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  1. All done and ready. Check your KNGI PMs.

  2. And he's always the best one to play as in the video games.

  3. Because he does machines, and purple is cool.

  4. Happy birthday d00d.

  5. hay guyz wutz goin on on this profile

  6. Hay sixto will you bee on mai prawjekt/doo most of the worck on a kollab wid mee/let me use ur sawngs in my crappy youtbe vid or fangame?! K thx!

  7. hay wutz goin on in dis profyl

  8. Hope you're okay, buddy. Please let us know.

  9. I am honored to be quoted in your sig, sir. I hope you'll cause more tears with your judgement in 2013!

  10. I have just now realized that you are in fact the same Sindra who does Keep Playing: Rewind. MIND = BLOWN

  11. I just saw your name on the Misfile forums. I thought, "that name looks really familiar..." Glad to see another fan around here.

  12. I see u reedin the forums u cant hide frum meee

  13. It's been a well-known fact since May 15th, 2002.

  14. Just let me know what you need!

  15. Keep wankin', Neko.

    With your guitar.

  16. My advice? Try not to take like 5 years to get the project done. :-P

  17. Nobody likes me.

  18. oa who's that sum n00b?

  19. Palpable is an awesome dude.