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  1. Battlefield 2 - Loading MEC music When loading an MEC map in BF2 this song would play, I always got sick of it when I played, but after a year of not playing it, I miss it . Pockettanks (Blitwise Game) - Title Screen and Map Music If anyone finds an mp3 for either - I WILL LOVE U!
  2. Thanks, I really appreciate it, and I'll look into it! These backgrounds are very impressive, everybody!
  3. Im 17 - I've only played the wii when TP, Galaxy, and Corruption came out. I don't play otherwise unless I have friends over and they wanna play Brawl or Wii Sports.
  4. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha-PSR-E213-Portable-Keyboard-104388376-i1177442.gc + http://www.guitarcenter.com/CME-U2MIDI-USB-Cable-Like-MIDI-Interface-703036-i1390346.gc = ? Will these things work together with PC? I'm a noob thx...
  5. Downloaded this today - AWESOME! Thank you Maccer!
  6. Pezman - I wish you luck:-) DrumUltimA - Wow! Very interesting everyone!
  7. Hey everyone, I've been thinking / being forced to think about college decisions. I was considering tech schools as one option, more specifically schools strong in music and music engineering / tech. ANYWAY... I was just curious about the musical backgrounds of all the other fans / remixers on this site (it seems everyone has at least some musical background.) Whether it's: I played piano since I was three months old. or: I studied music in college for 10 years and became rich and famous. Feel free to brag. My story: High School; regrets to have discovered his passion for music at such late an age; drums 5+ years; piano ~1 year.
  8. Can't remember exactly, but Maurice Green ran a 9.6(something) but there was a tailwind...
  9. Is the middle C your favorite note? (The one with the heart sticker on it)
  10. uh-oh, as soon as I click to the forums the Hulk is the character in the top right corner of ocremix! But he's not a videogame character!
  11. and the scene where hulk grabs onto the jet, goes out of atmosphere and magically lands in the exact spot where he left a couple miles above.
  12. Hey where is the file for the first song played on your vid? Sounds like a remix of super mario 64 snow or bomb battlefield levels, but it's not on ocremix?
  13. Oh, sorry I had a typo Metroid Corruption had good music - the problem wasn't the music it was the lack of connection the music had to older games. Funny how caught up I get when using negative terms in writing - I was trying to say MP3 didn't have connections to older games . ' . it's not as good.
  14. That was super clever! I like the raised pitch on the voice - it never gets boring.
  15. Metroid Corruption had good music - the problem wasn't the music it was the lack of connection the music had to older games. Why do we like music from old games? - Nostalgia Why do we like music from newer games? - We can tie musical connections to earlier games. Of course unless a game originally had bad music, but I think the nostalgia factor is big on 'liking' and 'preferring' the music to other good, non-video game music.
  16. 2Gig Ram, 160GB hard drive, 7800 GTX graphics, windows XP Though, Im gonna dumb down the non-necesities and keep the necesities for a new computer and see what I come up with probably.
  17. Tried it - $1200 and that is possible for me, but I just don't want to spend that much (that was w/2g ram, good graphics card, core 2 duo, 250g hard drive) However, I may reconsider the build my own thing because I will be making some money this summer...
  18. So what I'm getting out of this is - Get a good comp with high memory and good sound card (which is what my friends computer has) + a cheap laptop. He offered me his comp + a cheap-ass 4+ year old Dell laptop for $750 with all his good specs but without a monitor which I will spend prolly $200 dollars for a 22 inch. So the new question is $950 for a good comp + laptop = good deal? (The P4 processor is the only thing that sets me back on the comp, but do I really need more than that as long as I have good memory?)
  19. Hey everyone, This summer I plan on getting a new computer / laptop so I can take my music and work more seriously. After messing around with the FL demo on this current comp, I can see it is something that I want (need) to explore more. In everyone's opinion should I get a laptop (I will need one for college this time next year anyway) with pretty good specs...or...I could get a used comp for $700 from my friend - specs are very nice - but it is a P4 processor that is two years old. Or should I have my friend build me a new computer completely? Lets say budget is $1200 for the comp or laptop (doesn't include programs and other fun stuff) So just vote - Laptop, New PC, or Used PC
  20. Chiwalker

    Nintendo Wii

    The wii would be perfect if it had PixelJunk - Monsters on it. That game is awesome and there is another one that is about to come out - it involves optical illusions and a little block figure walking through obstacles, it looks really cool. Other than that, TP and Brawl automatically make wii the better console.
  21. I saw forbidden kingdom instead - hilarious.
  22. What I'm confused about is this 100 points = $1...why not just 1 point - $1? Is it some kind of crazy propaganda technique that makes us think we are getting more than what we pay for? Then why not 1,000,000 wii points = $1?
  23. I've beaten up zombies who ate my neighbors...
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