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  1. Well, thanks for your input, OCR. I decided on purchasing two CDs. I got myself Haitink's version of Shostakovich's 4th and 9th symphonies. And I bought Leonard Bernstein's Mahler's 9th. I was thinking about supporting the home team and purchasing Boulez and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's 9th, but the reviews indicate what I know already about Boulez the composer: Musically and technically stellar, but emotionally lacking. I might buy some of Boulez' interpretations later, but for now I wanted something to tug the heartstrings. I chose Haitink because Bernstein's version of Shosty's 4th might be a bit TOO emotional; it lacks the irony that exists in other versions (namely the Karajan one). Not to say that I don't like the Bernstein Shosty; far from it. But I'll go on the path less traveled. But thanks for all the suggestions. I know what to look for in the future as well!
  2. The source for the unaware: Considering it's essentially a romantic classical piece, it'd take some serious thinking on how to remix it properly. And of course, if you remixed it wrong, you'd probably blow up. I don't wanna take that risk, you sick fuck.
  3. Man, I TOTALLY forgot about Civ IV and Starfox 64. The former is addicting like no other (well, a rival would be for now TF2) and the latter is so easy to pick up and have fun I have beaten it too many times to count. I finally unlocked expert mode and that's the only mode I play it on. I still haven't beaten the false-ending Venom on Expert mode. Just WAY too many ships.
  4. If you're still looking, and haven't played it, there's always Chrono Cross.
  5. I am quite familiar with Adams and Arvo Part. I would have bought an Part box set, but didn't because half of the CDs were different recordings of Fratres. I'd love to see Nixon in China or Dr. Atomic one day. I actually bought Adams' autobiography, which is a great read for any composer. I also got a Rautavaara symphony not too long ago. Really great stuff. But I feel like stepping back from the modern and going to a bit of the more old-school, as it were (I'd call Mahler and Strauss pretty much the last of the 'traditional' old school, despite being revolutionary in their own right). And that's a pretty good and topical comparison, that Shosty's No5. is like the Pigmask Anthem. I'm thinking due to general acclaim, I might go with 9 to start as well as perhaps Shosty's 5 (since most people seem to be pushing that as well). I've never listened to Bruckner before, and I hear mixed things about him. From "He is really fucking awesome!" to "He tried to write the same symphony 9 times. He failed each time."
  6. Tell me about it. Don't even bother with the whip for any of Drac's forms but the first. The rest, just USE THE AX AND NOTHING ELSE. It's the only way to stay safe, and your partners are about as useful as dick in this fight. But oh man, it is oh-so-satisfying to finally take down Dracula. The hallway leading up to Death in CV1 is just fucking merciless and annoying, coupled with an annoyingly difficult Death battle. The worst was killing him, and THEN having a flying scythe kill you.
  7. 9 is sounding pretty good... Might pick between that and Titan... Thanks for the input, and I welcome any more ya'll have!
  8. I've been listening to a whole lot of Steve Reich as of late, as well as some Conlon Nancarrow here and there... But now i got thinking, I need some music with some punch. Some music with some force. Music with POWER. And frankly, the person that comes to mind when I think power is ol' Gustav Mahler. I'm a pretty big classical nut, if you can't tell. However, despite so, I've never listened to a Mahler symphony in its entirety, except for maybe 8 (been a long time). I'm thinking about purchasing Sibelius No. 5, but that's a later purchase (with some Terry Riley for good measure). So I ask the music aficionados around here: If you could recommend a particular symphony by Mahler (if you've listened to one, or even more than one), is there one you'd like to tell me to get? The Titan symphony is what's on my mind in particular, but that's only because of the remix found in the game . I know this will probably won't get a whole lot of replies from people 'in the know', but any suggestions are appreciated. After all, I'm jus' lookin' for some good music. Hope asking for Mahler recommendations doesn't make me look all that snobbish. But, if it does...
  9. You f-in' crazy? It's got the best villain in the whole damn series, Exdeath!
  10. Well, mostly, it's from Sephi-fags who can't handle the overwhelming manly power of Exdeath. Not even Kefka can stand up to the power Exdeath, and his tendency to repeat lines over again, start every statement with "Mwa ha ha ha ha!" and those gigantic biceps.
