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  1. While we're on the subject: How about dat bluegrass remix of ZZ Top's "Doubleback" in the 3rd movie? Some good stuff there. "Doubleback" itself is also an interesting counterpoint to "Back in Time" in that it was also written for the movie, but with lyrics that are much less specific to it.
  2. Can we derail this topic and talk about how BADASS the DeLorean is? Because really, that is one awesome car. (Also I agree that Power of Love is definitely more emblematic of the movie, and is also a better song overall)
  3. Hahaha, that "Family Sharing" thing would have been a total joke. From this article:
  4. That's cool. Still not gonna buy one.
  5. What you see is what you get right now. Not much to report, except I will say that track with Tuberz & The Shell Shockers has been coming along swimmingly.
  6. Okay, fine: I HOPE Bayonetta is in this game (not that she will be, but I hope she is.) Better?
  7. I'd be down with Pac-Man. Also, I get a feeling Bayonetta will be in this game.
  8. Yeah, sadly Kaz Hirai doesn't actually have a Twitter.
  9. Which is funny because it's not like the PS4 isn't also getting Call of Duty.
  10. Did you expect him to NOT be built around projectiles? I mean, shooting is kind of his thing. And jumping.
  11. I don't about you guys, but every time I watch the Mega Man trailer and the Metal Blades come out while the iconic Wily music starts up, I get some serious chills. I'm ready for this.
  12. Well, so far only one thing comes to mind: "Xbox, go home." And yeah, Assassin's Creed totally crashed on-stage.
  13. The SimCity series isn't exactly known for being a hot seller, but SC2013 was the fastest- and best-selling game in the series. I also doubt it had the budget of Tomb Raider or Cod Blops.
  14. Reminds me of all the people who were stupid enough to still continue buying SimCity despite the immense amount of press being given to EAs consumer buttfucking.
  15. Nope, me neither. I honestly think Microsoft has a looooong way to go as far as damage control is concerned. Three small articles probably aren't gonna cut it.
  16. So Microsoft released three new articles to explain more about the Xbox One features and how used games will be handled: Personally, it seems like they've addressed most of the main issues, although the line "trade in your games at participating retailers" makes me think that you are ONLY going to be able to trade used games at authorized retailers, which means no more grey market (eBay, local trading, etc.)
  17. Stevo and pu_freak were originally gonna do this for Vol. 1, but I guess they've pretty much dropped it, soooooo:

  18. Dreamcast indie games are alive and well.
  19. Everyone says you're the guy, but I wanna be the guy too!
  20. This doesn't really look like Frequency or Amplitude to me. It looks more like a dancing game that uses Kinect, only instead of making you follow a predetermined set of dance moves, you use your body to "remix" songs. Besides, didn't Frequency/Amplitude actually get an HD remake? Or did I hallucinate the entirety of Rock Band Blitz? Sure, it's watered down, but the overall idea behind the gameplay is intact.
  21. Double birthday all the way across the sky waaaaahaaahohmygod so intense
  22. Brandon has a point: games have what is called residual value built into the price, as do most goods that we are able to trade and sell (books, movies, electronics, cars...) Developers don't get paid from individual used sales, that is true, but the reason why prices are so high to begin with, and why the argument that "no used games would bring the prices of new games down" does hold some water (even though I have absolutely zero faith in Microsoft and Sony to actually drop prices) is because of residual value.
  23. I'm with The Coop: I don't trust that Microsoft or Sony will drop the residual value or packaging costs from the price of their games whatsoever. It's possible with PC games because there are various online retailers vying for our dollar, but when each console is practically a monopoly unto itself with only one publisher providing the content and reaping the benefits, there will be no reason for them to drop prices and have huge sales like Steam, Amazon, or GOG. Console consumers have been conditioned long enough to accept that a new game always costs $50-$60, and there is no way any system manufacturer is going to be willing to give up that revenue stream as long as people will cough up the cash.
  24. It was a huge moment in 2011 when Christopher Tin won a Grammy for from Civilization IV, the very first Grammy Award given to a musical piece that originated in a video game. This weekend, the song will be performed as part of the West Coast Premiere of Christopher Tin's Calling All Dawns. If you're in the LA area this weekend, I urge you guys to go to one of two performances and witness Chris' music being performed live by the Angel City Chorale. I met Chris at Video Games Live in 2011 and was blown away by the performance of Baba Yetu during that show, so I can say with absolute certainty that it'll be worth it.In fact, to sweeten the deal, ACC was kind enough to provide me with two free tickets to give away! To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is respond to this question on Twitter: I'll randomly choose one lucky entrant to win TWO free tickets to the date of your choosing! WHAT: Christopher Tin's Calling All Dawns West Coast Premiere (more information here: WHERE: Wilshire United Methodist Church 4350 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90010 WHEN: Two performances - June 1st and June 2nd at 7 PM WHY: Because Christopher Tin is an amazing, incredible composer and you enjoy awesome music HOW: Order tickets here:
  25. Nobody is reading the article correctly (or at all, and making assumptions from the headline: ) Microsoft is not expecting the Xbox One BY ITSELF to ship a billion units, but the combined sales of the Xbox One and PS4 to ship a billion units. A lofty and unlikely projection to be sure (though it may be slightly less unlikely if they would acknowledge Nintendo in those numbers as well,) but not quite as ludicrous if a lot of households own both. Granted, it was similar thinking from Atari that crashed the home console market back in '83, and it doesn't leave me with a good feeling that we aren't going to see yet another crash with this generation...