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  1. I believe the song you meant was "Smooth Criminal" (though "Who Is It" gets named frequently too), which yeah, I've never been fully convinced of either. Now I know why. Side note: if anyone is still doubtful, it's .
  2. Guys, C-jeff is probably one of the best composers in the chiptune community. If you aren't checking out his stuff, you really should be. And just look at that list of special guests!
  3. Dreamcast 2 will have Megablast Processing. It'll feel even more real than the Occulus Rift. Also, technology does not make a console "best." Good, fun games people like to play do, and as far as I can tell the Xbone is still severely lacking in that department.
  4. Super pixels? I'm convinced, even if cursory Googling has resulted in no indication that the Xbone is actually capable of such a thing.
  5. I'm still holding out for SEGA to get their shit together and unleash the Dreamcast 2.
  6. My good friend and video game music journalist Audun "Akumu" Sorlie and Matthew "Maffew" Gregg of Botchamania are putting together a unique book project documenting the history behind wrestling videogames, beginning with the NES all the way up to today. This project will have never-before-seen interviews with development teams such as AKI (who you might know as the developers of legendary N64 wrestling games such as WCW vs. NWO World Tour,) as well as wrestling superstars new and old. The book will also feature artwork by Minecraft's graphic designer Junkboy. Be sure to show them your support, especially if you're a wrestling fan! Wrestling With Pixels: The World Tour Of Wrestling Games
  7. I don't want to be a downer, but having some experience with this sort of thing, I'm going to say that you shouldn't hold your breath for a release of this project before the end of the year. Taking into account the fact that it isn't even done yet, in my experience it takes quite awhile (at least a month) to get an album through evaluation, and that was with a relatively small project. I can only imagine how much time and effort it takes for a project with the size and scope of this one to get through. Never mind that there are other albums in queue for eval and release right now as well... Of course, I could be wrong and it'll be out tomorrow. WE'LL SEE.
  8. I would say Final Fantasy and Zelda are probably the closest that it gets to specific series' with a music scene. Maaaaaybe Mega Man could be included as well. Sonic doesn't really have bands per se, but the Sonic fanbase (particularly at The Sonic Stadium) has been putting together remix album compilations for a few years now.
  9. wow scared such explosive many mans so gunfire
  10. It's funny because I don't think you guys realize this album isn't even done yet...
  11. What a great theme, though I'm tempering my expectations as far as turnout. Coming off of the huge anniversary month and being more of a niche game, I'm not sure we'll see a lot of entries. Hopefully I'm proven wrong!
  12. This month was pretty incredible. The quality of entries was through the roof, and the turnout was massive. I would say most everything is worth listening to, even the stuff toward the bottom. Gotta get it all! I think the biggest and best surprise for me though was Stemage and his brother covering fuckin' STUNTS and INDIANAPOLIS 500. I thought I was the only person in the game arrangement scene that ever gave a shit about those games. I had a little bit of a freakout during the listening party, haha.
  13. No plans for a torrent, as its not really necessary for the smaller scale releases we tend to have. Just direct all your friends to the website and download away!
  14. NOTE: The KNGI server has been hammered due to major storms in France right now, so the site is currently down (you may have noticed that the first OCR song download mirror is also down, for the same reason.) We're working on getting it back up, but in the meantime you can grab Vampire Variations right here: EDIT: AND we're live!
  15. Aww man, so you mean my plan to sell Shell Shocked as a 4-disc special edition DVD/Bluray won't happen?
  16. I can't wait to take a ride in Larry's second Ferrari.
  18. Yes but it won't get released to the public until after the album comes out (or just before, at the very least.) I'll probably upload it early though, so I'll give you a link privately when it's available.
  19. Pretend? As far as I'm concerned, you still have one of the best remixes on the site!
  20. The OverClocked comic is actually still up: I think Bart Klepka's site is gone though, sadly.
  21. Huh. You'd think I would remember this. Sounds like it was mistagged (or retagged to get more downloads...)