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  1. Does anyone know if Kelly Bailey did the music and sound FX for L4D? Gosh, he is great.
  2. O MY GOSH! You guys have done amazing work with this song! Banjo Kazooie is one of my favorite games, so thanks for this! Also, not to degrade the remix at all, but I think Grant Kirkhope has provided this mix with awesome material to begin with. P.S. - Audix(and Nekofrog), how 'ya so good?
  3. I say change 'Connected Rainbows' to 3/4 time I think that Mario's Castle piece is by far the best piece in Mario Party, so I would suggest maybe keeping it a little closer to the original...(which is 3/4)
  4. Rediscovered this remix buried among my other many songs, and I was re enlightened. Amazing work; both of you constantly inspire! Thank you.
  5. I think the season opener was too offensive "oH BLAHAB SouTH park mayne! a'course its gonna be OFFnESVIS@E!!!" No...the rape thing was a little too risque. It was awkward to even be watching it...
  6. Nvidia 9800 GTX, Core 2 Duo, 22 inch widescreen lcd, meh meh meh
  7. On youtube, I found a vid of a guy playing Phendrana Drifts on piano (Heliumkidd) I looked on his profile he also played Dire Dire docks - and had sheet music. I printed it off and had no clue what the hell to do with it so I wrote the letters above the notes and wrote letters on an old keyboard I found. While looking for Phendrana Drifts I also stumbled upon a remix - leading me to ocremix. Thanks Metroid Prime, you got me into music. But more than that, after rediscovering all the old snes / n64 games had playable sheet music, I really became interested in keys and music in general.
  8. I'm surprised to not see a forum topic about this already... Are you going to get it? Yes Is it gonna take all the players from TF2? Hope so Is it gonna be the best multiplayer online game? What's better? I think it looks kick ass, and don't tell me that there are already hundreds of zombie games out there, I know that. There is only one like this though, it is VALVE after all!
  9. Awesome interview, great job! djpretzel - awesome job, you are so much cooler than I thought! (which was already really cool.)
  10. Well, since the function contains division by 0 (if x = 0) then it would be moving air so fast that it would maybe tear a hole in the fabric of space and a black hole would be created...
  11. ok, but the problem is sinh(x) isn't a wave, so it wouldn't work in this case
  12. If you mean sin(x) (what's the h for?) then it is just steady constant tone, no change in pitch.
  13. Ok, but what effect on us does happen at a frequency greater than 20KHz? I actually don't know why we can't hear that high - is it because the hair cells are too thick to pick up vibrations that fast? Anyway, it seems as if something bad would happen if we were in the presence of a frequency of ∞ Hz, right? Finding a speaker that can propel such high frequencies would be the first step...
  14. So a sin wave sounds like doooooooooooooo Say you can listen to what the sound wave sounds like from -10pi to 10pi As it got from -10pi to 0, it would start increasing in pitch (because of an increase in frequency of oscillation), from 0 to 10pi would decrease in pitch. So what would it sound like when you got to 0 (where it is infinitely oscillating)? Better question - would it ever get from - to + ?
  15. Thank you so much! This is really cool
  16. how would I get superwave p8 in FL? It's been sitting on my desktop for a couple weeks now, but I don't know how to get it in...
  17. I hope you have a great birthday!
  18. I am still finding new things about FL studio - but I was wondering is there any similar vst pack or free synthesizer like Poizone? It's probably my favorite facet of FL studio because of the hardcore / rave aspect of it. I was just wondering if any of you knew of a similar (free) thing that gives the same pulse as Poizone. Or is it just worth it to buy the full $79 (heh) version?
  19. As if I hadn't posted in this thread enough.... I WILL get one of these, just curious about opinions of other people - I intend to use it with FL studio 8. http://www.zzounds.com/item--KORK61P http://www.zzounds.com/item--MDOOXYGEN61 http://www.zzounds.com/item--BEHUMX61 I'm leaning towards the Behringer, but the Korg is getting really good reviews. hmm
  20. I guess it would fall under this category but... [and I'm a complete nooby at synthesizing so excuse the poor jargon.] after you have a cool basic piece made (drums, melody) how to master it to sound like a part of the song is going from a low cutoff to a high cutoff (I don't know how to say this, but if you've ever used flash how to 'tween' from a low cutoff to a high cutoff over the course of a verse or something.
  21. Hope you have a great rest of the day! Enjoy it!
  22. I couldn't agree more - this is beautiful, mellow, and comfortable.
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