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  1. There doesn't appear to be a single zip of the top 100/115 (as nsfs/nsfes). If there is one, would someone kindly point it out? I might go through this whole project eventually, but I'd definitely go through all of it over the next few days if there were a single zip.
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    Good? i need to upload another invisible square at some point since i've lost my bookmarks
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    Anyone seen the Persona 3 anime? There's a P4 one as well that's currently airing. These appear to be sleepers - I just found out about them a couple days ago, so I can't vouch for or against. I'd be interested in opinions of either. Or if no-one's seen them yet, then consider it an fyi-these-exist to Atlus fans, as I know we have at least a couple here. Heard great things about this as well, and it seems right up my alley. Now that I have hd space (post-reformat) I'm going to check it out. I've been itching for a new show, too. I know that wasn't intended as a reminder for me but that was perfectly timed for my purposes, so thanks. I'll have to look up a few of those. Seems a good enough list to invest the time to investigate the unknown ones. I see Daioh and Monster on the "popular" list. That might be true but I certainly wouldn't call them 'good'. I watched the first two episodes of Daioh and each one was pure torture. They were bland, unfunny, slow, and disjointed. Couldn't stand most of the personalities and the music made me want to claw out my ears. I know that two episodes isn't usually a fair shake, but I feel no compulsion to give additional chances to something so wholly unenjoyable. Monster is cheesily over-dramatized, plodding, has horrible filler, and stays in the shallow end of the pool in exploring the human psyche, the lattermost of which is intolerable because this is the area the show should have explored since, well, that's largely what it's built upon. The show has a decent enough underlying plotline, but it is lackluster at best in execution. Then again, everyone else I've talked to about it has liked it, so take that as your minority view. Biggest omission that I can see, with my very limited knowledge of the medium, is Grave of the Fireflies. That's one of the most emotively powerful visual works I've ever seen. But Miyazaki was covered well aside from that, so it's not a big deal. I'd throw Elfen Lied on there somewhere as well (under "hidden gems", I guess), but I'm also a big softie. Obligatory recommendation is suffering.
  4. Persona 2: Innocent Sin. You guys bringing up Kojima reminds me that I should get around to playing Policenauts. Edit: I've been meaning to look into these. Since this rec from the man who earlier suggested Vagrant Story, I'm going to get off my ass today and do this. Edit2: Blood Omen's gameplay is too meh but Soul Reaver is very cool. I'll check out the later games once I get through SR.
  5. Heath Morris' current website is http://heathmorrismusic.com/. The link on his artist page is outdated.
  6. This is the one that started it for me. Almost four years ago, browsing the highly rated tracks on VGMix, and being unimpressed by most, I eventually stumbled onto this. By the time the section at 2:00 came around, I was frozen in my seat, ears glued to my speakers; and by the end I knew that there was magic to be found in vg arrangements and that I wanted to find more. A few thousand tracks later, this remains a favorite. The backmasking around 3:30 was a brilliant touch. It still sends chills down my spine. I feel like I should say more, but I whatever I type seems to just bog this down with flowery nonsense. So, put concisely: this is one of the most beautiful and moving arrangements I have ever heard. Thank you, Mr Schwan.
  7. Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time Eufloria IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 Iron Grip: Warlord Portal Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith Star Wars - Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Star Wars: Dark Forces Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Tomb Raider: Anniversary VVVVVV World of Goo Two packs; Deus Ex, IL-2, KoTOR, and Tomb Raider for cheap; Portal for free. List will explode once I build the new compy. Not looking forward to the inevitable. Last time I looked I saved approximately 90% on shit I would never buy on its own!
  8. You don't game often, do you?
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    RIP Ryu Umemoto

