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  1. Isn't that pretty much why the entire Smash Bros. franchise even exists?
  2. Robin (with male and female skins) AND Lucina revealed today, along with Chrom making a cameo as part of Robin's Final Smash. I'm not huge on Fire Emblem but they look pretty cool. Nintendo is spoiling the shit out of us with all of these female playable characters, that's for sure. Also, Captain Falcon's return confirmed!
  3. Oh man if She-Hulk were in this game I don't think I'd play as anyone else.
  4. KyleJCrb

    Happy game music

    "Simple Life" and "Blue Water, Blue Sky" from Guilty Gear X2. Some of the most uplifting guitar-driven stuff out there.
  5. Great start to the season, my only problem is that the pacing of the episodes is a little too quick, but that's unfortunately a limitation of the 22-minute cartoon format. As a side note: I'm a little surprised that Nickelodeon let them sneak in something to satiate the Korra/Asami shippers a little.
  6. We're back this Saturday with a sweet listening party featuring the Viking Guitar Live band. You saw them at MAGFest, now prepare to GET METAL with their debut album! Also, NGI is now on Patreon, if you're interested in helping out the show:
  7. How about barring remixes from any game that already has an album? Then maybe someone will finally remix Sonic Drift 2.
  8. Passive-aggressively begging for updates gets you nowhere. It's not even a real album anyway, sooooo...
  9. This time change is experimental and may not be permanent. I've started a poll on that'll let me know what time you guys would prefer the show to happen. I'm trying to find a balance of availability, so if there's a specific time that works best for you, vote in the poll or let me know!
  10. Hey folks, if you're interested, NGI is currently on the air! We've moved to Saturday nights at 7:30 Eastern, so if you want to hear what's new in the world of VGM, head on over to Arecibo Radio right now!
  11. Why would they be? zircon hasn't made a good song since "Chain and Tire." lawl
  12. Oh yeah, some remixes would be sweet, but there is at least an by Howard Drossin's band Roadkill.
  13. I dunno, the Arkanoid title screen font seems pretty videogamey to me.
  14. Rabbit Joint, which was of course credited to System of a Down.
  15. Do we have to pick just one? Because all of these (and more!) are worth playing: OutRun - Time trial driving game Space Harrier - 3D shmup where you play as a dude with a sweet jetpack After Burner - 3D shmup where you play as a sweet jet Power Drift - racing game Virtua Cop - Arcade shooter Virtua Fighter - Fighting game Super Hang-On - Motorcycle racing game Virtua Racing - One of the first 3D polygonal racing games, somehow managed to get a very impressive Genesis port Golden Axe - beat-'em-up Super Monaco GP - top-down Formula 1 racing game Daytona USA - Stock car racing game, taking the formula set by VR and perfecting it Alien Syndrome - top-down multi-directional run and gun Alex Kidd - classic platforming series predating Sonic Phantasy Star - SEGA's first RPG series Shinobi - classic ninja sidescroller Streets of Rage - excellent beat-'em-up series SEGA Rally, Indy 500, Manx TT Superbike - More SEGA racing goodness House of the Dead - Cheesy horror arcade shooter, super fun Typing of the Dead - Same as above except instead of a gun you use a keyboard Skies of Arcadia - Gorgeous Dreamcast-era RPG
  16. Here you go, Rama. I'll go ahead and leave these up as permanent backups and will mirror the updated versions whenever they're ready: I'm fine with the white look since it's not nearly as blindingly bright as it used to be thanks to the grey gradients, but I do like the black style.
  17. I was hoping the black skin might escape unscathed with the latest update, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I realize the folks who might still be using it are extremely limited, so if nobody cares enough to fix it, then it was fun while it lasted. I figured I would bring this up though, just in case there are a few dark skin diehards like me and anyone wants to try a fix.
  18. Not sure if this is just on my end or not, but it seems that the icon for OverClocked Records on artists pages is broken. Otherwise, so far so good!
  19. OverClocked ReMix? Never heard of it. Sounds like a bunch of amateurs that only do shitty techno/metal covers with vocals.
  20. I'm holding out for the Liontamer episode.