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  1. I'm loving this, it reminds me a bit of River City Rammstein, one of my favorite mixes of all time (GG Mazedude). That's a compliment! You progress into something really awesome very quickly, and I think that's one of the reasons why it was so easy to love straight-away. However, I feel like for the last 2/3rds of the tune is doesn't change or progress that much and it loses me a bit. There are some nice details that you throw in, but when it comes back to the bridge, it just starts to feel samey. I think if you gave it some more intensity towards the end of the tune, you might have a real winner here. Putting a few coats of polish on it, as Spakku suggested, may help alleviate what I perceive to be the issue here. I love what you did a little after the half-way mark. Having the "You're gonna die soon" music (which scared the hell out of me as a child) worked pretty well, and I think that tune lends itself to the rhythm you've built. I think it would lose some of its impact if you didn't give it a little solo time, as you have, but maybe there's a way you can work some of that concept into parts of the track after that, not only to help with the progression, but also to make it feel more a part of the track. Anyway, love it. Please keep us updates, as I love it as is, and if you decide not to change it up more, I want to make sure I remember to download and keep this version.
  2. The first half of the tune has something solemn and haunting about it, just like the original, but I really feel like it takes on something more generic toward the second half when it gets tech-y. I don't really feel the unique sound of this tune caters well to the techno beat and really needs to be supported by something more complex. One of my complaints with the original is that it's just too short. I would love to hear your take on what additional verses of the song could sound like to give it more breadth, rather than just relying on the repetition of the (fantastic) theme. You have a bit of original writing near the middle that I think works well, but it's abandoned in favor of the techno redux. I'd say go in the direction where you started and expand, lose the techno stuff.
  3. This is one of the better Dire Dire Docks mixes that I've heard. For critique, I'm not a big fan of the choir samples you used, they feel very "synth" to me. I think it lacks a bit of progression and it ends abruptly. I think, also, if you're going to make it past the judges, you're going to need to add a bit of original writing in here. It's probably a good thing, as your mix is a bit short and the quick ending just leaves you wishing there was more. I'm a huge fan of the "piano and drums" musical style, please continue to work on this because I think it's great.
  4. Hm, well my intention is that another instrument could be layered over what you have now, coming in maybe after the first or second verse of the main theme. However, if you doubled the length of the song, using the new instrument in the second half, I could see that going well also. Yeah, to be honest, I expected a lot more Warcraft fanboys myself. Maybe the WCIII and WoW hype has buried everybody's love for WCII.
  5. It's a bit obscure for my tastes, but I really like the source and I can appreciate the complexity of the sounds you've put together. In my opinion, I'd say there's no real progression and it therefore gets a little boring. It's some sweet trance, but there's not a whole lot of interpretation from the original and it feels rather samey throughout. I like the instruments you used, and the Daft Punk style drums is a sound I really dig. There's a couple of Dark World mixes up on OCRemix that I love and I would recommend that anybody listen to them. "Fragments of Gold", a nice little mix from 2002, is a little less trance and a little more funk, but is my current favorite electronica version of this track up on OCR. Its progression is also a little subdued throughout, but it it does a pretty good job of mixing up the rhythm to keep things fresh from the otherwise short and repetitive source. Also, I don't do drugs.
  6. I guess what I meant is after you make your melodic introduction with the 8-bit instrument, as subtle and sublime as it is right now, you can then overlay or replace it with a much louder, dirtier instrument (as you suggested). Use it as a way to build up your progression, moving from the quieter instrument to the louder, dirtier one, to really give those awesome drums a run for their money. In the latter part of the piece, as the lead instrument goes into the harmony of the main theme, I feel like that's another place where you can really take advantage of having another instrument come in and really add some depth to the progression. I should've disclaimed that I'm not a musician. However, I usually can explain what I like and why. I hope that doesn't invalidate my opinion. I've only made a few songs myself, so most technical lingo isn't going to be in my vocabulary when it comes to giving good musical advice.