    He deserves a thread on ocr. I hope that people knowledgeable of his work, or of his person, will post to offset my relative ignorance. All condolences and tasteful comments are welcome. Ryu Umemoto was a composer of video game music and arranged tracks, and he was also a contributor to various other musical projects and, from the sound of it, a genuinely good and caring individual. Unfortunately, and regrettably, he passed away three days and a few hours ago at the young age of 37. This might not be of concern to many even within a vgm-oriented place such as ocr. I, myself, would not have paid it much mind had I not lurked about a couple irc channels and been subsequently inspired to look into his work. I suppose it's a selfish and one-dimensional assessment, but all the same this man left far before his inspiration, and I encourage you all seek out his music. And if you've played Cave games and have enjoyed their music, you absolutely need hear what this man has done. Of course, his mark has been left in other areas, and those personal connections unknown to history will always be the most important. His musical legacy is simply one measure of his greatness; his body of work is represented at VGMdb. At the risk of overshadowing the rest of his work, here is one sample. Kojiri from the Akai Katan Shin Arrange Album. Thank you Sapz, for linking that amazing track and setting me on the path to hear more. I apologize upfront to AnSo, and to anyone else to which this might apply, if seeing this thread causes pain. I simply think an ackowledgement, and the minute tribute it represents, is in order.
  10. This is nearly verbatim the source. I don't want to discourage you, as I very much enjoy the game and its music, but I think you need much more interpretation for this to be accepted into ocr. Also, the instruments also sound very mechanical and even harsh at times, but humainzation isn't always to be expected from a wip. I suggest you take the source and make it your own. If you fleshed out the instrumentation, you could have a rather nice cover, but that's still shy of what you could do. That is, if you'd take a non-remixer's, non-judge's, non-baconstrip's thoughts.
  11. Links are youtubes. Not always good quality; just what's available. Ignore the vids. What prophet said, although not everything Thile has done is accessible. Nickle Creek for sure though. Also, it's not that modern 'country' is bad, it's that it's been commercialized just like everything else, so you usually have to search to find good music. Plus, the same way music was grouped under mass-genres like 'rock' and 'jazz', and just as enlightening as those are, a term like 'country' proves to be just as useless. Regardless, I think country music has progressed and is far better now than when you strummed a few chords and sang along. Here are a few recs. Note that I am far from an expert in country (and country-crossed genres) but these are simply excellent albums I've found in my dabbling. I know you asked for country and not cross-genres, but it's all good music and mixing with the more familiar makes for an easier transition. Blugrass: Alison Krauss And Union Station. Aka Soggy Bottom Boys. You've heard them and the rest of their stuff is just as good. Bluegrass/country (mostly bluegrass): Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band - The Mountain. I'm certain that several other works by those two (usually independent artists) are just as good, but that's one of those albums that I play to death and never get sick of, so I've yet to move on to discover more (surely to my loss). Graveyard Shift Alt Country: Neko Case (And Her Boyfriends). Blacklisted is my favorite by them, but I've also heard Fox Confessor [...] and Furnace Room Lullaby. All good stuff. I think "alt country" means whatever is country that doesn't meet Nashville's approval (like the "rebels" of the past), but in the end this is conventional pop-rock song structure with a twang... that's also really good. Deep Red Bells Country Rock: Drive-By Truckers - Southern Rock Opera. Great band; this is their best album. Second side is better. Earthy lyrics. Slighty dirty mixing (for effect, I assume) but excellent music. Highly recommended. Daddy's Cup (different album) Zip City More to give, but that's more than enough input for one fag.
  12. Shmupmame. For the rest of your shmupping fix.
  13. The other week, while I was driving home after a long day of work, I had a sequence of notes playing in my head and knew there was a track that I wanted to hear. A beautiful, moving piece of music that would help me forget my troubles. But I couldn't place what it was or mentally finish the tune myself. When I got home, I searched my player for it. To my discredit, it was amongst music I hadn't listened to for many months but, once I played it, I immediately and completely knew why I had to hear it again. I've been mostly absent for quite a while, but some of what I've found here seems to stay with me. Sorry for short-shrifting you, Darke. This has been at the top of my to-review list since I first heard it, and I'm hardly giving it the descriptors it deserves. I suppose I'm not much of a reviewer anymore... not that I was ever one to begin with. But I wanted to let you know that I agree. Well, that is, there are things you have done since that I haven't yet heard. However, freezing time from back then until now, this is your best work on ocr, and it's absolutely stunning. Thank you for making it.
  14. Eulogic is a cool dude. I wish him a happy yesterday.
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    I've heard that gg subs were good as well. Wish they did theirs in lower resolution so I could compare; compy was already frame-dumping on most of the action sequences, so I wasn't about try ones nearly twice the file size. I enjoyed the ending. I also enjoyed Lain. It was a terrible comparison on my part, as I was misremembering Lain. Both deal with the surreal and with friendship and loss, but mostly beyond that they're very different. So please disregard. I read a scathing review that called Madoka "emotional porn", and I think that's a fair assessment. There's a decent plot (with good storytelling and pacing), a superb antagonist, and some neat visuals in the action sequences, but the selling point is the characters' reactions to misfortune. Seinen, magical girl, slice-of-life turned tragedy. So yeah it's basically about a bunch of girls bawling their eyes out. Go watch it.
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    Madoka Magica is excellent. Approaching Lain-levels of goodness. Only quicksubs out atm. I watched nutbladder and it was very good; one maybe two identifyable mistakes per ep. Of course that's simply from an English perspective; I've heard that it's the best around, but I can't validate. I think that if you liked Lain, you'd like this. It's fairly heartwrenching.
  17. With some torturous music, amateurishly directed cutscenes, retconned character personalities, painful voice acting, and vastly inferior gameplay. Oh, right... vastly inferior "quest mode". But as bad as all that is, one could almost look past it as a studio shitting over their prior work just to turn a sequel and milk it for cash. Almost, that is, until they took the best thing they had going - a kickass anime gynoid - and not only relegated it to the background but sent it plummeting to the uncanny valley. This is Japan we're talking about. JAPAN. Robots and anime chicks is what they do. How do you fuck that up?
  18. That looks like fun for casual surfing, but for serious interwebbers like myself the Razer Talon is definitely the way to go.
  19. ^ Yep, that's the stated policy. Something like once a month... yep, that's what it is. Anyway, awesome. Listening to this tomorrow.
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    Genre Nazis

    gy!be is a posterchild for the necessity of subgenres.
  21. K.B.

    Genre Nazis

    No, he means: And "techno" is generally accepted as an all-encompasing label for electronic music, just like "electronica". I see no more problem with using "techno" to describe a piece than a similar categorization like "rock" or "jazz". I enjoy reading about the history and evolution of music, and subgenres aid in this quite a bit. They're a natural extension of that, actually. So they're good for more than just pigeonholing. Though the op's issue seems to be with idiots, not subgenres.
  22. Where? I can't find the dl links on your site.
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