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  1. Digital copies? It's already available for free download.
  2. Things are happening! IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!
  3. There's on the music for the game, featuring short previews of most of the music. It sounds pretty incredible, but considering virt's genius, would you expect anything less?Someone also managed to splice together the Transylvania theme from the footage floating around, as well as .
  4. I'd say "kids these days," but that I remember that the kids I was in school with when I was that age were also swearing up a goddamn storm, so...
  5. Great, now we need remixes called "Technomanga" AND "Technomanga Up Your Ass."
  6. The N64 controller is pretty easily fixable, guys:
  7. I don't believe the extra DVD will be a video DVD. It will probably just be a data DVD with bonus content on it, in which case it wouldn't be very cost-effective to put it on a Blu-ray (unless they have like 25GB of bonus material. Which they might.)
  8. GameStop pricing is hilarious. New game for $60, used game for $55, and they probably took the used one for no more than $20. Derp.
  9. They should've just made it so you play exclusively as the dog.
  10. Here's a classic. Not quite TSO, and it's probably showing its age a bit by now, but still some good stuff:
  11. Do we really HAVE to keep acknowledging FF8 existed? (though honestly the soundtrack was one of the only good parts so a remix project would be welcome regardless of my feelings on the game itself)
  12. Yup. Jackal - Stage 1: The A-Team: Hell, you could probably throw more than just Stage 1 in there, given how varied The A-Team theme is. Here's .
  13. Eh, If it doesn't satisfy you, just grab this and replace it on your personal playlists.
  14. So what's up with the "bonus" tracks? I know some of them were entries in the B&R contest and the Snapple/norg/finbeard progwank was a special case, but what about the rest?
  15. I'm gonna have to disagree on the Sixto/zircon Dancing Mad collab. It's probably one of the stronger tracks I've heard so far, and it's a VERY welcome departure from the more bombastic, orchestral, and deliberately-paced arrangements I've heard a dozen times before. I would have to say that going the ELP/Deep Purple/Genesis route is very refreshing, and something I'm sure Nobuo would love. Of course, this could all just be my prog bias showing through... But dammit, prog is awesome and OCR needs more of it.
  16. So THIS crap is what all that Kickstarter money went to? This?! SERIOUSLY?! Totally worth it.
  17. Believe me, nobody knows that better than I do. We're workin' on it!
  18. Personally, I'm really enjoying the new Game Grumps. Yeah, the initial shock of Jon suddenly dropping out is still wearing off (and was a really big surprise considering both he and Arin mentioned in some earlier episodes that they had gone through the process of legally becoming business partners and co-owners of the "company" of Game Grumps,) but Dan and Arin have a great dynamic together than I can only see improving, possibly becoming as refined as the chemistry Jon and Arin had. Also, it's nice to see some actual GOOD gameplay from on Grumps once in awhile, and Dan is kicking some ass with SMB2 and Punch-Out!!. As for Steam Train: it's rough, but it has had a few amusing moments for me. Ross and Dan don't play off of each other as well as Dan does with Arin, but the show is just starting out and I don't think they've really had the chance to make it their own yet. I see potential though, once they get more comfortable with it.
  19. i hope sharik embezzled teh money and ussed it to finish FF5 album insted, because FF5 is way better than 6 (that last part is actually true by the way)
  20. Hopefully once this is out, zircon's next project will be something that HASN'T been remixed to death already. Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm not pretty hyped...