  7. I really love where this is going. I always loved this track! It is, in fact, one of a few MIDIs that I've actually burned to a CD and I will listen to in my car. That said, I think you've implemented the source very well, but at about the half-way mark, I'm expecting it to explode into some intense industrial or something, with the plinky 8-bit sounds being "the calm before the storm," so to speak. I think you'd have a really, really killer mix if you did something like that... after the source is introduced, just kick it into full gear and slam in the heavy tech! That's my suggestion. The awesome tech drums give it a really high-adrenaline tempo and I really expect the melody to follow suit. Maybe some grungy electric guitar or maybe some loud, crazy distorted synth or something. I'm not a fan of the distorted vocals in the beginning (and briefly in the middle)... it just feels like it's not part of the tune. That may just be me.
  8. Yes, I fully understand that, but if music is of comparable quality, generally the more popular game gains more mixes. It's a matter of interest and inspiration, on top of the quality of the source that gets things mixed. I'm sure you know that, though. Certainly a lot has been done with very little in many cases. Metroid's "secret room" song being an extreme example, Mario 64's "file select" screen being another.
  9. I agree that for such a big, highly followed title, Mario World isn't mixed enough. It's my favorite of the Mario platformers. Many claim Mario 3 is their favorite, but I see even less remixes there. I applaud what you've done here so far. It's contemplative and enjoyable, but it's not something I'd add to my collection. It may be a matter of taste, but for me, it doesn't carry enough of a melody for me to really be able to enjoy it. I want to get into the groove, you know, and I can't find myself doing that here. You are the musician, good sir, so I will let you take from that comment what you please. But whatever you do, good luck with your mix! Long live SMW!
  10. You are correct!The 1st season is goofy stuff: "Hey, check out our 'games' and 'people in the computer'" kind of stuff. The 2nd season really started to introduce interesting problems and character dilemmas, character growth. It was great. Season 3 was like... well it's like you've been trapped in the Truman Show your whole life, and then you get let out into the real world. Season 3 is an incredible exploration of the show's lore and simply the breadth of the genre, in addition to further complexity of character personalities and psyches, in some cases. Season 4... well. It has its moments. It's like Season 2, but has lost some of its innocence. In some ways it starts to take itself a little too seriously, but is still very, very enjoyable. Important character histories are explored here. Anyway, I monologue about Reboot in case it inspires you or somebody to go out of your way and track down the whole series. I downloaded it all a while ago and watched it all together... the quality of it was horrible, but it was worth it. Actually yes, I was all over the announcement last year. They made 5 pitches about possible re-dos of the show, and after some fan backlash, it seems that they're sticking with all the original concepts and story.My activity in this topic today inspired me to go and look this up again and they've got a nicely sized graphic novel up on the web that is... well, it's great! I'm loving it, and it's still going on. Apparently they're going to be releasing feature-length Reboot movies (again; it's what they did for season 4), this time, a trilogy. I just hope they really give the fans what they want, instead of trying to capture a new audience. Go to www.reboot.com for details. The site isn't very accessible until you register for a free account. I don't remember if it was in the same block... I think Reboot was actually a little later, chronologically, than that version of Sonic. "Sonic: he can really move! Sonic, he's got an ATTITUDE! Sonic: he's the fastest thing alive! He's the fastest thing ALIVE!!" The serious sonic toon was great. Too bad it didn't last long.I remember the Saturday I woke up and went down expecting to see Reboot... and it didn't come on. Instead, a highly forgettable Alf-style 'puppets with people' style show... called "my little alien" or "alien in the family" or some bullcrap... that had occupied Reboot's segment. I sat through that wretched show, and the next one, and the next one... "well maybe they just moved it to a later time slot". Well, they didn't. I wasted probably a month of Saturday mornings watching terrible ABC kids' shows, crossing my fingers that it would come back on. If you think I seem traumatized by the incident, you are correct, I was. At the time, as a child, I was very, very fond of 3D animation and I am today, in fact, a 3D animator. Reboot was a huge inspiration to me, and to this day I find that its cancellation holds an unreasonably large proportioned amount of grief in my past! In all seriousness though, I've gotten over it, and I'm happy to see it picked up. Hopefully they do it justice. To get back on the subject, Toonami was highly regarded in my eyes for a long, long time because they brought my Reboot back to me. Maybe to late to spare me psychological damage... I was far along in high school when it finally returned to my life... but I still appreciate Toonami for the effort.