  11. For me, I've beaten Zero Mission a shitload of times. It's really the game you can just pick up and start fucking around with. Getting the Varia suit first? Sure. Beating Ridley before Kraid? Why not! Super Missile-ing Kraid is a very satisfying experience. The other games I have played and beaten repeatedly are: Link's Awakening. This was the first game I ever owned, as a b-day present when I was seven. I must have beaten it upwards of 20 times since I got it back then. The beautiful music, bittersweet story, and just plain ass fun (along with the ol' warp glitch) always made me come back to the game. Wind Waker. You know, I really love Majora's Mask, and i think it is my favorite Zelda. But I have beaten WW at least 6 times, which is more attempts than any other 3D Zelda game. I think part of the magic is that every time I play WW, I do something new that I haven't done before. I figure out one secret that eluded me on previous playthroughs, I explore a stretch of the sea more thoroughly than I did last time... I find that the game has tremendous staying power, and one of the most fun Zeldas there can be. Final Fantasy I (GBA port) I don't know, something about this game is irresistible. I can always jump right in and attempt to make my way through the world of initially over-powered enemies and defying attempts by Garland to knock me down. This is FF at its most purest and fun level. I have beaten all the classic FFs at least once, but I usually don't go beyond once. The exceptions are FF5, my favorite Final Fantasy, and this game, which I have beaten at least 4-5 times on account of how fun it is. I love the ol' dungeon-crawling stuff, and the extra dungeons, too!
  12. I'd be VERY careful about Yggdra Union. If you get that, prepare for some gratingly long battles, SLOW combat, and incredibly punishing difficulty (which makes repeating all those battles much much more arduous). The story is interesting, like most of all STiNG games, with lots of great damn music... But like most of all STiNG games, it is an INCREDIBLY mixed bag. Plus, some names really just do NOT fit, and kinda show how much the Japs in STiNG did their research... No, guys, you don't name a mermaid with a bubbly child-like personality "Nietzsche." That's not how it works. does not equal
  13. What happened to the DC universe to make it so extremely convoluted?
  14. just google up soundfonts + darkesword, and something should pop up right away. All free, all good stuff.
  15. As far as things go, I find squidfont's strings to be pretty good for all your string needs on FL. Unless you want to pay for something, that is.
  16. In the opening, the organ is so overpowering and reverby, it pretty much drowns out everything. If you want to continue to work on this, make it so that the organ does not drown everything out. This alone the biggest complaint. I can really hear nothing over it, for the most part. The strings are kinda in the same problem, really. Everything is blasting so loud, we can't hear a whole lot of subtlety. It's just DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DADADADA DA at full blast, and my volume is at medium. Turn the volume down on the strings and organ, and you'll have a MUCH more serviceable remix. Arrangement wise, nothing too crazy, but I will say that I like the slower pace. Also, the instruments do not sound bad by any means to my ear. However, the strings being so high, they really sound phony to me.
  17. I'll have to go back and play it again... I have not played the game since early highschool, which was years ago. Come back with a wiser head and all that. I had a rougher time with the bosses in the game. The Gigas battles were a pain due to their insane health. But man, when you started to win and the music changed appropriately; well, that was just damn cool.
  18. Speak for yourself, because those extra bounty hunter bosses I could never beat. Those were some tough sons of bitches. Or in the case of the IxaTaka sisters, hot bitches.
  19. Are you sure you are remixing the right song? I did not recognize the title theme (which is kinda simplistic in its original form) until way late into the song. I like the instrumentation; kudos on using Metroid sounds. Also, once we DO start to hear the theme, the mix gets a whole lot better. It's just that flute motif drags on a bit too long before the actual main theme comes in. I like this. Aside from my qualms, I say it's pretty novel and enjoyable.
  20. I thought it was a collaboration between at least 3 people. I guess I didn't read the page too well. If that is the case, then this album got even more badass.
  21. Internet forums suck guys.
  22. This was my reaction when I heard they were remaking Lufia 2 for the DS: "YESH! YESH! THIS IS DELICIOUS!" My reaction when I found out that they were changing it into an action game:
  23. I like the ol' Turn-Based and ATB style RPGs myself. Stuff like the Lufia games, Golden Sun, Final Fantasy V... Modern examples are hard to come by, because people don't seem to enjoy these types of games as much. However, a good one for last-gen is Skies of Arcadia for the gamecube (originally DreamCast but the GC is much better). Great music, great story, fun battles... it's everything you love about classic RPGs. The cherry on the cake is that the hero is not, like most of the RPGs of its time, a whiny little 'stoic' bitch with a dark and mysterious past. He's just a guy who enjoys life, and that's a nice change of pace. That's a good shot, even though it is by no means a 360 game. Don't get FFIV: The After Years. Just don't. Hmm... other RPGs... There ARE the Paper Mario games... Some of the newer Tales series games might be up your alley. Final Fantasy IX is always a good bet. Though X might be too. Most RPGs I can think of are on portable platforms these days. Sad. If there can be a really good Turn-Based RPG for a main console, I'd buy it in a flash.
  24. In my own opinion, this is the best (ie my favorite) mix that has been posted on this site in a good long time. It's just pretty damn great in all ways considered. "You deserve a medal, doc!"
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