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  1. Back in 2001-2002 (not sure exactly, but it's somewhere in there), I heard about the site from someone linking Jivemaster remixes on the old Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51 message board. I got involved with the forums after Timberwolf started his old IronMix Challenge compo (ironically enough, I was the one who told him about the sites' existence, but he got into the community a bit before I did), and I've been here ever since.
  2. The awesome MEGA BEARDO has joined the brawl! Unfortunately due to time constraints C-jeff has had to bow out, so Ryan has stepped in to tackle Inside Shredder's Hideout. This development of course means that the album's metal brutality has just increased by at least tenfold. Don't believe me? Check out Ryan's Ledjent of Zelda EP, or his contribution to Spectrum of Mana! BR00TL \m/
  3. You mean you don't? Well, now my entire perception of OCR is ruined!
  4. Stage 1:!-DoD.mp3 Stage 2 factors heavily (in fact it's pretty much half the song) into Washudoll's remix for this project, coming soon!
  5. I'd argue that the show has improved several times over since Jon left. Not that Jon was bad or anything (he is of course hilarious,) but I enjoy Danny's style of humor more. Plus, Steam Rolled is amazing (and was probably something that only happened because Jon wasn't there anymore.) Classic Game Room has some quick and easily digestible reviews. They're not typically very deep reviews, but Mark's delivery is quite amusing. Great show to watch, especially if you love SEGA, flamethrowers, El Caminos, and the Vectrex.
  6. Not sure if just being racist or legitimately confusing China for Japan...
  7. No, that only confirms that he was at one point on the project, not that his music was a part of the final game. The evidence given in the video is probably as close to a confirmation that we will get that at least some of the music in the final version of the game was composed by Jackson.
  8. I think the only way to conclusively cement this would be to get a statement from Michael Jackson himself, but Creator Existence Failure is a hell of a thing.
  9. GameTrailers' Pop-Fiction series finally puts this one to bed:
  10. Something to consider: If you buy a motherboard/processor combo deal, they both may come packaged separately. As for thermal paste: I'm not sure how you could have an accident with it as it's a fairly self-explanatory process, but I do know that you wouldn't even need to worry about it with that processor you linked to, as it comes with a cooler that has thermal tape already attached to it. Unless you have an aftermarket CPU cooler that you want to use, you wouldn't even have to worry about thermal paste at all. What are the specs of your current system? If you have older DDR2 RAM, there aren't many modern boards that use it, so a RAM upgrade would likely be in the cards as well.
  11. Replacing the CPU is as easy as lifting a small locking bar, lifting the old one out, dropping the new one in, and closing the small locking bar. Slap a few drops of thermal paste on that bad boy and spread it around evenly, plop the cooler back on, and you're good to go (or if you want to use the stock cooler that particular processor comes with, thermal paste isn't even necessary.) In terms of installation, it's probably one of the easier things to do. Sure, the pins on the bottom of the processor are pretty delicate, but so long as you aren't scraping the thing across your motherboard or something, it should be fine. If you can do all of the other stuff you have done to your system without any issues, you shouldn't have a problem handling CPU installation.
  12. Well, it IS MAGFest. Sometimes the bro-hugging gets a little out of control...
  13. What's that? No more red on the tracklist? IT'S TRUE!
  14. Well, Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3 aren't the same game, so I think Spectrum and Light & Darkness can co-exist just fine. I think Erik was referring to the semi-secret OCR SoM project in particular.
  15. Well damn, maybe I SHOULD'VE held my breath. I am really hyped about playable Call, I will say.
  16. YES IT VERY MUCH DOES, but I'm not holding my breath considering how far away the goal is. I was kind of under the impression that Call would have her own single player campaign from the get-go though, even as just a simple model swap of Beck. Looks like I was wrong.
  17. A masterpiece. Go download this. Also, VikingGuitar SHOULD be a posted remixer (even though I know it's not very likely), so that's good enough for me.
  18. I went with F. A bit annoyed that they took out the the pink-haired pigtail design, though.
  19. The Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi is now involved, and I'm not sure if this is the first official mention of it or not but Ippo Yamada (composer for the Mega Man Zero series, Mega Man ZX, and a few tracks in MM9 and 10) is now in as well:
  20. 10 years? It feels like just yesterday was the day virt submitted a 21-minute progwank Super Metroid medley and blew our goddamn MINDS.
  21. "Funky Monkey Love" should be the track that starts automatically playing whenever you visit the site. Or "Hillbilly Rodeo".
  22. Noise Channel is an excellent weekly radio show/podcast dedicated to chiptunes that I recommend you check out as well: