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  1. I really enjoyed this track in the original and wished it was mixed / recognized more. For that reason, I really appreciate and enjoyed listening to your mix. To be honest, I think you're onto a few things here and it could be something good for OCR but I think I agree with comments about the mishmash and overuse of vocals. If you enjoyed making this track, I'd suggest making a more serious mix of it or altering the direction of this one because I think it's got really great potential. Great opportunity for fan-service with awesome, heavy instruments and a memorable and catchy theme. There's a lot to love about it already, IMO. EDIT: I checked out OLR... man, every one of those things I listened to had totally inappropriate / out of place vocals or dialog. Sure Psychog had some game vox in this mix, but he wasn't doing like the people on OLR are. Like, describing the game's plot to the theme of the game's music... really? That's pure amateur hour, late-night-stoners-with-a-microphone garbage. No thanks, I thought I would find a lot of great mixes that got rejected by the judges but were still worthwhile. I was wrong.
  2. I really enjoy this mix, but it seems short. It gets so awesome so quick, and then it goes away so quickly. I'd like for it to meander around a little more and explore some more original writing, maybe. It's a little disappointing that it doesn't last longer, I want to rock out for a while to this!
  3. I really enjoyed this very authentic-sounding guitar piece. You're right on with the 70s / 80s feel, it reminds me of how much I really enjoy guitar solos! Very excellent, I want this one to go all the way! Thanks for the listen, for now, and I hope that I hear it again after the judges accept it.
  4. I find myself coming back to this thread just to listen to this tune, like 3 or 4 times a week. I'm so tempted to just download and keep a copy of what you have now, but I trust that you'll make it even better! I'm very excited to hear your progress.
  5. To be honest, I was disappointed by this mix. The Elder Scrolls tunes from Morrowind and Oblivion both have pretty short themes, and in this mix even only half of that is used. Never does it explore the original source beyond the first two phrases. Further, I feel like this tune simply repeats those two phrases with different instruments throughout. I'd love it if somebody would _expand_ on that theme. Through all Morrowind and Oblivion mixes, I've only heard either repetitions of it, or in this case, truncations of it. Certainly the use of instruments is nice and I think the quality of production is certainly up to snuff. But as somebody who's familiar with the source, this was boring and repetitive. Not my cup of tea.
  6. Considering that the lead instrument that you have going here could be just an "intro", as SplinterOfChaos suggested that it sounded like, perhaps you can use that to your advantage. If later in this track you have a "real" lead come in and really make the track feel alive, I think you could have a really successful mix on your hands. Check out this remix of Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2. http://djpretzel.web.aplus.net/songs/Sonic_2_sonik_metro_OC_ReMix.mp3 It's one of my favorites, and the leads are really powerful, you never have any doubt about what you're listening to in this mix, IMO. Good luck, and while your mix isn't yet perfect, I did very much enjoy listening to it. Chemical Zone is a classic game track and I'd love to hear a completed mix.
  7. After listening to a few of these, my first impression is that there's generally too much reverb. However, I really like your song selection and all the ones I listened to are interesting to listen to and do well to tribute the source. If you wanted to get any of this on OCRemix you'd have to consider seriously expanding upon the originals. I'm not a huge fan of your instrument choice, or perhaps it's the production. The samples, when used many times consecutively, begin to feel rather samey and artificial. This cheapens the sound of your mix and doesn't do your work justice. Some of your mixes have some original interpretation, like Song of Time for instance, and I think you're doing very well at that. Keep it up. There's no reason why you couldn't buckle down and churn something out that OC Remix would love. There's plenty of helpful folks in these forums that know more than I do that could really help you mature your music.
  8. What a bizarre mix! I loved this from the original and I'm surprised and impressed to see it remixed here so thoroughly. In fact, one of the things I miss about Elder Scrolls 3 and 4 is the lack of situational music, for example, music that changes when you decide to lockpick somebody's door at night. Clearly the style is different so forgive me on this, but there's some things I miss from the source. The key changes from the source really give a sense of suspense and drama, and further there's a "bridge" near the end of the source that does well to loop the whole thing back to the beginning. If your mix were to do these things, I think it could feel a lot fuller and more interesting to listen to. Thanks for mixing this, it's unfortunate how many great tunes in games go un-mixed since their midi days, and this one is a great example.
  9. I was just giving this another listen (because I love it), and I wondered if you could loop the tune around again but add in a new lead instrument on top. Like, maybe even a harmonica or a banjo. The whole track is already delightful and surprising, I think throwing in something like that would be really unexpected, but at the same time, it would really contribute to the overall feel of it. I guess what I'm really saying is, I like it so much, I want it to keep going. And as most people would expect, I'd like to hear some more progression if you decide to loop it. It'd give you an opportunity to throw in a bridge and do some original writing too. I gotta say at about the 3/4 mark of the track, it climaxes so well, but then as it boils down it still feels fresh and inviting. I really love this mix.
  10. I'm thrilled at the acceptance of your submission! I've been rooting for this track and it's nice that it's "official" now. Big thumbs-up to you, well done.
