I should get? I'm looking for just the basic right,left,sub for <= $30 If you know of some great bargain for crazy surround gizmo boom bash speakers that is more than $30, then I'll take a look. Currently, I'm just thinking about going to Office Depot to get a cheap pair, but I thought I should ask here first since everyone is so sound/music savvy. Thanks!
  12. I have absolutely no clue what you just said...but thanks.
  13. Playing Banjo Kazooie: In Gruntilda's Lair, the music stays the same, but there are some different instruments and patterns according to where you are in the lair. I absolutely loved the theme outside Click Clock Woods...the one happy part in the whole "Gruntilda's Lair" theme is in harmony when outside Click Clock Woods...it caught my attention like a streaker at a football game. Edit: found the theme Standard Lair theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VmFr8XXlrg Click Clock wood theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDeYP2RutJE
  14. So here are the specs... EVGA 9800 GTX video card 250GB Seagate hard drive 450W power supply (Corsair) Gigabyte intel motherboard Core 2 Duo Really nice Antec P182 Case Chimei 22" Widescreen Windows XP 2 GB memory 1 DVD burner Logitech mouse Saitek Eclipse (blue glowy) keyboard all that for $1400 Tell me what you think I need suggestions for speakers...nothing too fancy (I'll probably go to Office Depot and get a cheap $25 pair because for good sound quality I rely mainly on my Bose noise-cancelling QuietComfort 2 Headphones)
  15. Super Mario 64 - I think I've done everything possible on this game using the cartridge and a controller...
  16. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was / is special!
  17. Weird, it's 12:50 in morning, and I'm listenting to techno and it seems crazy fast...placebo or reality?
  18. When I fall asleep in front of the T.V. the ppl always talk fast...supports that it is not 'music' but 'sound' and the frequency that sounds faster. I personally think that this is because when you are asleep, you don't hear completely, but you piece together everything that you are hearing which creates leaps in speech that make it seem like the person is talking fast.
  19. Ok, but the only pro I see in this is 1 more slider and knob...is that necessary?
  20. I know I already asked about another keyboard, but I think I'm content with this - http://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha-PSR-E403-61-Key-Portable-Keyboard-103870358-i1155036.gc What do you think, will it be compatible / useful in FL studio 8?
  21. Can I ask how you found those pockettanks tracks? Say I want to find any random song from a game in a similar (.xrns) file. Renoise for some reason will import midis, but won't make any sound when playing them.
  22. Chiwalker


    I heard Spore a long time ago - what exactly is the point of it?
  23. YES YES YES That is the MEC load music! The 'ingame' sounds remixed a bit, but still awesome, the 'pocket' was the one that I was really really looking for! Thanks, renoise is kind of over my head - but at least I can listen to the songs!
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