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  1. Excellent work. Quite nostalgic, actually. Anyway, I love the transition at 0:50. All in all, a very good piece.
  2. Phenomenal piece. Definately one of the best ones I've heard thus far. Keep 'em coming!
  3. Awesome. I thinks it's the Boss Theme, right? Like I said, awesome. Definately worth a listen.
  4. I've been waiting for this one... It's good, but not really what I expected... Actually, that's probably why I like it.
  5. Excellent... Kirby Superstar was one of the greatest games of all time... We really need a remix of the Mt. DeDeDe theme... That would be cool...
  6. Very nice, almost soothing mix... Although the drums come in very suddenly and a bit too loud for my taste. Oh well. Great mix anyway.
  7. Very nice... I love the way this thing sounds... At the beginning, you can almost picture Link charging in slo-mo towards Ganon for the final blow or something. You know, where they usually freeze the camera, show the look on everyone's face, shows the look of victory, then lets him finish him? I love that feeling this mix gives me... It's almost as if you made an entirely different song... Once again, very nice...
  8. Very cool mix. Love the way you made it sound so heroic when the main theme came in.
  9. The voice doesn't sound too bad. Since it's a Mega-Man mix, shouldn't it sound a bit robotic? Nice lyrics, they really stick in your mind. All in all, its a pretty cool mix.
  10. This is by far one of the coolest mixes I've heard. Definately NEEDS to be downloaded. You must hear this. Excellent piece. The vocals combined with the guitar just blew me away. Good stuff...
  11. Indeed. Quite spicy. Although, that is some crazy psycadelic curry you got there.
  12. This mix definately fit the title of 'Swanky.' Loved this mix. Probably one of your better works. (Although technically, I can't say that because I haven't heard all of your work) Well, it is of my favourite works you have given us. Great job. Keep it up. And you should really work on your self-esteem. You almost always think your stuff is bad, but it's not. In fact it's quite good. Anyway, great mix.
  13. Great theme, loved the game. Sounds sort of medieval. Almost as if it were played by a band of traveling minstrels, prancing and dancing through the lonely woods playing muic and singing cheerfully... uh...um...I'm sorry, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyway... Great mix.
  14. Two words: SWEET ASS!!! This remix on the classic underworld theme really caught my attention. Awesome guitar work throughout the mix. I loved this piece. It pays tribute to the great classic that is Super Mario. Mario himself would prefer this over the original theme.
  15. Great mix. Although, just to know, which invincibility theme is this? It sounds alot like the super mario theme from 'Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island' you know, the one where baby mario gets the cape and can run on walls? It's either that or the Flight Cap theme from 'Super Mario 64'. Anyway, Great mix.
  16. Very nice remix. I may seem very partial FF music, but thats only because I am a big fan of the FF series. Very nice vocals in this one. Also, I like the constant beat that's going on in the foreground of this piece. Very nice. Keep up the good work.
  17. Ok, I listened to it again. I changed my mind. Maybe you are kind of crazy. what am I saying!? KIND OF CRAZY? YOU MUST BE INSANE!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED AT THE END?! OH MY GOD!!! AAAAAGH!!!!!!!! lol, keep up the good work.
  18. This is funny stuff. I loved the music. The occasional 'Yee-Haa!' was pretty cool, too. and by the way, DJP, this doesn't sound TOO crazy. And I seriously doubt that it would get you off for murdering someone. But hey, there's always a chance...
  19. This is absolutely my favourite piece of all time. I don't care what you all think of me. This should be the Earthbound main theme. Actually, I think it is... Well, whatever. Great piano work. although, for the solo, it would have been pretty cool to have heard a lighter instrument play it. but oh well. It's a great piece. Definately deserves to be listened to. And if you don't, I'll personally hunt you down and gut you.
  20. Excellent mix. DJP was right, that drum beat really does stick in your mind. I also had no idea that 'Melodies of Life' was the countermelody for Glenns theme. Woah. Anyway, Good work.
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