  11. I just miss Reboot. A lot. When ABC canceled the show, Toonami, like 6 years later, was the only thing that allowed me to see Season 3. Man, Season 3 was awesome. Of course, I blame Mainframe Entertainment for canceling the show after Season 4 (which... wasn't that great), but ABC can go screw itself for getting rid of it on Saturday mornings.
  12. I've actually already burned your first version of this track to a CD that I listen to in my car and I love it. I listened to the updated version and my untrained ears don't really notice a difference, it's still the same wonderful mix that I love.
  13. Wanted to slip in my support for your work on this track. I always liked the cave music from SD3. I really, really like the arrangement. It captures the sort of meandering, laid back feel of the original. Your leading instruments sound a bit MIDI, which isn't always a bad thing, but I think in this case it may be hurting your mix. The original track had a very authentic-sounding woodwind instrument of some kind for the lead, and while the shift in instrument choice brings your version to almost "Deus Ex" in style (a good thing IMO), it also feels like the budget dropped a little. Right now the only thing that sounds "real" is the drums (which sound excellent by the way). I wonder if you brought in a very realistic instrument as your lead, if perhaps the synth would be better interpreted as solid backup. I'm not a musician, so I won't be offended if you find my suggestions to be silly. But as somebody who is very familiar with the source (I listen to the original on my car stereo during my work commute), I hope that my insight makes some sense, at least. Thanks!
  14. My biggest complaint (really only complaint) about this is that it sounds too artificial. Since you are planning to turn every aspect into a live performance, however, I'm greatly looking forward to the final product.
  15. I really like this as it is, and it certainly brings back some sweet Battletoads Brand Nostalgia. I'm curious to see what you'll do to improve it; I'll eagerly be watching the progress on this track. If I'm not mistaken, there are actually no original Battletoads (NES) mixes on OCRemix as of now. I think you'd be celebrated if you got one past the judges. Keep it up! Thanks.
  16. After requesting tracks from less popular games like Lands of Lore and Megarace, I feel a little dirty asking for a Mario mix. However, I just can't get enough of this track: It's the second level song from Mario 3, and it's silly and delightful. I'd love to see what an OCRemixer could do with it.
  17. I've yet to hear a really great mix of "The Town Hates You" song (Night Spirits) and I really, REALLY like what you have here. You said you're just experimenting, etc... well whatever. Whatever you're going to do to finish it, do it, because it's going really awesome as of this sample. I also like what you've done with this other "Give Love" track, but I don't recall what it's from so it's hard to be really attached to what you've done there. Keep it up. I mean please, please keep it up.
  18. I also like what you have. This tune totally tickles my nostalgia gland, but does so very freshly. I'm not even waiting for judge approval, I'm gonna hang on to this mix for my own collection.
  19. Bandwidth on the link has been exceeded! Please fix, I'm eager to hear your take on this old favorite.
  20. I'm tempted to download this and put it in my personal library as-is, but I agree with some of what the other posters have said. I will wait for an improved version, I really, really like what you have so far.
  21. It sounds exactly like Japan would've wanted it had it not been a DS game! Good work, I like it.
  22. This track really captures the unique feel of WindWaker and for that alone I give you props. At times some of the main melodic instruments feel a little lonely, obviously with the flute / ocarina being my prime example, and I think it may be because it's just a little too loud on its own. I think later in the track this isn't a problem as you've got some more progression filtering in, but early on, it just seems a little loud and lonely. Overall I loved this, thank you for a great listen.
  23. It seems I'm on the same page as the others. I really, really love what you've done with this. It's pretty much the only underworld mix I've heard that really stays true to the heart of the original. But the vocals... the vocals. Heh. The more I hear it the more it grows on me... but it's totally comedic. If you don't want it to be funny, then you ruined it. If it's supposed to be hilarious, you're spot on. The idea of Ganon "bada-bada-da-ba-daba"-ing through the rising scale segment of the song is... just absurd and therefore amusing. At this point, I'd almost be too embarrassed to have this as part of my collection as it is. On the other hand... it's just sorta incredible as it is EDIT: Um... my mind is made up. Do not change it. DO NOT!
  24. Wow... this brought back hordes of nostalgia for this game. I am seriously loving it! So fantastic! Thanks a bundle for this killer medley. I'd give you a high-five but... uh, I'm guessing we don't live close. Also you don't know me so touching might be invading your space. Regardless; high-five worthy.
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