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  1. It does have an alarm, it's called "Alarm and Timer." For free apps, I like ES File Explorer, gives you easy access to your SD card/internal memory, as well as any network assets. PocketCloud is a good remote control app, if you have a VNC or similar service installed on your desktop I use K-9 Mail for accessing non-gmail email accounts, works pretty well. And definitely get the Amazon app store app, they have a different paid app for free every day. Most of them are crap, but occasionally they have a cool game or something useful (I snagged QuickOffice pro for free, for example)
  2. I wouldn't go quite that far. You do know that Natalie Portman was in that movie, right?
  3. One of the more obvious homages Guilty Gear X2 - "Suck a Sage" Ram Jam - Hurricane Ride
  4. Actually, if you go into your steam settings and hit "View account history" you can see exactly when you purchased everything, and how much you paid for it. It won't aggregate the totals for you, but at least the values are accurate.
  5. I'm definitely interested in this, although I'll be studying for my boards up till the first one. But for all future events, I'm down. Also, +1 vote for more Standard, less Block
  6. It's been almost 2 years since that, he probably doesn't remember anymore Just finished making my way through the Dresden Files. Excellent read, can't wait for the next book. Modern detective stories meets traditional fantasy, mixing tropes and cliches from both genres while the title character makes fun of all of it.
  7. My first thought on this was "WTF is pirate metal, and why is it so AWESOME?!" Normally I side with ninjas over pirates, but the pirates knocked this one out of the park!
  8. This track makes me wish the old rumors of a Metroid movie were true, because this would be absolutely perfect for the opening credits. Well done!
  9. I'm really more of an electric player, but I sometimes get the hankering for some finger-picking acoustic goodness. I'd probably play more of that stuff if I had a better acoustic guitar, but I don't have the cash right now to replace my janky Fender that I've been using for the last decade or so. Of course, if I did have the cash there's a halfway decent chance I'd just buy another electric guitar
  10. Playing Advent Rising, I was fighting the final boss. The only way to beat the Koroem is to reflect back the energy ball attack (kinda like Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time), I fought for 20 minutes without her using that attack once. Then I reset, and fought her again, same problem
  11. Awesome remix. I've had this one in my OCR rock list for some time, and it's always a treat. I'll have to listen a bit more, but I think I like this cleaned up version a bit better than the DoD one, and adding a phaser always makes things better. Although I do miss the pick slide from the beginning of the old version
  12. I've lost track of the number of times I've played through Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger Half Life 2 gets an honorable mention In terms of muliplayer stuff, I've spent more time on UT2004 than I can think, and I would still play this day if I could find people to play Onslaught against
  13. I know this is a bit of a necro bump, but I was wondering if there's any new news about when this album is coming out? I've been wanting to hear me some more nekofrog originals, but I haven't heard anything in a while...
  14. I'll throw in another suggestion for Destructiod. My chief source of news, and my favorite site for such largely because Jim Sterling is a brilliant, demented comic genius
  15. After about 10 seconds of overdose I already knew that I will have to get this album the instant it becomes available. Excellent work!
  16. From my understanding it's supposed to take place just after the 3rd Succession war, around the time Hanse Davion takes control of the Federated Suns. Thus...no clanner mechs/technology. Sorry for your loss
  17. I don't have time to read this whole thread right now, but I saw a bit, and I thought I'd shed a little light on the whole anger about L4D2 issue. While arbitrarily expecting Valve to release free stuff for L4D just because they did for TF2 is pretty presumptuous, it is entirely within reason to expect them to do it if they said they would I can look it up later, but there actually is an interview with Gabe Newell around the time of L4D's release stating that the game would be supported similarly to TF2. So many people bought the game, even in it's somewhat content limited initial form, based stronly on this promise. Now, in recent times Gabe has responded that they plan to continue supporting L4D even after 2's release, but no one knows how that is going to work exactly.
  18. Seen a lot of good suggestions in this thread, but one new game that's missing Get Prototype. Right now. That game is one of the most fun sandbox experiences I've had in a looong time.
  19. I had the same problem, but I think it's a result of a disconnect between the servers. Your achievements aren't lost, they're stored on the central server. I found it when I played a game and got an achievement I already had. I checked and saw I had none, but like half hour later I checked again and everything I had already earned was back. So just be patient, your achievements should reappear
  20. The tanks, they is easy. But when people you get boomed while the tank is around...that's problematic
  21. True, but now there will be no texture issues, and the maps will be balanced for Vs. Also, I get really annoyed with tanks. With the teams I play with we never need them to kill pubbie teams, and it just makes it harder for us to survive. It's really frustrating to go infected first, and after you've basically got the survivors dead you see a tank coming, because then you know YOU are gonna have to deal with it soon. Tank servers suck
  22. Also check out Beatdrops's "Revolutions" from X3 I have to agree with the Xenogears, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger recommendations, and add Chrono Cross to that list. Also, there's not many remixes for it (last I checked) but Shadow of the Colossus has some amazing stuff.
  23. Agreed. The back hall strat is the way to do it. No Mercy is the only campaign I've beaten on expert (our dead air attempt got flattened by my teammate's comp crashing repeatedly leaving us with only 3), and the back hall is how we did it. Dealing with the tanks accomplished the same as in versus, just light and kite. Is anybody else as excited as I am to be getting Dead Air and Death Toll for VS mode?
  24. The key to expert is to avoid friendly fire, and corner EVERY swarm. Friendly fire can wreck you so fast, and with zombies doing 10-20 per hit, swarms MUST be managed with corners or you're hosed. Also, very helpful to have at least one guy watching behind the group. Normally in vs. I go shotgun for T1, but I find that going submachinegun/assault rifle is best on expert because it's easier to avoid friendly fire, and if you do hit your team it hurts less than a shotgun blast.
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