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  1. Who actually needs Office anyway? I mean, yeah, I get why you would still need Windows, but seriously paying for Office?
  2. Man, you're absolutely right. This thing looks like the fucking Atari 5200 of the modern era.
  3. Xbox One? So they're rereleasing this, then? Because I'd buy one.
  4. I remember when Rama got mentioned in EGM:
  5. Eh, they could always just market it as the SEGA Racing Classic or something, kind of like how Sumo Digital got around the issue by not mentioning the word "Daytona" in ASRT at all. The car itself doesn't have any Daytona-specific markings, so they could get away with it.
  6. No Daytona Hornet? NO BUY. Really though, some awesome stuff in the pipe here. And look, another poll where Vyse is surprisingly (to me) burning up the ranks! Apparently he's much more popular than SEGA wants to admit, not having even acknowledged the Skies of Arcadia franchise in over a decade (until All-Stars Racing Transformed, anyway.)
  7. Happy...Ramaday? Yeah, we'll go with that.
  8. Still not enough OCR-tan going on in these parts.
  9. OCR sometimes makes the trek to Seattle for PAX Prime, but I think that's the only semi-regular west coast appearance.
  10. Well, he is already an Expert at being a Novice...
  11. Well, I wouldn't say water cooling systems are exactly common knowledge for those who aren't as versed in tech as some of us. I have seem some folks who are under the impression that you can ditch fans completely with water-cooling, which of course isn't true.
  12. Lookit all dat green in the first post! Can't wait to add some more to it.
  13. You also need fans to keep the radiator cool. It's pretty much the same system that cools your car.
  14. Funny, I had pretty much the same idea myself a little while ago. Unfortunately I don't have the time to run a compo right now or I'd be happy to, but this is definitely something that should happen. Especially since, as far as I can tell, there are absolutely no remixes combining Sonic and Mega Man in existence right now...
  15. Nah, I think it's universally accepted that the music from Sonic '06 was good. It's the rest of the game that sucks massive hedgehog balls. Still better than , though.
  16. Zero remixes? Are we only considering OCR in this? Because I know of a few: Not that I'm trying to discourage a BN project or anything, just saying there actually are a few remixes floating around out there.
  17. No OCR-tans? Fine, I guess I'll just go with three other awesome ladies: 1. Shantae 2. Rosalina 3. Bayonetta
  18. Keep in mind they're also working on a new version of the website (which is looking badass and is COMPLETELY different from the current version.) There is a lot of stuff going on in OCR Land lately, so just be patient. also the album is actually a hoax larry used all the money to buy mcribs blah blah blah
  19. A friend of mine did a cover of this song for remixer jmr's birthday. It's pretty straightforward, but it's always nice to see this game get some love: It's also featured on Temp Sound Solutions' NYPWP8 album: Autoscroll covered a different song from the same game on their debut album:
  20. You're in luck, because this is like the only song from Metroid II that ever gets any attention (well, that's not entirely true, but it might as well be):
  21. Two weeks left! Hoping to hear from you guys who still have tracks out soon.
  22. The Coop is a consistent reason why this forum desperately needs a Like button.