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  1. Well... that was devastating to read. At least there are now actual reasons spelled out for us.
  2. Coop? COOP!? COOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Is anyone familiar with Total Annihilation Kingdoms? It's starting to sound like Blizzard is doing what Cavedog did for that game, in that the campaign was one long story where each mission featured the race that was most pertient at that point in time, even if it meant switching from the "good side" to the "evil side" in the following stage. In StarCraft's case, the Terran episode may primarily focus on Terran missions, but offer some Protoss/Zerg missions when they apply to the story as it unfolds. In the first StarCraft, all three campaigns were essentially one story in three acts, wherein most other RTS's the campaigns are alternate versions of the other (in C&C, either GDI wins the war or NOD wins, you pick). If Blizzard interconnected the three sides too much, the original format of the campaigns would make arranging missions too complicated. Although that doesn't explain why they couldn't put everything in one set.
  4. Poke'G

    Mother 3

    Damn you Blinking Orange Screen! Damn YOU!
  5. You know, I think if Blizzard would have just said "We're already planning on two expansion sets." instead of what they did, the fans wouldn't have taken it as badly. EDIT: And holy crap, how did a game like Savage slip under the radar?
  6. Poke'G

    Mother 3

    With the hype behind this, there'll be plenty of other places to look anyway. I have the Japanese game, but it's very slow playing in an unfamiliar language. Cannot wait for this.
  7. I would think the "normal" vehicles would be controlled by a general, like all normal units. Once the tech tree advances to the point where they are available though, the heroes can switch to a hero version of the vehicle they wish to pilot.
  8. Really? The highest I remember were games like Chrono Trigger, which hit 32.
  9. Many SNES games have staying power, hence the amount of ports they've had to current systems. The ones that fetch a high price, like SoM, are usually worth it. $8 for a "legit" copy is a bargin.
  10. Well the VC itself is capable of emulating at least up to five controllers, in Bomberman '93 for the TurboGraphix. If they did it for one, there really shouldn't be any reason the same could be done for any other game that could use more than the original system's controller ports.
  11. StarCraft Battlefront, eh? That would be really cool. Maybe have humans control hero units while a "general" oversees the building and recruiting of everything else from a normal RTS perspective.
  12. I clicked on this thread thinking new games were being announced for the Genesis Virtual Console. This is even cooler (although technically they could hit the VC too if they ever became popular enough).
  13. But they released enough before "indefinitely postponing" Ghost to make it a let down. If we're lucky, characters and story from Ghost might be cannibalized into StarCraft II.
  14. If you didn't get very far into the campaign, you missed out Zircon. I loved the campaign and story more than the multiplayer, so I'm irked at the moment.
  15. Ouch. Blizzard is going to have to act fast to prevent the potential fan speculation/backlash from killing the hype. It's bad enough they haven't updated with any new units or significant information in some time, and now this corporate "screw you" announcement feels like a slap to the face. Not even a conciliatory announcement like an actual release date. Are all three coming out the same time, reasonably close, or are we going to have a wait between each episode?
  16. Wow, both remakes of II look impressive. It will be fun to see where they deviate to flesh out the story and make the game longer, as it looks like both of them are doing that.
  17. The animation perhaps, but definitely not the content. Sure the net is full of Mario parodies, but how many mainstream people have taken a crack at it?
  18. I always thought of 'Tank' as MIND BULLETS! PEW PEW PEW BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!
  19. It doesn't, but I felt the highlight of the hype was the chaos you could commit with the Force. Havok and DMM shouldn't change that gameplay too much. Euphoria on the other hand, might make a significant difference, being AI related. I'm also curious if the stage layouts and move set are drastically different. On a side note, is this like Shadows of the Empire, where each medium of the project covers a different subject of the overall story? (For those unaware, the SotE novel focused on Luke, game on Dash, and comic on Boba Fett)
  20. I got to play the Wii version the other day for about two hours. It controlled well enough, but the only reason I kept going after a half hour was the Star Wars appeal. Definitely did not meet the hype. I'm still curious to see how the hi-def version fares, though.
  21. QFE. As great as the game is, it's unique concept pretty much demands at least an instructions page. It's a major oversight. Other than that, wow, amazing work.
  22. I would say it's a video game, but then remembered James Earl Jones starred in Tiberian Sun. Go figure. Still, the guy is not going to live forever, so they might as well start testing talent out for later use. Besides, Matt Sloan (see also Chad Vader) does a fairly good rendition; he's not spot on, but he's got me convinced.
  23. I never heard of a cel-shading project for Ocarina of Time. There was a project to make it SNES style 2D, but that effort crashed. I think it was a cease and desist, but I'm not sure.
  24. Poke'G


    Almost every US cinema. Didn't it get a screening or two?
  25. True, Twilight Princess started out so well, but didn't keep up the momentum of it's story. To be fair, it did take some original turns, such as creating an actual romantic interest for Link, two in fact and neither were Zelda. They didn't explain Zant or Ganondorf's involvement nearly enough to make you care by end game. With all the potential they built up, Zant was just a weak puppet, and Ganondorf was just there (How'd he escape after OoT in the first place?). I did enjoy the implication that the spirit you learned techniques from was the Hero of Time, the attempt at consistency between OoT Hyrule and TP Hyrule, and the return of Gorons and Zoras. Perhaps. They've had sky based races in the past two console iterations. If it did happen, I'd hope they'd keep it from being too much the central focus, lest we run into Wind Waker's fault. The sailing would have been awesome had there been enough landmass to keep it from being tedious.
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