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  1. Is it. cool and whats your name if i may ask?
  2. This song is pretty cool from start to finish. When it come getting heavy its pretty interesting. Great job
  3. The lyrics are pretty cool and the song its self is just beautiful
  4. I buy my soundtracks from a gametraders store. Pretty expensive to buy game soundtracks.
  5. God this song is just so beautiful and the thunder gives it nice atmosphere. great job
  6. This remix is just so relaxing and i just love the drums.
  7. This song to me really complimates the mario games and its pretty funky too.
  8. I love the tune to this song and bells at 0:46 were a great touch. great stuff
  9. This is one of my favourite remixes on the site. the drums and voice samples are just so well done. Great work!
  10. This is just a beautiful and elegant arrangment that it is so sothing to listen to. great job
  11. This really brings out the game and the effort is just soo good.
  12. This would have to be the best remix on At Zanarkand. Worth every minute to listen to.
  13. The arrangment is done very well and the voices that are heard are a nice touch.
  14. This song is just too good for me to reveiw it but its just a lovely piece.
  15. May this song live forever because its just so awsome to listen to.
  16. This would be my second favourite song on the album next to Edenal but i for some reason love the breathing part, overall its a fantastic track that i will be listening too over again.
  17. Its really a good remix but what i love about it is its energy from the guitars.
  18. I am loving this mix. Its fast and it has great guitar work.
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