  11. I must first suggest that it is pretty important that you mention what game or track you are remixing in your title, or at the very least, somewhere in your post. The only reason why I knew what game (series) this was from before listening was because of the filename you have linked. For myself, I usually browse the WIP forum to see if anyone is making mixes where I am familiar with the source material before I spend the time to check out the WIP. Now onto the commentary. First, let me mention that you have definitely made a bold move by making Saria's Song quite creepy compared to the happy and upbeat source. It's like... Saria's Song: Halloween Dance Party Edition. Beyond that, it's certainly not something I'd listen to in my spare time, just because the style is weird. But also it gets quite repetitive. You should check out "Spinlock", a remix for Mario 64. It too changes an otherwise happy and upbeat tune into something much stranger and kinda creepy. However, it does so without feeling ... grating and hard to listen to. I wouldn't say stop what you're doing, but I will say I think there's other ideas you can explore that will be more successful along this line of thought.
  12. This is, no doubt, a very interesting mix. Clever use of samples to do something fun and original, but I have a hard time identifying with the melody. Well theme... melody. It's hard to identify if there is one. Anyway, I applaud your experimentative style and I definitely encourage further bouts, but this only serves as a bit of nostalgia for me, hearing the original samples.
  13. This song is the song of champions. That means I love it. A great tune from the original and I'm thrilled to see it tributed thusly. Seriously, I dig this with a back-hoe. Finish it, give it to judges, etc. This is musical Zeldanic (it's a word) gold.
  14. I still love this track, are you going to do more with it? Submitting to judges maybe?
  15. Heh, yeah I realize I was a little vague at the time of posting. Further, I was making that suggestion from memory without the source on hand. Either way, no, it's not the choir, it's the harp. I've found a Youtube video that has the source, as I didn't see you link to it. According to this link, it takes place at 2:09. This is also a good place to point out at 1:10 where the progressing theme gets much more intense for one last phrase. That's what I was going for with my other suggestion. Sorry for being a little vague, I promise to do better! Don't leave me, you're all I have left!
  16. I really, really like where you've taken this. It sounds so great. At about the 2/3rds point in the track, I expected to hear another yet another stanza (the right term here?) in the building progression, with one more phrase that was even more intense than the last (IE with another instrument on top, a little louder), but that may be just me. When the track ends, I definitely expected to hear the next part from the original, where the notes scale up, up, up and down again. It would make a great end to this awesome mix.
  17. I really love where Area A is going. Really catchy, and overall, a great trance tune. My personal preference is against vocals. My personal music collection almost has zero lyrical songs in it. Let me specify that I don't think there's anything wrong with your singing or your lyrics specifically, it's just that lyrics usually ruin music for me (and again this is for me only)... they tend to make a track feel repetitive that I could normally listen to over and over. ...Try to think of it like when somebody explains something over and over to you that you already understand. It just irritates me. That said, I would totally download and keep a copy of your Area A mix if it had no lyrics. I would probably still love it if it had an instrument playing in the vocalist's place. Don't suppose I could bother you for a no lyrics version when you have it all complete, eh? Also, your Area F mix is so Megaman. I like it a lot. In fact, I think I love it. From 1:00 - 1:33 is so great, and the progression that kicks in after that just feels right. If you find a way to extend this track by another minute or so, perhaps adding in another big layer of intensity / high-adrenaline beat, this might be one of my favorite tracks this year.
  18. Not nearly enough Star Fox 64 remixes on the site, BTW. I listen to the original of this frequently, and as has been stated before, it doesn't stray from the original hardly at all. While I'm not a judge, I think one of the most important reasons to add creative writing to a track, is because most video game music wasn't intended for focused listening and it tends to be boring. This track, being a credits tune, is already designed for focused listening, and therefore I feel a straight rearrangement is probably fair game. Who knows if the judges feel the same way, but in my mind, OCRemix is about appreciating game music in an outside-the-game context. Anyway, I can't say anymore that hasn't already been said. I echo some of the remarks about the volume and quality of certain samples, otherwise this mix is dramatic and enjoyable, and keeping it symphonic is definitely the way to go. I think if you were using live instruments (yeah, I know that's probably impossible) this would be a winner, no questions asked.
  19. My concerns with quality may be because it's playing through the MySpace player. I've got 5.1 Surround and my other speakers don't play at all using that player, it's just the stereo and bass speakers. I would like to hear some fullness in the bass, it would really add to the ambiance and immersion of your mix. Even in my headphones, it feels a little empty in the low end. Like Glasfen already stated, I think when compared to the other Moon mixes already on OCR, this one certainly holds its own. But it's hard to feel like it has the depth of some of the others when the low end is so understated. Further, I think some of your samples may be contributing to a low-quality production "vibe". The string and brass samples, specifically, trail off like MIDI samples and it unfairly cheapens your mix. I like your tech and drum samples, and the piano's not bad. Overall, I love this track and it was a good listen, but it may need to be strengthened in a few areas before it gets by the judges. Also, I like your take on the Sonic2 Air Chase Zone.
  20. This is a great mix, and so fast after the release of the game. It really shows how old-school the game is, it feels just like other mega-man tunes. Anyway, a thoroughly enjoyable listen. I love the guitar solos and, like most mega-man tracks, it feels like this is how it was meant to be heard. Thanks for the listen, I will be downloading this once it gets past the judges (and I think it will).
  21. I really like where you're going with this. If this is just an experiment in the sound, then I'm really eager to hear what your final cut will be. Please, keep it up. Right now, I don't feel there's a lot of really exceptional SoM mixes and I'd love to add more to my playlist.
  22. This is one of the more promising Dire Dire Docks remixes I've heard. I'm actually still relying on a MIDI arrangement to get my Docks fix as the current mixes just aren't doing it for me. I agree with the other points that are made here. I really love the sound you're working with, but it definitely needs a little more interpretation or a more meaningful progression if it's going to feel like it's own song, I think.
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